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  1. We have sent laundry out alot on cruises. My clothes come back great. My DW doesn't send certain clothes to the laundry.
  2. I personally don't think they are worth the extra money. They oprn onto the promenade. You don't really a balcony or window but a hybrid.
  3. When your ready. You'll call the bellman. They will come up , take the bags and deliver to the ports. The next time you'll see them will be onboard. We usually tip the bellman $5 per bag.
  4. The airfare will be refunded to your method of payment. Insurance for EzAir is seperate from Princess Platinum Insurance.
  5. They aren’t supposed to. But most will you. They can’t cancel the booking.
  6. Not sure which cruise line your referring to? Carnival is Carnival , not Carnival Premier Cruise line.
  7. The first TA has to be willing to release the booking to another TA. Not done very often.
  8. No Uber or Lyft in Vancouver yet. I think that a taxi is the best way. Taxi is fixed at around $45 from airport to Canada Place. If your will to walk and can handle your luggage. You can take the Canada Line right downtown. Then about a 10 minute walk to Canada Place.
  9. I have used a planner for my last 23 cruises with Princess. My current one ia great. He knows his apples . PVP's have ready access to specialist within the Princess company.
  10. We had an obstructed oceanview czbin. We could just see the sky over the lifeboat. Friends down the had a similiar cabin with very little obstruction.
  11. You'll have to book and pay directly your TA. HAL won't talk to you if your booked thru a TA.
  12. Kamloops50


    Is it a full or partial transit?
  13. The first night and day when leaving , temps will be in the 60's. The same for the last full day and night.
  14. None of your cruises will see glaciers properly. Look into to a cruise does one of the following Glacier Bay , Hubbard Glacier or Tracy Arm. Glacier Bay is the best of the three. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. The US authorities come on board right away. All crew that are required for shore work and reprovisioning have to be cleared by customs and immigration. Room steward and others are assigned a time slot to see authorities.
  16. I wouldn't be that early. The number of ships does slow down clearance of the ships by customs. If the first arrival in port for the year. The crew has to clear clear customs and immigration before passengers can be cleared.
  17. You can bring one bottle of wine or champagne to adult in the cabin. The same for every port.You can bring more and pay a $15 corkage fee. Any bottles brought onboard aren't allowed in any restaurant without bring charge $15.
  18. Uber is about $50.There is a HHampton for $140USD with free airport shuttle and breakfast supplied.
  19. We never eat ashore. Most small vendors love to be paid in US Dollars.
  20. The SS cards are made from plastic. All onboard purchases are made with this . You might want to have cash account for the kiddies, this way they can’t overspend their money limit.
  21. We always prepay the gratuities. If the room steward does an exceptional job , then we give extra. We tip the room service waiter extra.
  22. youll be fine because you stop in Colon.
  23. They might use that name. The Sky Princess will be in Europe in 2021. Names on schedule don’t matter. The Royal is in Vancouver Canada in mid May 2020.
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