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  1. My biggest piece of advice is, the best line for Alaska is probably the line that appeals to you most. If it's NCL, then it's NCL. Otherwise, like the others said, pick based on itinerary. I totally agree with the Glacier Bay recommendations. Many lines are now sailing GB, so you should have plenty of choices. One other thing...don't fall for the "cruise line xxx has been there longest." That makes no difference whatsoever.
  2. These are the double ended ferries being asked about. They obviously are not typical vessels when describing port and starboard. Port and starboard is determined by the direction in which the vessel is being operated. And yes, these vessels do have cafeterias on board....at least, the ones serving Seattle do. This is the café on Walla Walla. It's not a cruise ship buffet or anything but they do serve comfort food along with beer and wine.
  3. I ride the Seattle ferries every day. They have cafeterias on board.
  4. I had in-laws do that to us in Ketchikan. They insisted on going back to the ship to eat their free lunch. It was a win-win for me. They got to eat for free and I got rid of the in-laws! Meanwhile, DW and I went to Annabelle's and ate some of the best chowder we ever had.
  5. I totally agree with what Hank said about HAL. They're great for itineraries but not so great for entertainment and activities. I did find their BB King band entertaining, but when it's the same exact thing every single night, it gets tiring. There's no theme night parties nor game shows. Well, they might do 1 BBC wildlife themed game show, but that's it for the whole cruise. Celebrity has the martini bar which, as you know, stays active until late. They also still do game shows, theme party nights, and still have live music by the pool. Plus, I think their ships are much nicer than both HAL and Princess. It looks like you have your favorite line. 😉
  6. Talkeetna is a cool little town but I wouldn't say it's worth 4 hours of round trip driving.
  7. Based on your criteria and costs, I recommend Celebrity and Holland America. Both are much more laid back and feel far less crowded.
  8. I'm guessing its the irony of a massive gas generator powering an electric recharging station.
  9. I'll second this suggestion. 26 Glaciers is an excellent tour.
  10. I guess this is the Coastie in me. I have a hard time believing someone wouldn't know which side of the ship is the left side without having to throw in the whole "when facing forward" bit.
  11. The whole "port is to the left when facing forward" thing never made sense to me. The left side of the ship is still the left side of the ship, no matter which way you're facing.
  12. I think you picked an excellent cruise. I've cruised Radiance twice, and I did that same route on a Celebrity ship. Radiance is a beautiful ship. You're going to have a great time.
  13. I recommend a day trip down to the Portage Glacier Visitor's Center. The drive down Seward Hwy, along Turnagain Arm, is gorgeous. At the center, go on the Portage Glacier Cruise. It's 1 hour on a double-decker boat. They get pretty close to the glacier, and put you right up to a waterfall. It's totally worth it. The Byron Glacier trail head is also right there. It's 3 miles round trip on totally flat trail. Afterward, you can duck in to Whittier, which is a cool drive through the tunnel. I recommend Swiftwater Seafood for lunch. They have a good halibut sandwich. For awesome views near Anchorage, go to Flattop Mountain at Glen Alps. It's about a 20 min drive from town. The views from the trails are pretty awesome. Be sure to do the Flattop hike. You won't regret it if you love to take pictures!
  14. I've cruised both ship classes and I like Oasis better. I also agree that RCI is an overall better cruise line than NCL.
  15. Might I suggest Holland America? It's a mainstream line, generally an older crowd, and I can probably count on my 2 hands how many kids I've seen on my 4 cruises combined with them.
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