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  1. I've been in the maritime industry for the better part of 3 decades and I have no clue what a porter makes. Nor do I care what they make. Not in my wheelhouse and not my business. Besides, they are in a service job. Why people would even care what they make is beyond me. I get your simile though. Just because a pilot is in the airline industry, it doesn't mean they know all about the parking attendants at the airport.
  2. HAL has been mentioned a couple times but I can't really say I agree. I just returned from a HAL cruise and the sales attempts were just as bad as the others. In fact, they even tried pushing a wine tasting event and a bar crawl while DW and I were eating dinner in a specialty restaurant. It was quite annoying. I really don't have a suggestion for the OP that isn't going to cost more money than what they are used to spending.
  3. I guess I've been lucky. 50-something cruises and I've yet to encounter a porter who is rude or trying to extort a tip. Then again, I'm not a jerk to them, so maybe that has something to do with it. 😉
  4. Not me. I thought HAL's production shows were some of the worst at sea. However, with every entertainment cutback, I wish they would roll back to the lesser degree of suck. Sorta like the HAL Cats. I thought they were awful. But at least they played in multiple venues and even during an evening lido party. I have fond memories of my Alaska Zuiderdam cruise. The CD was a guy named Hamish. Every night, there was some sort of different entertainment like a game show or dance party somewhere. The night the HAL Cats played by the lido pool with the dome partially open was a lot of fun. While that is still a standard on every line I've sailed, it's a bygone era on HAL.
  5. Just leave it in place and if you feel anyone deserves a little, just slip them some cash. Like someone else said, NCL doesn't allow you to remove tips anyways until after the cruise and by written request. And yeah, if tips meant what you said it meant, it would be "teps."
  6. I cruised Glacier Bay in September. Maybe it was just our Captain but on the way in, we sailed very close to land on the starboard side before going to Margerie Glacier. We saw 4 brown bears up on their hind legs wrestling. We were told it was a mother and 3 grown cubs. We also saw sea otters, seals, and sea lions. When exiting, we sailed past Marble Island, which is loaded with hundreds of sea lions. We got very close to Marjerie Glacier. The calving was very active and it was awesome. I too recommend Glacier Bay over Tracy Arm.
  7. If you do book your own hotel, I recommend the Embassy Suites. It has become my go-to hotel every time I visit Anchorage. It's really nice, clean, comfortable, and the nightly manager's special and free breakfast are excellent. Front lobby:
  8. That's what I've been saying all along. There's nothing wrong with Music Walk itself. What wrong is, it's your ONLY choice, every single night. Geez, just throw in some theme parties by the pool or something. And no, Orange Party doesn't count because it's just another night in the BB King lounge.
  9. Pepe's has always been one of my favorite restaurants. But for oysters, I've always been keen to Half Shell. I also like Alonzos' oysters.
  10. Oceania is the worst! I started getting their brochures a couple years ago and I never asked for them. I can only assume their daddy cruise line company, NCL, shared my info with them after a NCL cruise I took. When I moved, they got my new address and still to this day, I get them regularly. They go straight from my mailbox to my trash can. And no, the opt-out does not "work just fine." I've tried opting out more than once to no avail.
  11. Bingo. I do happen to enjoy eating in the MDR but there are times I just don't feel like it. DW and I enjoy active shore excursions and sometimes we're just too tired to get dressed up and deal with the MDR routine. Evening dining in the buffet can be very relaxing and its at our pace.
  12. Again, thread context seems to be lost on you. Oh well. 🙄
  13. What do you mean "wow"? The discussion is about cruise line private islands, not every beach in the world. Do you really have that much of a problem following context? By the way, have you ever been to Half Moon Cay?
  14. I agree there is no comparison. Half Moon Cay has the best beach of any private island I've been to. In my opinion, Princess Cays kinda sucks.
  15. Yes, I totally agree. And in another HAL cutback, they eliminated almost all the pastries. All that's left is a self-serve plate of biscotti.
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