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  1. I'm actually quite surprised at how many posts on this thread say there is no difference. I've been on 54 cruises and I certainly see a difference between my 3/4/5 nighters and 7+ nighters. And yes, I did notice a difference between 5 nights on Carnival vs 5 nights on other lines. In my opinion (and experience), a short Carnival cruise is about as "booze cruise" as you can get in the cruise industry. Not saying its a bad thing...people really enjoy themselves...but it is what it is.
  2. There is no excuse for people making negative comments about your job or residence. I have no problem lumping people like that into the general jerk category. What I'm referring to is this seemingly general message that somehow its now rude to even ask a person what they do or where they're from. That, I think is ridiculous and an indictment of the times.
  3. If people are so sensitive nowadays as to be offended by things like the state they live in or what they do for a living, I guess I deserve to be at a table for two because I'm sure to send someone running for their safe space.
  4. If you have never sailed HAL, I recommend going with the much newer Koningsdam.
  5. Here's a short story, which may also be what happened to you.... This once happened to a family member of mine. They weren't in any hurry so they waited in the warehouse until all passengers were debarked and through Customs. In the end, 1 piece of luggage remained that looked exactly like theirs. They (with security) contacted the name on the tag and sure enough, that person carelessly took the wrong bag without confirming it was theirs.
  6. Neither do motorcycles but it doesn't stop you from using it as your photo on a cruise website. As long as it's appropriate and has relevance to the wearer, it's all that matters.
  7. Up until we started eating at a 2-top, I can remember 2 awful table mates. One was a couple who only wanted to brag about their cruise history, not give a crap about any of the others', and continued to offer unsolicited advice. The other was a group of foreigners from the north who were obsessed with bashing American politics and refused to listen to reason, despite my first-hand knowledge of some things.
  8. I've yet to have a good cup of coffee on any cruise line, including HAL, unless its in a latte or some other specialty coffee.
  9. Some cruise lines serve the nightly MDR soups in the buffet. Anyone know if CCL does this and if this is an option for the OP?
  10. Not so much a superstition as it is tradition and respect....but I never wear a hat in a ship's dining facility. In war time, many sailors died on Ward Room and galley tables, and removing a cover in the dining facilities is a sign of respect for those who we lost.
  11. At land based restaurants, servers remember non tippers when they return. I worked in restaurants in my early adulthood (as a Host). The things I saw and heard..... Ever see the movie Waiting?
  12. I was once told the smell is actually them baking bread. This could also explain AmazedByCruising's familiarity to a restaurant smell.
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