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  1. I disagree with the last post. I have fond memories of my first couple HAL cruises where they had live entertainment at night in the CN. It was a lively atmosphere with a well attended bar and plenty of servers walking around. It was a great venue for toned-down live music. Even in the early evening, I remember a solo guitarist during the happy hours. Now it’s a ghost town at night.
  2. Sorry to the true fans but other than that Prinsendam Ocean Bar pic, most of these pics making my eyes bleed. Did Farcus work on HAL ships too? 😉
  3. Just out of frame to the right was a doorway leading outside, I think to the Panorama Deck. So that does make sense. It could be 1 story down from the Silk Den.
  4. I have to agree. The biggest problem the US has right now is the "do as I say not as I do" attitude by the people who are most vocal. As you see in this thread, certain people are not shy about flaming those who want to go on a cruise in the near future, even calling them names like "rabid," but they give themselves permission to go sit in a casino and brag about their masks with holes in the front. Fortunately, these people are in the minority but unfortunately, these people are the most vocal. I think there's plenty of evidence of this on this board. Sad, actually. 😟
  5. Winner! The ceremonial plaques on Eurodam are hidden in a rarely used stairway that I never saw until late in the cruise. I want to say it was the aft stairway on Panorama deck, but I could be mistaken.
  6. Y'all are throwing wet noodles at the wall. Unfortunately, none are sticking yet. 😉
  7. No, much younger than the old Statendam, yet a fair bit older than the "new" Statendam. 😉
  8. I think you're answering your own question here. I might advise a new cruiser that a package like that is worth it if they are interested in putting a photo book together of their once-in-a-lifetime cruise but you seem to be a veteran. Of course, you may be different, but I don't think many avid cruisers buy that many photos like they did on their first cruises.
  9. Thanks for the guess but no, not Amsterdam. It's not R-Class either. 🙂 For a hint, the large blue bowl-shaped plaque has a ship picture and name. I erased the name so it wouldn't be too easy.
  10. I'm confused too. Pris993 is saying they try to add new ports to each cruise. I'm not sure what's so hard to understand about that.
  11. The local USCG sector commander is the captain of the port. Florida's Broward County owns Port Everglades. So while CDC has certain powers, like the ability to extend the no sail order, they do not actually control the ports.
  12. I heard that rumor a few weeks ago and little tidbits since then that seem to feed it. The next month should be interesting.
  13. That's what we did for our last European cruise, although I don't remember the details of how it worked. What I remember is flying Iberia from Miami to Venice, but with an overnight layover in Madrid. The hotel was included. It was only 1 night, but we had a great time. We then spent 3 nights in Venice pre-cruise. That, along with the best sail away I've ever seen was a time I'll never forget.
  14. That looks like Kodiak. I get to go there for work 2-3 times a year. One of my other favorites towns in AK. 🙂
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