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  1. I recommend hiring a taxi at the pier. We did this with 2 other couples and the personalized tour was so much better than crowding on to busses I think we paid something like $20 per person.
  2. A couple weeks ago on Eurodam, it was held in the BB King lounge during their last set. On a good note, it was the only night it felt like there was any life on the ship. On a bad note, it was way too crowd in that little lounge. Not only was it crowded to begin with, but it also coincided with the last stop of the pub crawl. Bar service was shut down so the bartenders could set up a cascading booze display for the pub crawlers. If they would hold the party on the lido like the other cruise lines, it would be much better.
  3. As a former Coastie, I would LOVE seas like that. But I know I'm weird when it comes to things like that. Best wishes for a good cruise to you. 😊
  4. Notwithstanding NCL's 100% Freestyle concept, I don't think those experiences...both good and bad...are exclusive to any line. I can give examples of great table mates on RCI and horrible table mates on HAL....and vice versa. Those experiences are more of an indictment on the individuals than they are the cruise line.
  5. X3. The end of the muster drill is when I start to relax and feel like I'm on a cruise.
  6. Gotta love Cruise Critic....where you'll get your answer but not without a scolding and being accused of wanting to intentionally break the rules. 😉
  7. Nice way to treat their most loyal guests? I'm not sure what you mean by that. Reaping the benefits of being a 5 Star Mariner on every single one of your cruises isn't enough? Surely, that's not what you actually mean. Why in the world would you stop sailing?
  8. If you're willing to make the walk, I recommend walking south on Whitehead St to the Southernmost point, turn left and then walk back north on Duval St. There's many neat attractions along the way like the Little White House, the lighthouse, Hemingway House, and numerous unique shops, restaurants and watering holes.
  9. I am from Key West. I agree with those who recommend Ft Zach. No, it's not the greatest because it is a little rocky, but it's pretty much the best of your choices. Hank recommended Bahia Honda which in my opinion, is one of the best public beaches in the entire Keys. The problem is, it's 37 miles up a 2-lane road. One crash on US1 and you could get stuck up there. Truthfully, the best beaches require a boat ride and locals tend to keep those as much a secret as possible.
  10. Lauren - What a great review and stunning photos! Thank you. 😊
  11. I'm not sure if this changes with the wind like a lot of things seem to do on HAL, but I'm going to guess the Queens Lounge because that's where it was held on my Koningsdam cruise. On my other HAL cruises, it was in the dining room.
  12. That video said the ship was supposed to have 9 ports and ended up with 8. Oh, the humanity! I'm sorry things didn't go exactly as planned but this protest was way over the top.
  13. I just got off Eurodam and if I'm to be honest, I'd say no. But if you do pull the trigger, I was in veranda 8038 and thought the location was excellent.
  14. That's one thing I hate about Princess. Their balconies have been small for a long time but on their newest ships, they are pathetic. This was my balcony on Regal Princess:
  15. I can only speak from my own experience. My last 2 HAL cruises were booked based on the fact they were significantly cheaper than the competition. And yes, all else was equal except for being different cruise lines. When I cruised Koningsdam, she was HAL's latest and greatest. I agree with the point you made saying brand new ships usually demand a premium price. Yet, I was very surprised to see the brand new Koningsdam cheaper than everything else doing similar cruises. We paid $899 for a veranda on a 10 night cruise. The competition was twice that amount and nearly sold out. And still yet, the ship did not sell out. We sailed 800 short of capacity.
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