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  1. Nothing will change for me. I like small ships and I like the most mega of mega ships. This pandemic will make me more aware of common prevention, like touching railings, etc, but my ship preferences won't change a bit.
  2. I'm # 1.5 because I like both the destinations and the ship experience.
  3. Wow, I looked that up and you are correct. I didn't know they turned their backs on the whole 10 year contract. Any idea if Viking, Seabourn, and Cunard went through with their contracts?
  4. American Cruise Lines cruises Glacier Bay. Royal Caribbean is also authorized, but they didn't pull any permits in 2021.
  5. And even those have their limitations. To sue Princess must be done in accordance with the cruise contract. Venue is set for Los Angeles. Venue for a criminal charge of making false claims is generally in the district to which the claim was made. In this particular case, it would be in Miami.
  6. I respect that you may have some experience in this field, but I do not see in your long response where you have any experience in major U.S. ports, and you don't appear to have any experience in vessel traffic safety at all. Have you any hands-on experience in USCG led initiatives like Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security (PWCS)? Are you even aware how often USCG boards commercial vessels and discusses security plans? Are you aware how often port security and safety plans are discussed and revised between federal, state and local officials? If you did, you would never make the claim "Municipalities spend untold numbers of dollars in advertising to get vacationers to spend their money in their communities, but little to none in planning to insure they have the capability to protect those they attract to their community" as you did in an earlier post. I do have hands-on experience in PWCS, port and vessel safety, and through my career, I have been involved at the local, state, and federal levels....and all in coastal, port communities....and I'm telling you that your statement is completely wrong.
  7. That's kind of an odd statement. What would be wrong with Carnival cruising GB?
  8. Yeah, I won't argue that. I have a natural tendency to defend my friends and coworkers, but it's hard to deny that she wasn't prepared for that role.
  9. Little to no planning? Where in the World did you hear this? Authorities from the USCG, and state and local agencies have comprehensive plans in place to respond to major incidents at the ports, including incidents of mass casualties on ships. They meet regularly, and routinely conduct tabletop and physical drills. Daily, they expend money and assets to keep cruisers safe. Ever see those USCG and local LE and fire boats escorting ships and floating around the harbor? Ever notice how many CBP and local Sheriff's deputies are assigned to the ports? That's but a mere fraction of the effort to keep people safe. The problem with this incident is we're dealing with a highly contagious infectious disease that we only just learned about a couple months ago, are are still learning about today.
  10. I wouldn't say I really care but to some degree I do care. When Oasis was being built, I was very skeptical about cruising with 6000 other passengers. However, when I saw the ratio in the 40s, I thought it wouldn't be too bad. Sure enough, I went on the ship and found it to be pleasantly uncrowded. On the other hand, after cruising Caribbean Princess, with a ratio of 30, I doubt I'll every sail her or her sisters again because I felt very crowded the entire cruise. But as was pointed about by my snipe friend, it is a rough figure. I also agree with bob brown in that some ships are designed much better than others. However, in the case of Carnival Mardi Gras, I don't know how any ship design can defeat a ratio of 28.
  11. Maasdam, Oosterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Noordam all advertise cruises that hit both GB and Hubbard in 2021.
  12. Agreed! Of 56 cruises, I can say confidently that Glacier Bay has been my favorite scenic sea day. Last year in GB, on top of all the natural beauty, we saw a family of 4 brown bears, and some really good calving from Margerie Glacier. When this piece broke, the wake made the ship rock.
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