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  1. In my opinion, RCI Voyager Class (Adventure) and Oasis Class ships are far superior to those older Carnival ships. Not even close. I recommend Oasis Class first, then Adventure. I've cruised Oasis Class 4 times. Don't be fooled by the passenger count ref crowding. Yes, there are 6000 people, but the ship is much bigger than other ships. In fact, the space to passenger ratio, which is a unit used to measure how crowded a ship is, 40 on Oasis and 30 on Glory. The higher the number, the better. In other words, Oasis is far less crowded than Glory. Adventure is 33.
  2. In no way, shape or form does that meet the definition of racism.
  3. Private excursions are pretty much all I ever do, and that includes a trip to Chichen Itza a few years ago. I ditched overcrowded ship excursions about a decade ago. I've never been "in trouble" and have never missed the ship. Not sure what this has to do with Carnival vs MSC though. Oh well.
  4. HAL does recognize you as a 1 star if you're a past cruiser with any line under the Carnival umbrella. But as you said , it means almost nothing. HAL perks are almost non existent.
  5. This is just one of the latest idiotic overuses of the word "racist." An element to racism is believing ones own race is superior. Trying to control a deadly disease that has already killed almost 1700 people is not racist. I really wish the sensationalist media would stop publishing opinions of stupid people.
  6. You're confusing Louisiana for Alaska. For Alaska cruises, it's long sleeve flannel shirts. 😉 On my last HAL Alaska cruise, I ditched my suit for the second gala night because so few people were dressed up for the first one. Suits were the minority and I maybe saw 1 tux.
  7. Just so you know, the airport is a bit of a hike from the cruise port. If you can get in to a hotel near the Space Needle, you'll be much closer to the cruise port, and there is a monorail from Seattle Center into downtown. I recommend looking in to that area for both before and after your cruise.
  8. Thanks Joanie. The problem with Comic Sans was reported to the admins on the "Need Help Using the Forums" page a while ago but they still haven't found a fix for it. Too bad, because I actually like that font. It's a mystery why it changes to that odd script on mobile devices.
  9. Anyone who has served knows that Air Force bases are the country clubs of the military. As much as I love cruising, I'd take quarantine on an AF base any day over being stuck on a boat. Oh, and those fly boys eat pretty darn well.
  10. Joanie, I don't know if anyone has told you this, but your font is almost totally unreadable on mobile devices. There's a problem with this site pertaining to that particular font (comic sans). I highly suggest changing it so your posts can be read.
  11. Not to mention, the suite perks on Celebrity blow HAL away. It isn't even close. The Retreat on Edge Class looks pretty awesome and I've heard great things about the suite restaurant, Luminae. Based on my recent Eurodam cruise and with all the cutbacks, especially in entertainment, the only way I would pick Nieuw Amsterdam over the brand new Apex is if NA is significantly cheaper.
  12. Great! I think you made the right choice. I've cruised LOS several times and I loved it every single time. The ship is amazing. Don't miss the shows. They're some of the best at sea. Ref the rooms, I'm not sure what happened. If you haven't already done so, create an account on the RCI website. When you register your upcoming cruise...I think all you need is you last name and reservation #...it'll show what room you're in. That is, if you didn't choose guarantee (they pick).
  13. When I cruised Zuiderdam in Alaska, I remember swimming in the covered pool and thinking it felt comfortable.....probably around that 27c mark.
  14. You're welcome. But just so you know, the pictures are more in jest than they are reality. They're from the Carnival Triumph fire. I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.
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