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  1. It's all nonsense, really, Avril. Someone setting themselves as an arbiter of good taste and daft people going along with it. If you want to use them when you eat your fish fingers, you just go right ahead😂. I have a feeling Betjemin wrote an unpleasant sneering poem about them - says more about him than about users of fish knives.
  2. We are a very lucky generation in so many ways. Covid has put a bit of a spanner in the works, but when you think of what our parents and their parent's generations had to cope with (like many on here, my father and grandparents lived through two world wars, my mother through one). And the day to day deprivations of the poor are simply unimaginable.
  3. Absolutely, Avril, plus the good taste police won't think to look in your greenhouse if they pay you a surprise visit.😄
  4. Poor Presto, she asked about an itinerary for the Fjords and got pineapples, pampas grass, and swingers. Only on here...🙃
  5. Here you are, Avril, and now you know why every weirdo in the area was beating a path to your door: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2017/may/31/pampas-grass-secret-symbol-swingers-turn-off-sales-plummeting
  6. That is between me and my ex-neighbours.😂 ETA: We must all have been ignorant as just about everyone had pampas grass then, along with Afghan hounds, orange kitchens, chicken bricks, and Habitat furniture. I'm sure I've forgotten lots more things that were essential in those dim and distant days.
  7. I remember my parents talking about the winter of 1947 and that it was all everyone needed not long after the war ended.
  8. Australia not due to start its vaccination programme until March, according to my step-daughter in Melbourne. She was listening to an interview this morning about it and a government minister was asked why they were waiting so long when the UK was starting next week. The reply was along the lines of "would you copy anything the UK has done during this crisis"? I'm hoping it's something we've got right...
  9. On the subject of pineapples, didn't pampas grass in the front garden signify something similar in the 70s? We had it in our front garden back then and had no idea of its significance until years later.
  10. Yes, as in Lord Peter Wimsey. And some seem to exaggerate their northern-ness (if there is such a word) - Tess Daly springs to mind, who occasionally forgets to say "joodges".
  11. Oh dear😮, that's the end of our virtual relationship, unless you intend passing them to the refuse collection team, of course.
  12. Then there's the massacring of the 'ing' sound, as in sayin', thinkin' etc. Beth Rigby and Priti Patel are both guilty of this one and Wiki tells me that Ms Rigby is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, so it's nowt to do with intelligence or education.
  13. I watched that and thoroughly enjoyed it (apart from the number of animals dying as a result) - I was ten and remember the winter of 1963 very fondly.
  14. Try local pharmacies, Sue. Others in your position have had success doing that.
  15. Dave, it's always worth looking at Sainsbury's for slots if stuck - always have something available where I live, may be the same for you. Like Tesco, they're now doing a flexi slot (covers a 4 hour window and they text on delivery date to give you the timeframe in which it will arrive) for just £1.
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