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  1. Have a great time celebrating. Susan, your hard work is paying off - you look fantastic! good call going to a clinic; I developed an infection on a Panama cruise which almost went septic. Two thousand dollars later....thank you travel insurance!
  2. I’m not shadowmeboy, obviously, but I asked this in the past, sometimes the person who organizes the meet and greet is given VIP privileges. Not always. A happy surprise when it happens.
  3. Wow! What a great trip you have planned. The only adventure you left out would be taking the train from Seattle to Vancouver (I love trains). Can’t wait for the 24th!
  4. If someone could post pictures of the wine menus which denotes the bottles wine available for the premium premium (whatever they are calling it) package, I’d appreciate it
  5. Seeing these pictures makes me want to sail from New York!
  6. I’m on Dawn last week in February. Will you be on that week
  7. 37? Where. It’s at least 48 where I live
  8. Not annoyed. Not offended. I love Seabourn
  9. Combinable depends. We were on a cruise where we had $450.00 from Seabourn as a goodwill gesture from a mishap on a previous cruise, 100.00 OBC from owning stock, and the $400.00 referral credit. That was a lot of OBC!
  10. Why on earth dont people use travel agents? Then they can take care of the problems Not trying to slam anyone, I just don’t understand when it costs nothing extra
  11. They didn’t have their cruise cancelled, they had their ports changed
  12. I LOVE your reviews. Hardest part is waiting for them!
  13. It sure is misleading! the least you could do is add a link to the review you are referring to
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