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  1. Says someone who has never been on Vista nor eaten at Ember or Aquamar.....why is it so hard for you to accept the simple fact that many of those that have actually sailed on Vista and eaten at Ember, Aquamar and Waves have a totally different opinion? Apparently your opinion is more valid than theirs....
  2. What happened 2-3 years ago is not relevant to today's pricing and any future sales....find an itinerary, ship and cabin that fits your specific criteria and then watch for any future sales that may improve your pricing..many can quote pricing from years ago to prove a point that no longer matters
  3. Also, never has sailed on Vista nor eaten in Ember or Aquamar so opinions are not based on first hand experience but perceived .....
  4. We enjoy a glass of wine on our deck after returning from a shore excursion and while getting ready for dinner. We then will take a bottle of wine with us to dinner, if we decide to not just enjoy a glass of provided wine.
  5. Agree - we usually show up early (10-15 minutes) and have politely waited in the area away from the podium if they were not able to sit us when we arrived. We try to always be early for any appointment as hate being late. As @Snaefell3 - no harm, no foul but never show up late (more than 5 minutes, at most).
  6. My point is that Princess having an app is no more advantageous than O not having an app for this particular situation
  7. We found that the Princess app did not work off the ship so would not be an advantage in this case..
  8. It is quite clear that "food" is very subjective and so what one person loves another person hates - look at all of the Jacques is the best restaurant at sea to ate once at Jacques and canceled our other reservation. I believe that people expressing their "first hand" impressions of the meal and atmosphere when they ate at a particular food venue valuable for me to set my expectations. My "first hand" impressions are just that, my opinion and no more right or wrong than anyone else's. Someone, who has never eaten at a particular dining venue or even been on the ship, opinions are not useful at all.
  9. It could have something to do with the time of year and the area you sailed in on the other ships.. a 7-10 day cruise during holidays/summer/etc. in the Caribbean/Mexico/Alaska is going to attract a much younger crowd.
  10. Thank you for your insight - not every cruise line is a good match for everyone so always nice to have options. For those that booked under OLife in the past, the "new" O has lost it's appeal but finding another line that does not have the same inclusions is becoming more difficult.
  11. Chair hogging appears to be an issue for those around the pool area. We simply move to a different area of the ship and find lots of empty chairs in sun and shade. We bring our O bag with cold drinks and enjoy the peace and quiet and view....the bars are happy to fill our water bottles with ice and drink to take to our chairs.
  12. Which cruise line are you now looking at or are you leaning to land based trips?
  13. That response was not to you but to @clo who asked the question. They are a long time member of CC and has been involved in many discussions about SM.
  14. So your bashing of Vista, Ember, Aquamar, pizza in the evenings on Waves based on no first hand experience - thank you for clarifying.
  15. Have you sailed on Vista and eaten at Embers, Aquamar and the evening pizza at Waves ?
  16. Until there are no longer people sailing under OLife, the website will show the full price and option for choosing the Select and Prestige beverage package. It is not intuitive to know if and which beverage package you may have already.
  17. On our cruises you had to be turned to a specific channel to hear any announcements in your cabin. The announcements were heard in the hallways and public areas.
  18. We were handed the notice prior to boarding, It was not unexpected as the hurricane and it's path had been reported for several days. Since this particular itinerary was not a round trip New York but a New York to Miami itinerary, they changed the ports but the embarkation and debarkation ports stayed the same. The ship had to go to Miami with or without passengers so canceling was not an option.
  19. If Bermuda is why you are going on this cruise - don't.....particularly in September. The likelihood of missing some or all of the ports to the weather is high. We were on an Oceania cruise to Bermuda from New York, ending in Miami in October a few years ago. As we boarded the ship in New York, we were informed that due to a hurricane heading up the East Coast towards Bermuda, we would not be going to Bermuda at all. We ended up overnighting in New York and leaving the next evening, We headed down the coast with stops along the way. It was a wonderful cruise and O did everything to mitigate the changes. Heard people complaining that if they had "known" this cruise wouldn't be going to Bermuda they would never had booked the cruise..🙄
  20. We found that there is a low rail around the outside of the bed frame on O. We just lift up the side of the bed a little, or ask the room steward, and our case easily slides in. We have a hard sided 29' and no problems on all 6 O ships we have sailed on without opening. It does add a bit of extra work if you use your suitcase for storage but rather do that than lose space in closet.
  21. Our TA does not charge a fee for booking a cruise and the air, hotels, etc. that are part of a cruise. They do charge a fee for booking air tickets alone since airlines do not pay a commission any longer. They also charge a planning fee for putting together a DYI trip - say a 2 week trip to Italy including air, hotels, trains, tours etc. This fee is then applied to the cost of the trip when actually booked. This helps pay for their time to do all the research in the case the client does not book with the TA. She told me that this keeps the tire kickers and people taking all her work and booking themselves away.
  22. I believe you misread @ORV post....he told you the price for a Belvedere with no drink package. If you have a drink package then @jondfk indicated that it is included and no up charge.
  23. You cruise card will have a 3 letter code in the bottom right corner which indicates if you have the SM/Select beverage package or the upgraded Prestige beverage package. At the beginning of a cruise, we have had the wine steward ask if we have a package when approaching to offer wine, Later in the cruise, they know we do and no longer ask (if in same venue and same server). We also just place our cards on the table where they can see and this allows them to know which package we have and easily take when they need to record our drinks.
  24. basor


    Oceania usually has a non-denominational church service and the chefs create an amazing chocolate egg display.....
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