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  1. I feel the same way. We are so lucky to have him posting on these boards.
  2. Just saw Lisa and Tom waving from thier aft corner. Bon Voyage🙂
  3. Just tried to print luggage tag for December 2023 cruise. No problem. Stil waiting for bar code in two weeks.
  4. Always nice to see the Signature Sisters reunite in Fort Lauderdale🛳️🛳️
  5. You, me and only 30 others on the planet saw her make way to her birth. We'll be joining you on the 15th.
  6. FWIW I prepaid gratuities last week for a Caribbean cruise 8 weeks out and was charged $217 for 7 days or $15.50 ea per day. I know it should be $16 for an outside cabin but who am I to argue. We usually add some more at the end. All was done in US Dollars. HAL fuzzy math.🤑
  7. Thank you Nancy, I see Rudi's sell that by the glass and bottle. I can investigate without investing.
  8. Just curious which champagne is your first choice. We have 2 reservations at Rudi's later this year and I know nothing of the bubbly. HELP
  9. Wasabi & soy crusted beef tenderloin at Tamarind and Dive-in Dog w fries😋
  10. My best guess would be March 20 & 27...........🤔
  11. I was referring to the Tamarind. I have not been to the Canaletto on boarding day. DW gave a little note to the waiter and our table mates noting the evenings we would be absent starting on day 2.
  12. That's exactly what we would do. A much better start to your voyage with quiet beverage and stellar service.
  13. Sounds like a perfect cruise for spring break👎
  14. Bon Voyage to you and your child bride. Please keep the K dam in good order for I'll be onboard in 51 days.
  15. There are 2 Carnival ships in GT now as viewed on the GT web cam.
  16. It's just as purfect as I am. 😇
  17. This is rare for me to suggest the Zuiderdam after spending more time on the Eurodam than any other ship but the "Z" will have just returned from a 2 week dry dock, ready for her upcoming world cruise. a few days into the new year. Also Christmas Eve will be a sea day and I believe much more festive and dressy than a port day. Can't go wrong with either.
  18. Saw your flag and wave... Have a wonderful cruise. Great way to start off the 2022 2023 season. Will be following along.
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