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  1. hmmm happened to me once with Epic last year 8 months before sailing for a 'fleet deployment'. It was a hassle unwinding flights, hotels, etc. I'm a new Platinum, but will avoid if this becomes a habit πŸ™ƒ
  2. Sorry you had to deal with that. One day? I suppose it could happen, I've never experienced that on NCL, Princess, Celebrity, Royal. But twice? Wow. One tip- pool towels would work in a pinch, if you don't want to complain or "get someone in trouble" πŸ˜ƒ
  3. On your sailing, is the time in port longer? The daily that tokidoki showed sounds like it was a short stop that time, hopefully it will be longer for you.
  4. I'm thinking about using them. What didn't you like?
  5. I have thought about doing this to avoid the high Heathrow fees for the return flight πŸ™‚
  6. Were you able to find out ahead of time that the hotel had a NCL desk?
  7. Here's a new one that is not on the list. Any ideas about this one? FS00I Phonetically, Frank Sam zero zero Idaho
  8. How did it turn out? Did you end up sailing with one of these obstructed cabins? If so, the larger overhang in the back or less overhang front ones?
  9. I know these are old replies, but the thread recently became active again. I just checked Rent A Car France, and it is 100km included. You can purchase packages of miles ahead of time, 500km is E$60 additional charge. This is about 50% cheaper than paying additional per km. There were no unlimited km options offered.
  10. Which taxi service are you using?
  11. What's the normal tip percentage in Argentina? I read in a couple of places that it is 10%, has that been your experience?
  12. I'm not so sure...? I once had mighty sea legs. On one especially bad cruise, the hallways were empty of cruisers and crew. Barf bags were posted all over. No effect on me, I walked around and enjoyed watching the swimming pools heave water over the sides. Fast forward a decade or so... the last cruise over Christmas/New Years, it was a rocky ride due to high winds and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't turn green or throw up, but definitely in a different place sea legs wise.
  13. What brand/model monocular do you use? There are many on that ginormous website, but critical reviews say the lens size and magnification is nowhere near as advertised.
  14. This sounds pretty interesting. For the 1st time, do you recall the price for keeping the taxi the entire day? For the 2nd time, if I understand correctly, you walked from the port to the walled city?
  15. Do you recall if the taxi accepted credit cards? Also, no attempted scamming on the taxi fare, right πŸ™‚
  16. Wow. Usually tour groups are left alone, because the tour guide (as a local) can detect the crooks. But in this case, the actual tour guide was actually targeted too.... That takes it to another level.
  17. I can see it now.... As always, tenders to shore are complimentary 1 1 - there will be a charge for tenders back to the ship
  18. I think you're right. The same reason why people wear cruise logoed merchandise. Although.... on the other hand.... we recently "met" someone who cruises a lot. This fellow sat one table over and barged in on our conversation. He quickly turned it towards his frequent cruising exploits. He even invited questions, in a braggy 'ask me if you must, you lowly peasant' tone of voice. We played along, and let him "wear the taller hat" as the old saying goes. Oh- I didn't notice any name tags πŸ˜ƒ
  19. Doesn't sound like a good idea on NCL's part to do this...
  20. The only way to do that is with a travel agent, right? Celebrity itself would not sell a cruise with a group rate I think
  21. We just sailed a 12-day in May. We told our steward that we are low maintenance on day 1. He really started to believe it after a couple of days, as all we wanted were towel swaps once in awhile. We earned some trust. On disembark day on our way off the ship, he confided to us that they now service more the cabins as before, but only once a day. It wasn't an even swap, because the second service is usually minimal- minor tidying up, maybe a towel animal (remember those? lol). A bunch of first service is a lot of work. Bathroom stuff, linens, etc. So, yeah, they are a bit over worked. We tip above and beyond, but I really think he valued the low maintenance more than the extra gratuity.
  22. You mean like calling something "Free Excursions" when it is free for only a couple of token excursions? πŸ˜€
  23. Thanks for this, I learned something today. I always wondered about the lengthy multi page stuff one has to sign at the doctor's office. The legal concept of "contracts of adhesion" is very interesting.
  24. I'm a junior cruiser compared to most here, but every line that I've done transfers on has a window. NCL's window, for example, is only 14 days! πŸ˜€
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