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  1. Gentle reminder πŸ˜ƒ How did it go? How much time was lost on the 1st Israel port?
  2. App was showing upcoming RCCL cruise with the stateroom number from last month's RCCL cruise. Ah, no. Reinstalled app to clear it.
  3. If I understand correctly, this is on the 1st Israel port. Once you have the validation ticket attached to your passport, you're find for that port and for the 2nd Israel port. On the 1st port, how long did it take until you were out and able to leave? I am planning on using an independent tour guide.
  4. I believe MerionMom was referring to temperatures for the in room "cooler". It is not a fridge, it is really only designed to keep drinks cool. One youtube video showed a ship has a sign pasted on the in room cooler, that it can only chill into the 50's fahrenheit. That could lead to tummy discomfort 😬 EDIT: Here is the video, Navigator of the Seas
  5. Can't wait to try out MSC. We're working through our roster of cruises on other lines, but MSC is up right after that! Slightly off topic- besides MSC, do any other cruiselines match status?
  6. Ah, thanks. So the same place where Cruise Next certificates appear, if memory serves. I'm fresh out of CN right now, so can't be sure πŸ˜€
  7. Which part of ncl.com do you see these discounts?
  8. I know this is an old thread, but an update. I find that it is inconsistent. A CocoCay excursion booked last week had no tax. But today, taxed.
  9. lol We all want the credit card companies to be diligent in detecting and stopping fraud. But they need to step up their game and be more clever about it. We often get needlessly hassled for legit charges when not traveling. In our home town. But when a crook charged $800 for two Target gift cards six states away, no problem! A state we've never been to, it's fine! And a full tank of gas on top of that. Cool! Yes-- true story, not making it up.
  10. I know... I was just pointing out that the "myth" of 100k salary actually is rooted in truth depending on region πŸ˜€ And my reference is from 2015. If it was already 100k in 2015 for the west coast, imagine what it is today.
  11. There are regions where the salary is much higher, so not always a myth πŸ˜€ Mar 1, 2015 β€” About half of West Coast union longshoremen make more than $100,000 a year β€” some much more, according to shipping industry data. More than half ... https://www.latimes.com β€Ί business β€Ί la-fi-dockworker-...
  12. I don't miss the stocked fridges. I wish they would do away with them in hotels too. The fridge is handy, the stuff inside not so much.
  13. Yeah, not enough variety for me as well. Maybe for a 1 night cruise, lol I imagine the chefs and cooks probably roll their eyes too as they keep cooking up the same thing night after night after night
  14. I have Amex Plat, and see the OBC under the "Cruise Privileges Program". But couldn't find any info on the specialty dining and other perks for NCL using AmexPlat. Are those subject to specific sailings?
  15. I originally thought Prima and Viva were going to give Celebrity a run for their money. With the outlandish multi-deck water slides and high fares, I guess they're going after a younger crowd with a fair amount of disposable income.
  16. Is there a list of products at do/dont use nano particles? I'm guessing that the ingredient labels will not list it 😐
  17. Thanks for posting your experience. Was it easy to get off the RCI ship at Haifa and Ashdod? I read a post that said something like tickets were needed to get off, and lots of delays. Don't recall what cruise that was, but the gist was that it was port security, not a ship relatied delay.
  18. Thanks for posting the CocoCay brochure, BirdTravels. Very helpful. This page looks like a map legend, is the also a map?
  19. Wow, how were you able to get an additional 16? I thought there was limit (lower than 16) for a particular address.
  20. That would make it a Royal Screw Up πŸ˜ƒ
  21. Wow. Just wow. I'm pretty neutral in this eternal formal/not formal debate, but dripping in bathrobes is a line too far for most anyone I think. And then to have the guts to write up the poor employee trying to do their job? Priceless.
  22. ... boxer shorts... ??? πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ
  23. So in the Caribbean, there effectively isn't a formal night on Royal? I have a sailing in the next year.
  24. Several years ago, a relative showed up jacketless in the MDR on HAL. He was stopped by the host, and given a jacket to drape over his arm and hang around the chair. The jacket was a gaudy bright green color, presumably to prevent people from wanting to steal it, lol. If HAL is now relaxing, I guess that would leave Cunard as the final hold out.
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