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  1. It is not a region issue because the IP address of the satellite system is Miramar, Florida (sometimes Miami). It is Regent blocking downloads and streaming. @joan021 Did you pay to have a streaming upgrade?? Alternatively - if you had a VPN and used an iPad for the Kindle APP, it would work. Did that on my last cruise in Japan.
  2. The issue of delays to put Starlink in is not technical but contractual. NCL has to wait for the internet portion of the contract with MTN/EMC/Anuvu to expire. My guess Anuvu will still do the entertainment/TV segment. The internet person's are contract employees of Anuvu. Had a nice discussion with the one last year on Splendor. The Future Cruise person on Encore a few weeks ago said, December was the target date to complete the refit.
  3. PaulMCO

    shipping luggage

    Excellent - but that can be a challenge when you fly Euro airlines (like LH) where they weigh everything. I have been doing carry-ons for 20+ years on my quarterly trips to either Vienna or Karlsruhe. Can manage 10 days worth of cloths, including 2 suits in a carry-on. I keep telling my DW, just remember, the ship does have laundry. @Keith1010 Is Crystal partnering with a company? I know Regent is doing Luggage Forward and it makes it more secure knowing the cruise line is working with the company to make sure your bags are picked up and get home.
  4. You can confirm the number also by email which we just did. loyalty@crystalcruises.com
  5. PaulMCO

    shipping luggage

    Meds of any kinds are NEVER allowed by any forwarding service. Same with electrical items.
  6. PaulMCO

    shipping luggage

    Ivi -- Luggage forward uses a courier in most cases it is DHL. This means it goes on there own planes. Luggage free uses Fed Ex. The amount of ahead time depends on the country and customs clearance time and whether you choose rush or normal. Our most recent cruise we shipped two 25kg suitcases to Japan. We had the choice of Normal or rush shipping. Normal for a delivery date of 12 March was 29 February. The luggage arrive at our pre cruise hotel on 5 March.
  7. It is my signature.... Explora II - 14 Jan 2025
  8. I will disagree with Terry but as he said food is subjective, but just one element. Also Explorer on Regent as our last cruise which we just returned and Explora in January. Would I go on Explora again -- yes we are in January Would I go on Regent again - yes we are in August.
  9. @TLCOhio used to be the brand President of Azamara.... so CS was important before they jettisoned it. The question -- being in the Industry for such a long time -- generally people do not leave. When you go to a competitor, you immediately leave -- the question is where will she pop up??? My guess Explora Journeys ???
  10. Hotels -- depend on your cost points Favorites with 30 plus years traveling to Tokyo in order (not including the Imperial and 4 Seasons which are my favorites and are $$$$) Tokyo Station (think you can still book it via Hyatt if you are a Hyatt member) ANA Intercontinental in a quiet area near the Embassy -- this was my corporate hotel as it was near our office Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku (the Park Hyatt is now closed for Renovations until late 2025) Hilton Tokyo - good hotel at a reasonable in Shinjuku -- just stayed there on a Regent Japan pre-cruise. If you are gold or higher, rate includes breakfast Tour guides -- Can recommend Patrick L at Tours by Locals. He is an ex-pat that speaks Japanese fluently and gives a different perspective to a native. We have found many of the older native guides very regimented and scripted with flip charts and other visual aids. Also at Tours by local -- Eiichi M (Eddy).
  11. Source is a passenger reporting on FB. Read same. Swell was Pitcarin. Low tides was the other two as they could not find an acceptable landing spot through the reef. Now swell is unpredictable. Low tide -- come on... This is first time for Seabourn. I hope they learn from this, as we are booked for same all the way to the Solomons for 2025.
  12. Yes but many passengers were not happy as they were NOT able to make land on Pitcarin, Ducie or Henderson.
  13. Most Regent ships (except Grandeur) do not yet have Star Link -- so you are stuck with the high orbit legacy EMC Networks/MTN satellites with high ping times and limited bandwidth. They had a long term contract with EMC so Starlink is not scheduled until the end of 2024, according to the Future Cruise consultant. Before you log in you might want to talk with the Internet Manager -- sometimes they will give you the extra logins complementary. @UUNetBill is correct about turning off your VPN to reconnect. Same with doing the end of cruise survey. Do not purchase the steaming package if you have a VPN. With a VPN you override their site blocking algorithm as it is IP based, so you are wasting money.
  14. Just a note. Sometimes the tides and winds can make docking an issue. We missed one day in Kobe this March 18th cruise.
  15. The only issues were that many that were coded moderate were actually strenuous. And there were some errors -- like restaurant had steep stairs - but in reality yes but also had an elevator.
  16. actually not -- larger also Building on its last Allura-class ship in 2025, Oceania Cruises is scheduled to take delivery of two 86,000gt vessels with capacity for 1,400 passengers each in 2027 and 2029. Sisters Vista and 2025's Allura are currently Oceania's largest ships, measuring 67,000gt with capacity for 1,200 passengers.
  17. Real Luxury -- either of the 4 Seasons properties near the Imperial Palace. I also like the Tokyo Station Hotel -- iconic near part of the old station property. Good location for all site seeing and transport
  18. If you want to sit at the best table/waitress in Compass Rose -- ask for Table 4 and Joan.. Tell her Mr. Paul and Mama Mindy said hello 🙂
  19. PaulMCO


    @BWIVince welcome back... Which cruise are you doing in two plus months?? I received the survey twice and answered differently. First that it made a difference and would not cruise Crystal without one. It was more in depth than if you went through the other forks. Likely they are doing an RFP or are evaluating an RFP and doing a cost/benefit analysis. Just off Regent, and Encore had a casino that was very compact. They had enough tables to handle Black Jack, poker, dice, plus two rows of slots. Generally crowded, as there was a large group of Taiwanese who felt at home there 🙂
  20. I will jump... SS does not require payment for its premium (added cost) excursions. They are posted to your account once on board. Seabourn does require prepayment, but will refund (without cancelling) those cruises against both non refundable and refundable OBC.
  21. There is a whole thread about their excursions... My post #43 explains my feelings.
  22. Currently on Explorer. The decor is very subjective, but agree it has an "old" dark feel compared to Splendor, which is light and airy. Ship is well maintained. Staff is great, food has been good and consistent-- only exception has been Chartreuse, where the food and service disappoints. Even Sete Mare which we did not like on Splendor has been excellent. Love Compass Rose, only Crystal does this better. Much better than SS or Seabourn. Room is OK, we are in a PH on deck 8. Bed is comfortable, lots of closet space, supersized shower (no tub). Room attendant has been super. Butler has been mehh. Biggest issue is destination services and the excursions, this is an issue for both Regent and Oceania and it is a driven corporate issue. We did the pre-cruise, Vibrant Tokyo. Was very well organized, which is amazing for the contractor (Destinations Asia), handling 11 buses and 300 passengers so well. Time to see Shanghai.. We were first here in 1980.
  23. but your claim, if greater than the allowed amount of $4,450, still must go through the court so it is segmented to X payment priority, and X payment as unsecured.
  24. Would not recommend the Hilton, if doing it on your own -- many better places in Tokyo. Imagine 900 rooms including groups from Regent and Oceania descending for breakfast to catch their 9:30am tour, you will find a line that extends to the concierge desk. We did it only because of the included pre cruise If doing it on your own, stay near the palace -- 4 seasons, or less costly Tokyo Station which is my favorite. Quirky design, in the heart of Tokyo near the palace, transportation hub of the station. If you want a quiet part of Tokyo, the Intercontinental was my business choice because it is in the Embassy district, not far from American Embassy.
  25. Because on other cruise lines -- like SS, Crystal and Seabourn, the destination staff have gone on many of these or sends minders (from other departments) who go on these tours and provide a detailed report, unlike Regent or Oceania. Our last cruise on SS we had the destination manager on our tour, because she had not done this particular one and wanted to evaluate it. Regent seems to have lots of outdated information in their excursions (example was our Caribbean/Amazon cruise), where we were supposed to visit a butterfly zoo, which was destroyed 3 years earlier by a hurricane. Our current cruise on Explorer most of the Japan ports, have changes to strenuous levels from 2 to 3 and lots of notes as to number of steps. One tour we did in Koichi, was a 2 and forgot to mention the 50 steps without handrail to visit the temple. Another warned of steep ladder stairs for the temple and same for the restaurant. Yet you need not go to the top of the temple, and the restaurant had steep stairs (not a ladder), but also had an Elevator. Late changes to levels are particularly bad with Regent, since everything is wait-listed -- so if you want a less stressful tour you are out of luck, if if you try to change on the afternoon of boarding.
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