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  1. Sorry for the dumb question....but how many days out is final payment these days?
  2. In pre-covid times, I knew to look on Tuesdays for the "Exciting Deals" posted each week by X for great last minute prices. That page still lists the deals posted on April 14, 2020...the last day they were released before shutdown. How and where do you find last minute deals now? Do they still exist?
  3. Yes cash. As a contractor once said to me: "cash is always in good taste"! Before cruises, especially to a ports where USD is accepted (ie Caribbean etc.), I go to the bank and break up $350 like this: 20 x $10 bills 20 x $5 bills 50 x $1 bills It's a manageable "wad" of small cash to put in your room safe and gradually use for on-board tipping (like in a specialty restaurant for great service), port taxis, souvenirs and other small costs. In ports I keep a small assortment of these smaller bills in a separate pouch and usually never take out my real wallet ashore. It's nice to have "small bills" available both on and off the ship.
  4. Tami, When you say "I have never been there..." do you mean you haven't been to the Greek Islands / Adriatic ports or all of Europe? IMHO, while this is a wonderful itinerary, it is an itinerary for someone who has already been to the cruise-highlights of Europe like: Rome, Florence, & Barcelona. Just my 2 cents....food for thought. Enjoy your planning and the trip!! P.L. PS: Please spend at least one night in Venice (on the island) to soak it in. Go to St, Mark's Square at night to hear the orchestras play in the outdoor cafes. Unforgettable experience!
  5. StockJock, Have been to all the ports on your itinerary and as usual the CC faithful are giving "spot-on" advice. I have 2 things to say: 1. Santorini: You are absolutely doing the right thing. Take a ship tour to get you off early by tender. You are there until 10PM. Don't miss the opportunity to have dinner in this spectacular setting at sunset either overlooking the caldera or at the Amoudi waterside restaurants, just below Oia (the restaurants will call for a taxi back to the ship). 2. Don't miss Ephesus. There are ruins, and there are ruins. This is right up there with the best. Book a private tour or put up with the carpet "show"....Ephesus is worth it. Have a great trip!
  6. Amcco above is correct. It's usually several months out (not weeks) that suddenly the FVs are available if they are not booked by larger groups. Just keep checking. Also suggest a call to X to ask if they might keep a waiting list for that availability. But I would still keep checking yourself.
  7. Looking at the sale brochure, at the top of the list of included cruises is the title "CATEGORY*" -- Note the * At the bottom of the list is: * available on all stateroom categories Holding out hope it indeed applies to all categories!!
  8. Another vote for Guided Tours Israel. We got their name from these boards 10 years ago and used them. Outstanding. They are still recommended as a top tour provider there. Highly recommended.
  9. OP - First welcome to Cruise Critic. I see you're new around here. Enjoy! Generally, the more info you give when you post a question, the better the info you get back. So, What city are you flying into? Advice is different for Miami vs. Rio!
  10. Agree that Santorini is a DO NOT MISS port. As suggested above, get to Oia. Getting there by boat sounds good...also by taxi or bus. Most beautiful town on the island. Just soak it in and have lunch there.
  11. I suggest you ask your private tour operator for scheduling suggestions. They should know what works at their location. Do not presume you can get an early time.
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