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  1. This would be the worst time to try that!!! I believe that there are common core teams that service all of the RCL brands to save money. If you remember the only reason that Celebrity joined RCL was to get the financial backing to expand their fleet. That started with the Century and includes EVERY new ship since!!!
  2. Celebrity cancelled 13 of my bookings on March 13. Received 30 refunds (just port charges and taxes) starting on 5/6 and ending on 6/23. Something like 100 days total !!! Plus the early refunds could be correlated to bookings but the second half were nothing but random $$$ figures. Only way to tell if done was add up what I expected against the 30 refund total.
  3. Back in the day the high cruisers would always receive a free specialty restaurant visit in addition to dinner with a senior officer. Just a few years ago LLP deleted the free specialty visit. They still normally have a lunch for the Zeniths onboard.
  4. We were able to order off the MDR menu whenever we wanted to. I don't think that is a big deal since the suites cost a minimum of 3X what the regular cabins cost. My issue is that I am a beef eater and they would not let me order a fillet mignon unless it was on the menu that day. In my mind due to the suite cost Luminae should have an everyday filet mignon (plus other upscale items) similar to the everyday items in the MDR (but featuring more expensive items).
  5. We dined in Luminae onboard Eclipse for three weeks about a year ago. We were specifically told by the Luminae manager that we could not order ANYTHING off menu (except items on the MDR menu that day). NOT a fan of Luminae. FYI we have sailed Celebrity OVER 150 cruises !!! Definitely prefer the specialty restaurants (that is why they are included free with the top level suites) !!!
  6. Our experience is that you can order anything off that day's MDR menu that you want (on M and S class ships).
  7. So why do so many say they have their refunds for cruises in April, May and even June ???? I have been waiting on 8 sailings cancelled March 11 (maybe 13), got the two in March 2 weeks ago. Still waiting on 6 more with sailing dates of April 4 thru May 29 !!! In my mind Celebrity is doing an ABSOLUTELY horrible job with the refunds !!!
  8. I had the same B2B. Received the 125% FCC almost 4 weeks ago. Finally today received the refund for the taxes & port charges for the first one ONLY. The refund was made on Sunday and posted today. Maybe the second one will post next week.
  9. I asked my TA about this today. She gets a confirmation for FCC's but absolutely no notice of refunds applied !!!
  10. TommyD3


    We have 4 future cruises all booked since 3/13 and they are ALL waiting for FCC numbers AND payment of taxes and port charges.
  11. TommyD3


    I got my FCC for the same cruise just over 3 weeks ago. No cash refund yet. My TA is calling Celebrity tomorrow. The interesting thing is my TA gets a confirmation of the FCC but NO confirmation of a refund sent !!!
  12. TommyD3


    Received 3/23, 3/28 and 4/04 cruise FCC's three weeks ago. Received 4/12 and 4/30 cruise FCC's today. Waiting on FCC's for 5/11, 5/22 and 5/29 cruises still. All cancelled by Celebrity on 3/13. Not one penny of taxes or port fees. Have 4 new bookings on hold with taxes and port fees (in addition to FCC) due by 5/20. REALLY wish they would give me the cancelled cruise fees before I have to pay for the new ones !!! Looks like the refunds are running AT LEAST 6 weeks behind the FCC. Has anyone received the taxes and port fees for any cruise on or after 3/23 yet?
  13. My concern is with 8 cancellations and multiple refunds per cancellation how do I know which refund is for which cruise? Is there a field in the credit card refund info with the booking number? That is the only way to track the refunds against the bookings !!! FYI it has been almost 6 weeks and I have not received one penny!!! Celebrity is like a black hole !!!!
  14. We have 8 sailings (some with 2 cabins) that Celebrity cancelled over a month ago. Getting FCC for all (received 3 of 8 so far) but supposed to get cash refund of taxes / port charges. Absolutely NOTHING yet !!! How can we possibly keep track if we are getting what we are supposed to? And which ones are wrong ????
  15. Carnival is NOT owned by Royal Caribbean !!! Maybe you were thinking of Celebrity (which is) ???
  16. I don't know why everyone is bad mouthing Carnival. At least they moved their restart date out 6 weeks. Celebrity still thinks they will restart in MID MAY !!!
  17. Today we got the FCC emails for 3 of the 8 cruises Celebrity cancelled on us. Seem to be processed in chronological order. Still not a penny refund of taxes, port charges or airfare !!!
  18. They should wait until they resume sailing to restart taking reservations. Tomorrow's Exciting Deals have MANY MANY sailings in May and June. VERY likely they will not happen and Celebrity will have to offer 125% FCC !!! Stupid marketing plan !!!
  19. My TA had to call the Zenith desk to get our new booking w/o a deposit while waiting for the FCC for our 8 cancelled cruises !!!
  20. They are giving double Captain's Club points on the 11 night Alaska cruises ???
  21. Can you post pictures of the everyday menu items for each of the four MDR restaurants? Does Normandy still have a beef wellington (they call it something else) every day? I am a beef eater and it was great when we were on a year ago. Love the blog - Thanks !!!
  22. Did Capt Kate work on Premier previously? What position did she have? We have sailed with her several times onboard Summit and Equinox but never realized this.We did Premier ("The Big Red Boat") several times when our kids were littler (like 25-30 years ago) !!!
  23. We were able to order off the MDR menu just not any custom made meals like previously posted. I do not think ordering off the MDR menu is a big deal since suite guests pay MANY times the fare of MDR guests !!!
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