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  1. “what annoys or upsets some people just doesn't register with us. We are in different times and as long as SB work hard to make everyone's cruise something special (which I feel they do) all will be well. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it all is with supply chains, restrictions, staffing issues etc and personally I am happy to cut them a bit of slack. The world has changed.” That’s fine. I understand and to some point I agree, but majority of our problems was nothing to do with supply chains and restrictions. Staffing issues possibly, but those workers were some of the best we have encountered.
  2. We were on encore. Penthouse spa suite chosen as aft, deck 11 and only 5 cabins there. We were very happy with the size, position and layout of the suite. Beautiful bathroom, lovely large aft balcony. This was a special treat to have such an expensive cabin. But on arrival in our cabin the luggage on the bed was not ours. My husband went to use the phone and it was broken. I was checking out the many storage areas only to find 2 pairs of crumpled swimming shirts in a cupboard. Another had receipts in. Clearly no cleaning had happened between occupancy. A cupboard door was broken and not shutting, the plug in bathroom sink was broken. There were numerous ‘extras’ for the type of suite missing. No welcome champagne and tired flowers. Overall a neglected cabin. It seemed ridiculous that you could only get certain cocktails in certain bars. Three times we were given out of date conserves even though we had pointed the date each time. The food was nowhere near the standard we had expected. The colonnade TK menu was very poor.Worst meal, bar one. Many more small problems. Our second meal in T.Keller was a disaster. We ordered the chicken for 2, to be carved at the table. Also a wine pairing for this. The chicken arrived. One slice of the knife and blood. I said it was raw, told it wasn’t as it had been cooked for 36hrs. (In fact it isn’t- 45 mins). The carver insisted it was fine. We let him dish it up, to take a closer look. Blood swirling on the plate and a bloody bone with it. We refused and told him to take it away. Other people came up to us and had had the same problem. The sous chef came out and apologised. He suggested we go back on our final night. Eventually we saw the restaurant manager (Ali) and he said we would be well looked after if we returned. We did return at least expecting a replacement pairings wine for our steak. We got a ‘lollipop’ of frois grois in a posh box!! That was it. It is scary to think that someone with poor eyesight could have eaten that chicken. It was clearly a ship of repeaters and they were very spoilt. Quite a few saying how things had changed. I do have to say that the staff are some of the best at sea.
  3. Our first and last Seabourn cruise this year. We have been fortunate to use many different companies and Seabourn have been the only one we will not be returning to, despite our $1000 each fcc in apology. If I could I would transfer it to any of you.
  4. Yep Clairol. When we were OC we were taken down by the butler via the hospital entrance. We were also fast tracked by the butler with our passport handover/stamping. But let me warn you …..We were anchored at Easter Island awaiting a tender.Our butler took us straight down and we were first on the tender. Big mistake….. the seas were extremely rough and it was uncertain we would be able to leave the ship. This caused a slow pass from ship to tender. We felt very sick watching everyone trying to get in tender.We will ask to be last next time!! Moral of the story…. Don’t get on first if rough weather!!!!
  5. I agree with the fund wholeheartedly.I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe I do have it backwards in your eyes, but In my eyes I’m afraid I see tips to staff before a service as a bribe.Ive seen (and heard) many times. You said yourself that the crew know who do this beforehand..Im sure Dan, that the pre tipping is right for you.
  6. So if the crew know who participates at the beginning of the cruise,is this a way of getting better service? I see tipping anyone before they do a service as a bribe. What a horrible position to be in for the crew member,forever at a ‘beck and call’...
  7. Do you tip every time the butler comes to cabin at your request? Also, is there a charge for the butler to organise some drinks with friends in cabin? Last time we had a butler we didn’t tip regularly and he seemed to get less attentive as the cruise went on, but we still left him the envelope with a wad of dollars in that we had prepared when we disembarked.
  8. We are happy with our agent but because we book through an agent we sometimes have trouble upgrading flights with air miles and/or booking seats.Its frustrating.
  9. Different way through to tender, passing the queue! I was a bit uncomfortable for with that.
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