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  1. I will pick the Fun Mother, thank you! Enjoying this so much!!!
  2. For cruisers flying to Miami: I saw $88 round trip fares being advertised on Trip Advisor Philadelphia to Miami (Frontier and Spirit). Well. I don't know if at that price, they will charge extra if you are wearing shoes, carrying a backpack, some more if you have a jacket, even more if you are breathing certain amount of air, etc etc.πŸ˜„ But thought I would post this "deal alert" just in case.
  3. Absolutely! Not cheating😁, you are in the same family and your status will carry over (D,D+ in Royal gets Elite in Celebrity). We love Celebrity! We also love Royal. (And we also love NCL). They all have their goods and not so goods. My DH is of the opinion that Royal's benefits for D+ are the best, on board and not. Balcony discounts, etc etc. Celebrity is pretty much the same, with little adjustments, like no free phots, but has Captains Club breakfast every morning. CC one category upgrades, etc etc. I also like the NCL benefits for Diamond on NCL (specialty dining, laundry.....the yard). Entertainment is better on NCL and Royal (in that order IMHO) but we don't pick the cruise for the entertainment only. You won't go wrong with Celebrity.
  4. I agree on Le String. The food was absolutely A+. I had the fish and it was so good I couldn't get over it. Our cab driver was the one who took us there and we were told if we have lunch we can use their beach lounge chairs. We have also been to the restaurant in GenerationX's pictures. Excellent food and ambiance. Great spot on the beach.
  5. Glad to see you in good spirits. It helps to keep you grounded while caring for a patient. I wish you the best. Healing prayers for Andy.
  6. I agree. I liked it a lot. We were in a deck 3 newer ocean view cabin with a huge window, it was round but almost as huge as the cabin wall. I would definitely book that one again if going on the Summit.
  7. I do too. I prefer the new designs and like the more airy brighter look of the Summit cabins. When I wrote "hoppenzed" I was quoting HappyCruiser6148, in post #8. The new refurbished rooms were designed by Kelly Hoppen and I believe HappyCruiser was refering to that. Many cruisers do not like her interior designs for many reasons and feel that it has taken away from the original more functional interior.
  8. Question for the rum lovers: Anyone heard of or seen Cozumel Rum Company's Mayan aged artesanal rum with chocolate and cinammon that comes in the blown glass bottle? (I want the bottle, not the rum LOL! 😁)
  9. We love the Equinox and the Summit. I know many do not like the "hoppenized"😁 rooms, but I actually like the newly designed rooms and bathrooms on the Summit. We have been on the Equinox many times and love that ship for all the things other posters mentioned above. So, I would pick one based on the itinerary and price.
  10. Deb, how are you and Andy doing? Hope he is not in too much pain. Andrew, hope Owen is doing well and not in pain. Bonnie, hope you are healing well. Aussielozzie, sending you healing wishes.
  11. Sue, where are you cruising in August? We are on the Oasis. I agree about the D + and drink package. We never get the drink pkg. The 5 vouchers per day loaded on the card are way more than enough for us.
  12. Thanks for this. Loved the pictures and notes. Have a safe trip to Atlanta. Hugs and kisses for Felix. I am on my way to FL this weekend. Some working and a lil bit of cruising😁
  13. I love that dress! And WOW shoes! I am enjoying your report. We will be on the Equinox next month.
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