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  1. Thanks! I think the supermarket a mile away is a Winn Dixie. I've got a small box of stuff we'll take along, since you never know what you'll find in a furnished rental. I'll take a good knife, an electric skillet, a few things like that. The plusses to driving. Even if it is a very long drive. 🙂 I know there are restaurants a short drive away, but that sounds like more work! Get cleaned up, drive to wherever, eat, drive back..... Probably easier to cook! Plus, COVID. I've not been in a restaurant in months! Done take out, but not eat in. Since it is quite possible no v
  2. Chris, we are staying at Island Bay Resort. I read dozens of reviews before I booked. It has a small private beach. The biggest cons in the reviews is there is no food service on the property at all. There is a supermarket about a mile away though. Halfway between Miami and Key West. I cook every day at home, I’ll just cook there as well. I’d rather cruise, but we will make the best of it. Today is in the 20’s and 30’s and we have snow and ice, so at least we won’t have that! Contemplated a few other options, but decided I liked the idea of staying in the US, and if we
  3. I'm glad to give you a giggle!! The funny part is that it is a toss up whether DH is managing me and the dog or I'm managing him and the dog. After 2 hours in the car, I am so stiff I can barely walk, so DH has to help me out, then I have to lean on the cane while trying to manage the dog (who hates the cane). Meanwhile, Scooter is SO HAPPY to be out of the car, even for a few minutes - he is ready to potty and take a short break, and there isn't always a good place to do that. Plus, the trip is apparently over 20 hours by car each way from mid-Missouri to the south Florida Keys.
  4. Greetings all - long time no posting. DH, Scooter and I drove over Thanksgiving from mid-Missouri to Savannah to see my son and his wife who are stationed there. We started in STL on Monday morning for me to see a new Neuro, and finally got on the road at 3pm. Drive wouldn't have nearly so bad if we could have started earlier. Ah, well. It was good to see that Scooter hasn't lost as much ground in public behavior as I was afraid. We've not been out much. Well, I've been teaching a class, so we go to campus a couple of times a week, but just for an hour and he is so used to tha
  5. Exactly the same dates, duration, and ports. Celebrity is simply replacing Edge with Silhouette on Feb 4, 2022.
  6. Here is an interesting question: If an airline had done this, with "Cancelling" a flight, only to then move another plane into the same date, time, city pairing, the DOT would have mandated that passengers be re-accommodated on the new plane at the existing price. Does the DOT have the right to take a complaint against a cruise line for the switch they are doing and the money grab? If I swap my cruise from Edge to Silhouette, it will cost me an extra $2000 per person for a Sky Suite 2 in Feb 2022. I don't have an issue with swapping from Edge to Silhouette, I like Silhouette
  7. Got the email about my Edge cruise in 2022. Discussed with traveling partners what we wanted to do, and made a decision. My TA contacted Celebrity only to be told: The emails sent out to clients ONLY were possibly sent in error. Right now both your Edge and the Silhouette sailings in Feb 2022 are in a frozen status. They will NOT allow any change for your Edge or for you to reserve the Silhouette. They hope to have this resolved by Friday but will notify us in advance. I never received the email you received and it seems there are definitely some problems with Celeb
  8. Interesting reading. I'm a Gen X-er. I have 26 vacation days a year, and usually spend 15 of them on a ship. We have two millennials who are grown and flown and have careers. They are QUITE happy to sail X with us, particularly if I'm paying 😀 I admit I bribe my kids and their SOs every other year to spend a week with us. It is a blast. The "kids" enjoy Celebrity enough that they have booked and paid for their own cruises as well. I'm pretty sure I'm who they are targeting. Lots of my friends have starting coming along on cruises with us.
  9. Really? We were told there were no qualifying cruises to shift to. I wanted to shift to a 12 night holiday cruise in Equinox in 2021. I was supposed to be on the 12 night Touch Canal cruise this December.
  10. Sadly, the Canal Touch cruises out of Tampa are not eligible for Lift & Shift. 😞
  11. Anyone looking for the text, my Dec 23 out of Tampa had the following: Dear Guest, We are reaching out to provide an update on the status of your upcoming cruise vacation. In order to ensure the most effective initiatives are in place for a healthy return to service, Celebrity Cruises will be extending the suspension of global operations for all sailings departing on or before December 31st, 2020. Unfortunately, our extended suspension now includes cancellation of your upcoming voyage.
  12. I used Zoom from Alaska on the ship in 2018. I used it on Silhouette to attend work meetings in February 2019 in the Caribbean. I used Zoom to teach on Reflection in February 2020 (mid-February, before the crazy started.)
  13. Aqua class has always been 2 persons in a room max. Since inception. Most ships all the suites are a bed and sofa. On Edge, you can sometimes book a Sky Suite paired with an interior as a second bedroom.
  14. Possibly? But by definition, the B2B of 2 5 night cruises would not be the same as a 10 night cruise. So, we wait. I already made final payment on my Dec 2020 cruise, and I'm now certain it will be canceled as it was out of Tampa on CN.
  15. Yep. I read that as well. Means my December 2020 and Feb 2021 are going to be canceled.
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