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  1. If all the cabins in a category have been reserved except an accessible cabin, Celebrity opens up the remaining accessible cabin for anyone to book. They are not going to hold an accessible cabin as a just in case, if there are no more cabins in that stateroom class. Why should they? If it is before final payment, book the accessible and keep looking to see if another cabin in the class opens up. You’ll be able to mover over to it easily with a phone call.
  2. No video in December, they just had a crew member speak and demo.
  3. We've gone the week before a couple of times. MUCH less expensive. Food not really any different, other than more expensive in the speciality restaurants. They don't need to discount anything during the holidays. We did a holiday cruise once. Not signing up for another one for the forseeable future.
  4. Roz, Scooter telegraphs before lifting his leg. A leash correction goes a long way to stop him, and I can add a verbal if needed. I agree that leg lifting is learned behavior. He only squatted for the first few months I had him (remember, I did my own puppy-raise), and started wanting to lift his leg about 8-9 months. I pushed at that point to neuter him - my vet wanted to wait until he was 18 months to develop better bone health. I insisted, as he was starting to do well with some of the training, but the leg lifting was definitely starting, as was paying attention to females. He generally doesn't hump, and does that left the one leg by a small amount and half-squat a lot. Since I live in the country (in town, but a rural area), the small amount of leg lift isn't an issue. Everyone is so amazed at how he follows direction more than the average dog, I can let that sort of thing slip.
  5. Scooter lifts his leg about half the time. It depends on what is around. If he is allowed to pee near a bush or tree, he will lift his leg. If I don’t allow him to near a vertical object, he still lifts his right rear leg about an inch off the ground, but then does a half squat and just pees on the flat spot. Not everyone uses a SD for mobility reasons, so if someone isn’t worried about bending down, I can see that leg lifting would not be an issue. For others who can’t bend over and extend to clean the floor or a wall, they would be more likely to reinforce the no leg lift training. Scooter has never lifted his leg against a decorative pot, I would not allow it. It is a matter of managing the dog.
  6. Nothing is scheduled as far as anyone knows.
  7. A number of cruises have done this. They wait until they close the door on Deck 3 in the MDR at 6:30, then if the table is still vacant (in fixed seating) they go ahead and seat it with select dining cruisers. That way they can go ahead and use the table instead of it sitting vacant. Some of those tables don’t have people assigned for the late seating, but often they just speed up service a slight amount and make sure the guests are finished by 8:15 to allow them to reset the table for the 8:30 seating.
  8. On Equinox, you get to drop your bags into your room right away. We found the Oceanview was not nearly as crowded as on other sailings.
  9. In December I believe the Suite Manager (three stripe) was Dennis
  10. There should not be any reason not to name who you bought from. We just can’t list travel agents. 🙂
  11. I’m in my 50s, my kids are mid-late 20s. No grands yet. My rule is that if I’m paying, I choose what I like. My kids are perfectly happy on Celebrity. They take a book or 3 on their kindle, we take some card games, we have a good time as a family. With kids that young, they will be happy with family attention. You can bring a little blow up pool and set it up a little away, dip a couple of buckets of water into it, and dump it in one of the pool-side showers when finished playing. The pool butlers will often help.
  12. It will just really depend on the room. If you are in a balcony on the slant that opens out, you'll probably be able to get it in no issue. Anywhere else? Hard to say. I know, for example, that you'd be able to get it in to Rm 1120, but 1124/1126 might be tough. I explained in your other thread.
  13. On the Celebrity S-Class Ships, the door can go either direction, depending on the door. The rooms have doors in little "alcoves" and the doors often open outward. They then open along a wall in the alcove - not into the corridor. Some rooms on Celebrity Equinox, where Helen is sailing, do open inward, though. Assessible rooms in some locations open inward, interior rooms that are not in alcoves open inward, and rooms that are set up to be adjoining to the next door room, so that there is an outer door in the alcove, may also open inward. Helen, whether the door opens inward or outward will depend on if the room is set up to be adjoining. If it is, then the entrance to the room will be more narrow. That will make life interesting with the scooter. It may just not fit through the door. Additionally, if you have the bed by the bath configuration, it may be especially difficult. For example, on Equinox, rooms 9296 and 9298 are adjoining, so the doors open inward. 9292 and 9294 do not have the adjoining designation, and the doors will open into the alcove just off the corridor. I don't remember off the top of my head which one has the bed by the bath and which is bed by balcony, but it is in the spreadsheet on the Celebrity area. Hope this helps!
  14. I get it. I used a knee scooter off and on for months a couple of years ago. They are kind of tippy. Better than regular crutches, but not great. Last year, I spent a number of months in a wheelchair, including while on Silhouette. By the time we were on the cruise, I had been given permission to start putting weight on it, and I was wearing a boot. It makes you walk funny and throws out your back. Plus, I had been off it for 8 weeks while recovering from surgery on it, so it wasn't like I was ready to just start walking again. I think you'll be glad of the scooter. Please do ask for the wheelchair assist when you arrive at port. No sense in making yourself hurt at embarkation. You need to give it time to heal. If you have any rough days, remember there is a fully accessible shower in the spa, in case you don't have an accessible room. Also, please work with your stateroom attendant on where to park the scooter if you can't fit it into the room. Last year, they guy next door, also not in an accesible room, had a scooter and it did not fit into the room. It caused all kinds of issues for me getting through the hall to MY room in the wheelchair the first few days.
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