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  1. Good morning! Can you all believe it is MAY? My family has been fully vaccinated for some time, and we are starting to get back to "normal". Did a short driving trip a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. Left Scooter at home, since we had 4 adults in the car and were doing about 1500 miles over 4 days, and we were climbing through the USS Alabama (BB-60) as part of it. I knew that Scooter would not be able to do the "stairs" in the Alabama, and if I was having a good day, I'd be able to do them. Well, I had a good day on the Friday we did the Alabama. Coul
  2. I stayed in a number of hotels in November and Febuary. We found that that the "chain" hotels, even the high end ones, were minizing services to save $$. The boutique hotels were not. I think the cruise ships will continue to do normal housekeeping, in large part because that is how they keep the ship clean and keep potential infection down. Carnival already went to once a day housekeeping, from what I recall reading, but I don't expect Celebrity will do that.
  3. If I’m doing a domestic trip, I book direct. If international, then I look seriously at the Celebrity product. When we did Europe in2014, we were embarking in Venice and disembarking in Istanbul. We knew there were possible issues with the Istanbul disembarkation and were told that if we booked through the cruise line and the ship was not able to dock and disembark us in Istanbul that by booking through Celebrity they would handle our re-route. So we did that. For any other situation, it really just depends. One friend did a Tampa sailing a few years ago where the sh
  4. It is supposed to get a hot tub, not a pool. They have not scheduled a date at this point for when the tub nor the elevator will be added. At one point, it was expected they would "work in" a drydock for what remained needed, but the last I heard, those plans were on hold as so much else was delayed due to the closures in 2020. The next regularly scheduled drydock should be 2024. They may wait until then or they may work one into the schedule. No one knows for now. There is a closet where they stock some commonly requested beverages in bottles/cans and towels for
  5. Most of the Midwest states in the US are out of school by June 1. If we go past Memorial Day in my area, the kids don’t show up. As for why 18+ is vaccine required, and not saying the 16-17 should get the Pfizer one, well, there is currently no way to select which vaccine you receive in much of the US, probably much of the world. You get what you can get. My own family has gotten half and half, based on what was offered the day we were able to arrange vaccination. The companies are starting vaccine trials on younger children now. Meanwhile, this is a good start to
  6. Equinox had a light lunch in the retreat lounge when we were there in Dec 2019. If I remember correctly, it was very light.
  7. Meanwhile, on the topic of our SDs, boy is Scooter out of practice. We went to Menards for a few things this afternoon and he wanted to pull the whole time. We did lots of doodling in the store to get him to focus. We’ve not got ANYWHERE where he needed to be on duty like that on a while. All my groceries are curbside pickup, and I’ve not been taking him to the Dr with me. Shows we need to make a few more trips out to practice!
  8. Yay! I’m officially 2 weeks past my 2nd now. Hubby gets his second in about 2 weeks. My rheumatologist got me in for mine earlier than my age would have otherwise suggested, and then mandated that Hubs get his. #1 is easy. #2 kicked my butt for a couple of days. It also kicked my 25 year old son’s butt for about 2 days. Bad enough his 1st Sarge looked at him and said “Sir, go home. You aren’t doing us any good here.” That was a Friday after he had gotten the jab on Thursday afternoon and sucked it up through 6am PT on Friday morning. The 1 st Sarge got his 2nd at the s
  9. Every cruise price is a little different. We booked for Feb 2023 as soon as it was released. To make the cruise fully refundable, we paid $320 extra. Seemed worth it since we were booking two years out. Our Feb 2021 cruise was booked before the NRD thing started. When final payment care around in November, and it was obvious we would not be sailing, it was much easier for us to cancel and get our refund than for our traveling companions who had booked a NRD.
  10. Ready to go! I’ve had both Pfizer, and considered “safe” now. Hubs gets #2 in a couples of weeks. My (adult) children are in positions that required or encouraged them to be vaccinated already. We are hoping to be on Reflection in November!
  11. Makes sense. The last few years, I've always seemed to have tests that needed to be run and needed me to wean OFF meds while on vacation (allergy meds mostly). I'm now on meds that I absolutely need to stay on. New experience. I had a couple of extra days, but not a full week. Now I know! Same with Scooter. He started having seizzures. They are well managed, he just needs a pill in the am and in the pm, but we need to make sure he stays on those pills. If he were a program dog, they would have converted him to pet only, but since it is mine, I get to keep him working as long as he
  12. We are safely at home. The original plan was to leave on Monday, 2/15 for Missouri. I needed to be back at work today, 2/18. Well, we looked at the way the snow and ice was slaming everyone on Sunday, and expected into Monday, and that there was another round due on Wednesday and (at the time) Thursdasy and Friday. We left after lunch on Sunday and drove as far as Gainsville. Probably could have gotten a little further, but it was a good time for us to stop. Not too late, and we had been up since about 5am. We got up and going on Monday. Now normally we woul
  13. Thought I'd update you! Island Bay Resort is decent although I'm not positive I'd bring my dog here. We chose not to bring Scooter. We booked cabin #10, which is the ADA accessible one. Plenty of grab bars in the bathroom. The bed is a king. It is all one room, but kind of separated. The larger (and moe expensive) rooms have larger refrigerators, maybe 8 -9 cubic feet or so. Not full apartment sized, but big enough for a few days. The smaller rooms have a 3 cubic foot refrigerator. They have 2 burner stove tops. I am glad I brought along a few things, but if I had not, we would
  14. We booked Connstellation for Feb 2023. It is at least slightly different.
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