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  1. Sending hugs to Roz and Horton from Scooter and me. I hope he is having a decent day today, and wish you a good week. Please keep us posted on your boy.
  2. Prices for next year are high, but Celebrity has offered the “Lift and Shift” option, where you can delay your cruise to the next year at the same rate.
  3. Goodness, Roz! Hugs from us for you and Horton! I’m keeping fingers crossed that you have a new dog for him to sniff butts and chase balls with very soon.
  4. The only one I could find has a fairly small seat, but works for me for limited use. I’m 5’9” and 190 lbs. I has three legs and folds flat. I got mine from amazon for about $25.
  5. So glad to hear Horton is responding to treatment! We have a friend with a pet dog that is about 12 years old. They thought their family pet was ready to go, but she is holding on. She met the new pup that the family is going to be adopting in June, and they believe she is hanging on until there is a new dog to care for her little girls. Our dogs are amazing creatures.
  6. According to a friend who is an officer on board one of the S class ships, his ship requires 180-200 as essential crew. Pretty sure they will keep the entire bridge crew (three shifts, each shift stands watch 4 hours at a time), much of the marine crew. A handful of kitchen and service staff, As they still need someone to cook to feed the crew, clean the kitchen, clean the staterooms of the ranking officers on board. Uniforms and linens still need to be kept clean, etc. They don’t need the staff from The Retreat, guest services, the iLounge, casino, future cruise sales, etc. They still need IT although not all the IT as when guests are on board. They need at least some of the medical staff if not all of them. They still need at least one plumber, electrician. Joiner, etc. They are still doing inspections and repairs on all the systems.
  7. I look forward to it. It is just over 7 months away. We've had so much cancelled this year so far. It is amazing. We've been lucky in my community, only 3 people have tested positive for COVID, and they have all recovered. The adjacent county had two more and they have also recovered.
  8. Our next cruise is over the holidays on Celebrity Constellation out of Tampa. I’m praying it happens. I will need it
  9. My guess is they will see how the situation is after July 1 or so. The ships will be down to 200 or so crew. There will be plenty of people who will join a ship if the ships are allowed to sail, and if the flights are allowed to go. All the people who had contracts end early, all the people who were expecting to join ships in April, May, June and are out of work - they will be looking to get back to the ships and earn a living. As for ships being all over - that should not be an issue since they can't exactly start up on a dime. They will need a solid 2 weeks of planning to get the people and resources where they need to be, and that will allow them to move the ships as well.
  10. Sadly, you can’t even experience the MDR for lunch on port days as it is closed. If you don’t wish to visit the Oceanview for lunch, we recommend the Mast Grill for a burger or simply call room service.
  11. Celebrity has already chartered a number of planes to get crew members home. They combined crew from a couple of ships at a time to do so. They are trying to send more crew home, but many of them still on board don’t want to go. They have said that health care at home is lacking, and they feel safer on board, according to a friend on board. Many are no longer receiving pay, but they are staying in guest cabins, have 3 squares a day and health care available on board. I’ve noticed that all 6 Celebrity ships are co-located lately, and a number of Royal ships are nearby. My guess is they will have more chartered planes hear out before too long. They can use a lifeboat to tender between ships with crew from the same country to get groups together.
  12. Greetings from mid-Missouri! Lovely Missouri was one of the last states to issue a stay-at-home order state-wide, although many of the individual cities and counties have done so. I live about 100 miles SW of St. Louis, in a rural community. Our town has about 20,000 people in it. We have a regional hospital, the only one for 45+ miles in any direction. Officially, the hospital says they have no one in-patient who has been diagnosed. There are a handful of confirmed cases in the region, that includes surrounding counties. Unofficially, I am positive it is here. Virtually no one qualifies to be tested under the strict guidelines. For example, I disembarked from Celebrity Reflection on Feb 21. Spent the day around Ft. Lauderdale, including a lovely 2+ hour wait at the airport there, which was quite busy. On March 2 I spiked a fever and felt flu-like. Went to local Dr. Was tested for influenza and that was negative, but I had 102 temp. To be tested in MO at that point you had to have visited Asia or been around someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19. I was back in the Dr a couple of weeks later, still with symptoms and was tested for strep, again negative. Still don't qualify for a COVID-19 test. I've fought this thing off and on since. I will feel like I'm better, then experience that deep exhaustion. I am asthmatic, have two different auto-immune diseases, and have definitely had SOMETHING. Luckily, in spite of my health concerns (which are generally well controlled), I seem to be beating whatever the heck I've had. I want an antibody test to see if COVID is what I had, but of course I don't qualify for it, and it isn't available in my community anyway. Meanwhile, I work from home every day since August of 2019, so that hasn't changed. The local university sent all the students home in mid-March, so the community lost LOTS of people. The restaurants are offering carry-out and delivery, as are many other stores. Our local Wal-Mart offers online ordering, if you can get a slot, so we do our best to do so once a week. The local Kroger is a small, older store, so no online ordering. One of the studies out suggests that Vitamin D (the hormone your body makes in the sun) may help with this, as will Vitamin C. I'm so glad we got our February cruise in before it all started. Our April, May and June travel has all been canceled. We are waiting to see if a conference in August will cancel or continue, and if the U will open up for August classes. Our next cruise is planned for December, over the holidays out of Tampa. We were looking forward to a refreshed Connie, but at this point, I'll be happy just to be able to sail at all! Take care!
  13. This is what I heard was to happen. There were chartered flights out of Florida last week with crew from a number of ships. I’m sure more of that will be happening.
  14. You had two cruises canceled and should have used the credit to book two new cruises. You got Celebrity to change their policy for you. That is rather disappointing. This is why the millennials say “OK Boomer” when older people complain about the millennials being special snowflakes.
  15. Hi everyone. We are just keeping watch at the moment. I still can't believe all the crazy things people are doing. The supply chain is starting to catch up in some places. The biggest issue will be if they need to stop production due to COVID-19, at least for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, don't forget about the CCI Puppy Cam! They look so sweet in their puppy pile snoozing away! If you are on Facebook, look for a business called The Pooches Palace in Missouri. They posted some great photos yesterday. Some of them included Scooter. We took him to go play for the day, since things at home are currently "wrong" in his world. Dad isn't leaving to go to work, and I'm not going daily errands. I just didn't have enough for him to do to stimulate his brain. I'll work on beefing up his training again after this passes. Since he is actually owned by me, not gotten through an Org, I can make that kind of decision. 🙂
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