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  1. That's because it wasn't true freedom dining. They had four different restaurants each with a fixed menu that changed weekly. They overcomplicated the concept. They still do (real) freedom dining on all their ships. NCL is all freedom dining. I always choose it, no matter what line I'm on, whether I'm travelling solo or with friends. I'm really looking forward to trying out Iona. It'll be interesting to compare her with the Symphony of the Seas on which I had a ball
  2. I'd happily kill a martini or two in there ;p
  3. I never give 'excellent' or 10/10 unless it's merited and it's seldom that that's the case. I'll be honest on the form or not bother. On our cruise in June (on Oriana) we just binned it. If I thought it was a useful exercise rather than a blunt instrument to beat the staff with I might take it more seriously.
  4. AidaNova is still under construction, but her deck plans are online. https://www.cruiseind.com/2017/12/27/aidanova-deck-plans/
  5. We spent 65 nights in F189 earlier this year and it was great. We were woken up a couple of times when we docked on our side of the ship. We had freedom dining, so it was just straight upstairs. Dsembarkation was a breeze. I'd book it again in a heartbeat.
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