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  1. If the Saudis dump it for a quick return it will tank again.
  2. The two segments you describe do not necessarily separate brands as many lines have offerings in both segments. Princess, RCL, X, and HAL often dedicate older ships for destination focused itineraries. Oh, and I was the one mentioning 3rd world job losses. WOW! REALLY?
  3. Well using that logic how many crew members would be out of work, how many families in third world countries would be forced into poverty? In light of your beliefs I'm wondering how cruising ever appealed to you, it's not like the industry business model has changed???
  4. If cruiselines were forced to incorporate in the US and thus be subject US taxes, labor and wage laws; cruising as we know it would not exist. I would expect perhaps a 10 fold increase in fare price??? Which would leave this style of vacation for only the extremely well-heeled. Would demand decrease to the point where you might have one ship a week leaving Miami or Fort Lauderdale? Also realize that by US standards working 12 hour days for 8 months with no days off for a fraction of US minimum wage may be abhorred by many of us, but these jobs are in high demand in these people’s homeland and their families are quite well-off. I’ve talked to a few older cabin stewards who were putting their kids through medical and dental school. Personally, I rather enjoy the current model that allows DW and I to take 2-3 cruises a year to destinations I could once only dream about!
  5. The Carnival Sensation was used to house workers.
  6. Last I knew Grand Cayman was all tenders. The ships do no not dock.
  7. The days will be increasingly shorter.
  8. Great info! I'm guessing the stabilizers create drag, further slowing the ship and thus there may be reluctance to deploy them?
  9. I'm thinking this ship will continue to limp along with adjusted itineraries until drydock time. As for the post stating the captain would not do the Atlantic crossing with the ship in its current state, I find it hard to believe a captain would make such a statement (at least to the public).
  10. $40 per person per day for gratuities, WIFI and premier drink pkg.
  11. Funny thing, on a northbound aboard the Coral some years back we asked our MDR waiter which Alaskan beers were available. He said they had amber and eyepah. I figured it out and enjoyed Alaskan eyepahs each night at dinner.
  12. I helped my BIL/SIL book the Royal, Alaska NB back in October and I advised them of this sale. They gave up $125 each OBC for $25 each OBC. They gained a drink pkg, wifi, and got $728 knocked off their fare (balcony room E425).
  13. I've done a southbound on the NCL Sun, a northbound on the Coral (and HAL Westerdam), and a Seattle RT on Sapphire. All were amazing! What Princess had that others didn't was great on board naturalists. NCL had none and the one on HAL was simply not good at all (I'm no expert, but was better informed than him). The naturalists on Princess held informative discussions, got on the PA when whales, other sea creatures and terrestrials critters were spotted. As for Hubbard Glacier vs Glacier Bay, both are indeed great, but you spend an hour or so at Hubbard Glacier, but you spend a full day in Glacier Bay, and it is as much about the critters you encounter as it is about the multiple glaciers you get up close and personal to. My preference is for Glacier Bay. Skagway over Icy Straight Point (Hoonah), great hiking trails right off the ship and the White Pass & Yukon train is incredible! On two of my visits I rented a car and drove across BC to Yukon Territory, the most incredibly scenic drive I've ever taken; once to Emerald Lake and once all the way to White Horse. I'd also give strong consideration to Emerald Princess. It does not look like Regal goes to Glacier Bay. Some Emerald itineraries do, some do not. But the size of the balconies is a big consideration for me. I'm lanky and cannot sit in a chair on a standard Royal balcony without my knees jammed up in my chest (although I've since discovered some balconies that are larger). But two people on a standard Royal balcony is a joke IMO.
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