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  1. I had bought at $35 and shortly afterwards things tanked. The wife said to load up when it was at $5, but I was more worried about losing my $3500 and wouldn't do it. The dividend now is a earning more for me than anything from a bank.
  2. Ah, the good old days of combinabilty.
  3. Go to the Costco Travel website. That's the cost of an Enterprise rental to Galveston. No, back in 2008 it cost me about $150 for a one way Enterprise Rental from IAH to Galveston. The car back was from the pier, but National has since fled the Island. I think your cheerleading is getting extreme.
  4. Got a reply in my bid to redeem the 50,000 points for $100 OBC. Unfortunately MyVegas is not combinable with your ShareHolders OBC.
  5. I wasn't hating on Galveston. Just want to rent a car at a reasonable price and drop it/pick it up, on the Island, not Texas City. I was on the first cruise by Voyager out of Galveston and had a great time in spite of boarding issues in the terminal.
  6. Speaking of distortion. I saw this in the Gulf Coast Departures which has a lot of threads about the terrible rental car situation in Galveston. f you take this option be careful which location you rent from - ours was Budget in Texas City which turned out to be a $50 cab ride from the pier.
  7. And then I have to pay to get a ride to the cruise terminal on the other side of the bridge. I'm dropping my rental off at Port Everglades with a half mile free ride to the ship. Galveston is set up for drive ins, not independent fly ins.
  8. I would really like to take Royal up on this, but alas it's not offered in my cruise planner.
  9. I prefer to fly in and rent a car and check out the area when I arrive early for a cruise. I'm paying $40 a day for a one way rental car in FLL this February . That's in the high range for Florida. Just checked the rental car rate from IAH to Galveston was $250 and this didn't involve a Sunday.
  10. It would make it easier all around if everybody would drop off their party and baggage at the pier and then drop off the car at the agency. The rental facilities are small and having extra people hanging around and using the shuttles just gums up the works.
  11. So, I'm trying to use the 50,000 points for the $100 OBC. I sent the email to Club Royale with the redemption code. I also sent the email for the $100 shareholder credit and got that back within a day. . I used a TA to book. Will I get it My Vegas OBC?
  12. Just what I was thinking. Florida spoils you, especially rental car wise, but it's like the stone age in Galveston.
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