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  1. @Nillah Thank you very much for the detailed information! ~Nancy
  2. I found the Dive Inn chicken sandwiches to be good too. I always had the burgers and hot dogs before and just tried the chicken sandwiches on my last cruise. ~Nancy
  3. That Indonesian meal looks very good and a nice change of pace for sure! Have a great time at the Game Reserve! I'll be watching for your posts. ~Nancy
  4. @kelliebiz Can you try to post your bird pictures again please? Something weird happened above!! Have you spoken with @richwmn Rich at the evening trivia yet? I've been following his reports for a couple months now! ~Nancy
  5. Very true! I have been known to order bottles of a good Champagne when I have some onboard credit to use even though I have the Elite/Signature Beverage Package. It's a way I pamper myself rather than spending in the shops for example!! 😁 ~Nancy
  6. Hmmmm.....Thank you. I'm not planning on using ATN airlines, however. Probably United from SFO and possibly French Bee Premium Economy coming back if the cost works out. Both are daytime flights which is why I'm looking into using different airlines instead of one round trip. We'll see how it plays out!! 🤷‍♀️ ~Nancy
  7. @jean87510 Thank you so much for all your information! One question, what airline lounge did you go to at PPT? I will be searching for flights in a couple of months and the lounge access you mentioned may be a factor on which airline I use. ~Nancy
  8. @CruiserBruce did your flight take off yet??? It's now 7:50pm!! ~Nancy
  9. HAL carries Coke products, and I haven't seen Dr. Pepper on board. If anyone else has gotten it on board, please let us know! Sorry, @atxlady you may have to go with another drink of choice for this cruise. 🤷‍♀️ Have a wonderful trip! ~Nancy
  10. I'm with @SparklingPinkDaisy! No table sharing at breakfast for me! It's for the other people's benefit as well as mine......😉
  11. It's all about behavior. The dog. The owner.
  12. That's crazy and just not acceptable! No TA that I have ever used has had higher prices and non-refundable deposits!! They always give me at least a bit of OBC, wine, flowers, etc. Are you in the USA? My TA does the work and makes the calls to the cruise lines for me, that's what they get paid a commission for! Good luck in finding a good TA and save yourselves a lot of stress!! ~Nancy
  13. @two-at-sea Welcome to Cruise Critic! The Japan cruises sound wonderful. Have fun! I suggest you join the Roll Call for this cruise. That's where the information about tours should be shared as well as meeting others on your cruise and exchanging information. The Roll Call is here: ~Nancy
  14. I visited the Sunbury Plantation House in Barbados. Sunbury Plantation House - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024) (tripadvisor.com) Bridgetown Barbados cruise port. HAL and other lines stop there. ~Nancy
  15. If people really like the game shows, then I'm glad for them having fun! I don't have to go to any event that doesn't appeal to me. If the entertainment on HAL eventually doesn't offer some of what I enjoy, then I'll just travel elsewhere. For now, I'm happy to see them trying new things and adding more live music options. Next, what I'm hoping for is more quality lectures and enrichment programs! ~Nancy
  16. The OP's quoted article quotes Christopher Prelog saying that the new owners' suites will be aft wraps. "Each ship has 112 suites, featuring full private verandas and infinity windows, ensuring unparalleled views for every guest onboard. Additionally, two new Owner's Suites with wrap-around balconies have been added to the aft of the ship, perfect for evening cocktails or a private dinner." These sure look like beautiful ships! I'm excited about this news and I haven't even sailed on my first Windstar yet!! 384 days to go!! ~Nancy
  17. From reading recent "Live From" posts on Carnival Cruises (and Princess) they are already having these ticketed game shows there. The two lines seem to be getting more similar as time goes on.................. ~Nancy
  18. Here's a couple pictures so people can decide if the less deep veranda on deck 10 is significant for them. Thanks halfacts.com contributors! NA 10034 Veranda from Halfacts.com Nine floor planks deep. NA cabin 7013 Veranda also from Halfacts.com Thirteen floor planks deep.
  19. What??? No Cherry Garcia? I want my money back!! 😁 Glad you told us about this. I love Cherry Garcia and that's the only reason I have ordered that version of Baked Alaska. Next time I'll be sure to ask about this before ordering. Your reporting has done me a great service! 😉 ~Nancy
  20. @cccole would a French Press work for you? ~Nancy
  21. I am looking forward to seeing renderings of the cabins and interior spaces! ~Nancy
  22. Have a great trip @Roland4! I would love to read along with anything you feel inspired to post. On Crystal I have spent the most time on Symphony and like the Starlight Club situated midship! Thank you, ~Nancy
  23. @Ready2go11 I'm enjoying your detailed and balanced reports! Thanks to @FLCruiser97 for adding your experiences as well. I would have ordered the fruit with Sabayon myself, but you are right.... that's no proper Sabayon they gave you! Ackkk, it does look like raw egg yolks!! Reminds me of the time on Rotterdam that I think they tried to make homemade sour cream for the quesadillas. It turned out like curdled milk! 😲 ~Nancy
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