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  1. I believe every shower has some sort of bar. But I've never been on the Sunshine.
  2. Except fuel and fixed costs like paying for the ship.
  3. 1996 on the Holiday. 3 day cruise to Ensenada. I believe it cost around $400.00 , a lot of money back then. It was a rickety old ship. We were hooked. We were amazed at everything, especially the midnight buffet. 43 cruises since then, and a lot has changed, but I still remember it.
  4. I can see the public health officials holding their breath every time a new ship comes into port. Those Island nations do not have the infrastructure to handle a large outbreak.
  5. Well at least we don't have to wonder which ports we will miss .
  6. My remarks referred to the French Quarter. which is safe.
  7. NOLA, not even a contest. A great city. The entire French Quarter is walkable. Not dirty, not unsafe as congested as any big city. Friendly and hospitable people. WWII museum is a must see. Food is beyond compare. Every bite a party in your mouth. Can't wait to visit again.
  8. I understand that a lot of people dont like Jamaica. The vendors are pushy and it makes people uncomfortable. But once you get past that, it has a lot to offer. The worst port for me is NCL private resort in Belize. It is straight out of Disney with Disney prices. Nothing authentic about it. But a lot of people love it. It's okay that different people like different things. Grandpa said if everybody liked the same thing, everyone would be after grandma.
  9. Ocho Rios, hands down. The culture, the music, the people, the forest, the mountains, the food, the vibe, yeah mon!
  10. If they were running a hundred miles an hour and doing great, how come they are so broke? Poor management? Over spending? Both?
  11. I have no idea how they are going to enforce social distancing on a cruise ship even if the ship is only 50% full. The entire cruise experience is the complete antithesis of social distancing. I think I will just wait it out until the curve hits zero. I know that will be a long time but believe it or not there are a lot more vacations than cruising.
  12. The future groom of a bachelor party group wore a ball and chain the entire cruise. Also a large table of drag queens on formal night. Pretty campy.
  13. This is an interesting article. The disturbing part is that allegedly some of the crew members state they the cruise line have told them that they are not considered employees anymore and therefore not getting paid. How much lower can they go? What's next? Charging them for their room and board? https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33338/satellite-images-show-armadas-of-vacant-cruise-ships-huddling-together-out-at-sea
  14. Only you can be the judge of crazy. Would I do it? No way
  15. Tasmania is Australia. But not according to Australians, lol.
  16. The Staten Island Ferry is a wonderful cruise experience. I took my first cruise on it. Great views of Manhattan Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was $.50 then, but now it is free. You can bring your own wine onboard without any corkage fee. Also it is the only cruise ship still sailing and there is no muster drill. They port at two islands. Staten and Manhattan. Bon Voyage.
  17. Or can it be that politicians cannot control their spending? Corporations create jobs, government creates nothing.
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