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  1. Fair enough. The Grand is being held off of SF because people came off the previous cruise with corona and several passengers and crew are now sick. Test kits have been airlifted to the ship. Hopefully not another quarantine situation.
  2. This does not bode well for any cruise stock: https://www.studyfinds.org/survey-two-thirds-of-americans-would-turn-down-free-cruise-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/
  3. If you read my post, I said it was MY experience. No where did I guarantee this would be the op's experience or anyone else's experience.
  4. Here is my experience. Went to Vancouver for an Alaskan cruise. While there I bought a bottle of Cuban rum for a friend. During embarkation I went up to a table that seemed to be confiscating booze. I explained my situation. They took my bottle but seemed to be confused. No one could give me a straight answer. While on board I went to the pursers desk and asked about what would happen. They said I would get it on the last night of cruising. It was delivered to my stateroom on the last night. Hope this helps.
  5. I dont think ship quarantines will happen again since the last one was so incredibly ineffective.
  6. The Corona virus is going to have a devastating effect on the cruise industry. Between the fear of being quarantined on a ship forever and being turned away from ports, people will seek other types of vacations or just stay home. People are already canceling their vacations, if you believe what you read on the boards.
  7. I doubt anyone will be quarantined on board a ship anymore. That was a disaster that just increased everyone's chance of getting infected. It had the opposite of its intended effect. I think in the future ships will just be refused docking.
  8. In my very unlearned opinion, if another disasterous quarantine situation happens, like the Diamond Princess, the bottom is going to fall out of the cruise industry. People are already looking to cancel their cruises left and right. And the pandemic is not even close to peaking. The travel industry is already making all kinds of concessions to accommodate travelers. All that costs money. No one can even begin to guess how this will all shake out. But IMHO. the worst is yet to come.
  9. I am sure that they will try to accommodate you any way you want if they have the ingredients
  10. The Teppanyaki was terrific. The chef was funnier than the comedian. Had a blast.
  11. We are sailing the Seaview in December. While not new to cruising (44 cruises) we are new to MSC. I would like some input from MSC cruisers. Is there anytime dining ? How is the overall dining/ food quality in the MDR? How much is the specialty dining? How is the entertainment, say compared to Princess or NCL? Is there a fridge in the balcony rooms? And anything else that you think I need to know. Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. We tried Moderno on the Getaway in December. It was terrific. The beef was very tender and the sausage was outstanding. The rest of the meats were good too. To each his/her own. The specialty restaurant we did not care for was the italian one, whose name escapes me now.
  13. We were on the Getaway for the December 13th sailing. We loved the food in the main dining room, the specialty dining and the buffet. Go figure
  14. Nice that you accuse Princess cruiser of being stupid and racist.
  15. We did the nine-day version of this Cruise in December. It was terrific. We loved all the food in the main dining room and in the specialty dining rooms. The Teppan Grill was especially entertaining. One thing I will say is that we hated Harvest Caye. If you like Disneyland you will love Harvest Caye. If you like Disneyland prices you will love Harvest Caye. I know Norwegian has no control over the prices there but $8.75 is ridiculous for a local beer.
  16. It takes a specialized mask to stop a virus. The kind you see most people wear is worthless. Also as discussed a million times, hand sanitizer does not kill viruses, just bacteria.
  17. Just tell the cabbie and he will know where to go. The luggage is collected across the street from the ship. Drop off luggage then walk to the embarkation building. Easy.
  18. Some people are adventurous, some people seek the safety of what they know.
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