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  1. The Pistachio Dome dessert on Princess is sublime.
  2. I think this pandemic Will Go On in some form or another until at least the end of the year. there will be Pockets popping up all over the country. How soon the public en masse will feel safe getting on a cruise ship is another story. But I think it will be a long while, considering how notorious ships are for spreading the disease.
  3. Toilet paper, $4.00 per roll + 20% gratuity, for your convenience.
  4. This! They won't be able to give them away. People will not be running to buy a ticket for such a close contact vacation.
  5. Ain't nobody cruisin in April
  6. The Holiday in 1996. What a rust bucket compared to today's cruise ships. But we loved it.
  7. Enjoy. Coffee ☕ for me mate.
  8. I long for the days of tipping threads
  9. Ain't nothing free in this world
  10. Generally in a bankruptcy you would be considered a creditor. The point to a bankruptcy is get rid of creditors. Now if the honor you cruise credit it would be out of the kindness of their heart.
  11. Had them at the Acme Oyster House. They were so good I started to cry. They changed my life.
  12. The Staten island ferry is still cruising. And its free.
  13. The Greatest Generation was asked to stop their lives, pick up a gun, and go fight in a foreign land without knowing when it would be over and if they would come back. I don't think asking us to sit at home with cable TV and the internet, for a few weeks is too much.
  14. That is the point. Self quarantine at home! Use the supplies they told you to buy weeks ago. Watch Netflix. If you have to go to the grocery store, go at night, wipe the cart handle with a Clorox wipe, get in and get out.
  15. According to an article by an actuary, this pandemic is not going to peak until June. Then it will take a while to wind down. I think April is optimistic.
  16. Desperate. They need cash flow to stay afloat. Those cruises might not even sail. They were caught lying to sell cruises.
  17. Because the UK has few cases of Corona. Anyone trying to board in the UK, with a passport from a country on the list, will not be allowed to board.
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