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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! The wedding picture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. Sorry the turtles were hiding on you in Curaçao. We got lucky when we were there and had plenty of them to swim with. I loved it! 🐢😃 We may have been at a different location than you were at though.
  2. Loved the pics from Santorini. With the lines for the cable car being as long as it was, you might have had plenty of time to have dinner and still catch the end of the long line waiting to get back to the ship! 😱. No, we wouldn’t have done that either! Smart move making sure you got back on time. 😀🛳
  3. @RCCL Fan, thank you for the great video of our cabin this coming April! I’m really looking forward to sailing in it! I’ll be following along to see how the rest of your journey goes. We sail on Harmony in September so I’m not very focused on Odyssey yet, but I’m wondering about how we will feel about how she compares to the Oasis class ships we love so much. I do know that I’ll love that balcony being aft facing with no superstructure but where are the lounger(s) and regular height tables that I’m used to having on my JS balconies? I’m sure I’ll enjoy spending a lot of time out there regardless of the furniture.
  4. Thanks for the info. It’s too soon for us to have our cruise docs for our September yet. Also wondering if we can prepay grants for our April cruise. I’ll be following to see how it goes.
  5. Wow! That was quite the situation with the gangways all crashing! Glad they were able to get everything all sorted out! I loved your shark pic from Coco Cay! I was hoping to see one the last couple of times we were there. Unfortunately for me, the sharks had other ideas. I’ll try again in September! 🦈 When you get to WDW be sure you stay hydrated and take breaks from the parks to go rest in air conditioning or perhaps hit the pool to cool off. We live in central Florida and have Disney AP’s, so we’re in Animal Kingdom on Thursday. We planned our day to spend a lot of our time indoors in air conditioned attractions timed our dinner break to get us out of the heat in the middle of our planned time in the park. Our strategy served us well as we were able to enjoy our day with no ill effects. Oh, don’t forget the sunscreen and breathable clothing!
  6. Our first cruise was on Disney Dream out of Port Canaveral in 2011. It was a three day cruise because we weren’t sure if we would like cruising. We thought we might be bored! 🤣🤪 Needless to say we were far from bored and fell in love with cruising and have been cruising whenever we can ever since. 🛳
  7. Another vote for more suite pictures please! Looking forward to following along with you on Indy. We were on her in December and had a great cruise. Hope you do, too!
  8. Yes, you definitely can get a soda in a regular glass at any bar or at dinner with your soda package. You just won’t have the wide variety of soft drinks to select from that you would if you take your cup to the freestyle machine.
  9. We love the whole show and the talented singers, dancers and actors who perform it. Didn’t like when they shortened it.
  10. Thanks for the info. We’re going fairly new diamonds, so this is all new to us. I knew about using one free day, then using the discount on the second day, but not that it could be cheaper buying online before our cruise. We did use our two free days on a three day cruise on Indy last year which worked out great, but that wouldn’t be the case on a longer sailing. I already have a great price on our upcoming Harmony cruise purchased last year on Black Friday. I was wondering if I should cancel that to use the Diamond discount. Not going to do that now. I was already planning to shop this year’s Black Friday sale so I’ll do that and do a price comparison before I buy. We can always use our free days on a second device.
  11. Thank you very much for this wonderful review and pictures! I’ve loved traveling virtually along with you. Hope you heal from your remaining injuries, and that your trip insurance comes through and covers your trip delay related expenses. I appreciate your taking the time to share your vacation with us.
  12. Thanks for a great review of the first leg of your B2B, @luckybecky! I’m really enjoying following along with you. You’ve already had a lot of adventures along with a few misadventures and you still have another leg to go. I hope your injuries from your fall were truly minor and that you were fully able to enjoy the second one. I am disappointed that medical wasn’t very helpful when you stopped by there. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had very little experience with medical on our cruises, but the little experience we’ve had has been totally opposite of yours. Anyway, I’ll keep following along to find out how the rest of your trip went.
  13. Benny, is your Greece cruise on a cruise line other than RCCL? If so, would you please post a link in this thread so we can find you. Also so I don’t forget to look 😱 I’d like to do a Greece/Med cruise at some point. For now it will have to be virtual. I’ll take what I can get.
  14. I loved your trip report! I’m already excited about our own upcoming Harmony cruise, but reading your report has knifed my excitement into overdrive. 😎🛳 After seeing your Flowrider pictures and videos, I think I know what will be on the Christmas lists of at least a few of your family members. Their very own Flowrider boards! 😎
  15. Since we’re in a JS on Harmony on our next cruise I guess I won’t bother bringing my Firestick. We don’t spend much time in the room watching TV anyway, but it sure would be nice to have a better selection of channels to watch when we do.
  16. I think you’re right about that for sure. I’m going to leave us in MTD for now. I can always adjust our dining times later if I want based on what the show schedule looks like once we’re on board. We tried MTD a few times before the pandemic and weren’t happy with the waits to get in so we switched to traditional late with no problem at all. Either way, we’ll be on a cruise ship 🛳 and as you’ve clearly shown us, we’ll have no problem finding something good to eat somewhere! 😋🤣
  17. That is scary to hear. I have some food allergies and let’s just say that my cruise would be pretty much ruined if I were given the wrong information and ended up eating something I shouldn’t be eating! Fortunately, I have always had excellent experiences with the dining staff. We’re normally traditional late diners, but moved to MTD when cruising resumed after the shutdown. We like to go to an earlier show, then dinner. With the low capacity on the ships, there weren’t many shows scheduled in the earlier time slots. While I’m a night owl, DH definitely is not. A late dinner and even later show doesn’t work well for him. MTD was a good solution to our scheduling needs. With everything I’m hearing now,, though, I’m wondering if we should move back to traditional late dining. 🤔
  18. I knew right from the start that the low capacity wouldn’t last. We were glad to get two cruises in before it started to go ! Waldo will be safe from being found in September - at least from me! We’ll be on Harmony the week before you board Symphony. 😀 We like CATS! Enjoyed your pictures from the show, also the AquaTheater show.
  19. @BennyBrun, when will you be at Coco Cay in September? I’m sure you must have mentioned it at some point. I can’t seem to keep track of all of your cruises. I’m just wondering if I’ll have a chance to find Waldo. 🤩 While I’m looking forward to being back on a ship again, you can count me among those who are not looking forward to the larger crowds. I’m very spoiled after being on Allure with only about 2200 pax on board. While that low capacity was wonderful while it lasted, it certainly doesn’t make for a sustainable business model. I’m sure we’ll still have a great cruise! 🛳
  20. Loved your walking tour of Nassau, Benny! That’s one way to get your exercise in without getting too far from the snacks! 😆🤣😋
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