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3-26-20 Thursday Weigh-In.....I'm HOME!

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I'm Fine, Thank you for your concerns, I was on the Grand as you thought. I hope everyone here

are doing well. No sickness in the family.


I decided to go on a b2b cruise to Mexico and Hawaii. 25 days total Thought it was a good idea

as Hawaii was a mover over, had a balcony and and it was FREE.

I came home Tuesday on the 44th day of being gone.


The cruise was fun till the 2nd of March. My son e-mailed me that someone on the Mexico cruise came

home and got the virus. So I stayed in my cabin an extra day then the other Mexican cruisers and then 

the rest of ship had to stay inside. (the ones who had less time in cabins complained the most)

So instead of getting off on the 7th..I got off the 10th. Some got off on the 9th, 11th or 12th.

The Californians we went to Travis Air Force Base, not far from Diana. You had to count your 14 days from when you 

left the ship. When we got to Travis a wire fence around it and everyone wearing masks..felt like we were in prison.

In a way we were. Couldn't leave.


So 8th days on Princess and 14 days at Travis stuck in your room. Remember I'm solo so no one to talk to

but then know one to fight with. Thank goodness had a balcony on Princess could get air and see the sea.

Travis had a window.

  Everyone tried their best on Princess and at Travis but not the same.


At both places no one can come in your room, no housekeeping. Princess food on a tray placed at your door,

you bring in and out even thro had masks and gloves. At Travis they hand it to you because all decked out in covers and mask and gloves.

At Princess while at Oakland food brought in, not good.  At Travis so so food brought in to. You better have liked Turkey or Chicken.

Got chips, cookie and soda, water everyday. Didn't gain on cruise, pretty sure but sure I gained at Travis because I

ate the three meals which I don't at home and most of it was carbs but they did have plain salads everyday. You ate

because that was the only thing to do. Didn't like the time they gave breakfast, not a morning person, came 7-7:30 am!

 Not setting a alarm, they got me in a nightgown and robe every morning, told them this is what you get (lol) especially the times

were always different with food and taking the temps . They weren't at the door long plus never see the again.

Lady across the hall was jealous didn't have a robe and had to get dressed. Most times woke me up and just got my robe and mask.


Had my temp taken twice a day, always good. Took the test, came back Negative. We had to wear a mask every time we opened

the door.  I've had three weeks will still take two to three weeks to stay home and then see what's going on.  My daughter bought

me food and things before I came home. If I have to go out I have a mask.


One thing, know people are complaining and others wondering why they did this or that.


1..Why did you cruise..When we started this cruise all this was going on in other parts of the world, not here.

For both the Mexican and Hawaii when people got on.

2. Person that got sick (was found out later in was sick on cruise and should of gone to doc) He must of not

gone to doc at home for awhile,he got off the 21st and was reported March 2nd.

3.When Captain found out was after on TV, was upset. He always got the news late. He had to follow the rules

set my CDC, the Sate and Fed. Gov.  Even how we got off the ship by color tags. Each day he got a little more upset.

He couldn't get answers to questions either.

He's a nice man, friendly, happy but this was trying.

3.Of course none of us liked what we had to do but it was what it was. Just go with the flow. Did everything go

as they said no, could of had more information on Princess and even more at Travis but nothing is perfect.

So I'm sure you've heard stories...don't believe them all. I was there and some of the things they say.......Didn't happen

or wasn't like said.  Some people are going to sue.  Princess is giving money back and credit to each person, paid for all transportation.

Do you think Princess like that this happens...Doing the best they can. They didn't cause the Virus!  This is sorry to say all over

the world.  We had different teams helping at Travis that train for things like this. Their come from all over the USA.. Now they have

to go home and deal with this in their own states.  Bless them.


So that's how I enjoy most of my cruise.  I like you had other cruises planned that were canceled, Was going to Alaska with my daughter.

Sorry for all of you that had your up coming cruises canceled. Know some were happening soon.   We just have to get this VIRUS GONE and get on

with our lives. Hope it can happen soon but not likely. The ones working in here are you off work or working from home?  Stay safe.

I worry about my daughter every day, she's a manager in a big supermarket. Their open so people can get food so she's deals with people

everyday. Wish she could just stay in the office each day...doesn't happen.


So no poem today, just wanted to tell you what was going on since you all were nice wondering if I was on the ship, sick or broken computer.

Now you know. Thanks for caring.


I hope you all have a loss or stay the same, no gains but know it can happen because this is a new way of life for awhile. At home everyday with family and

worrying about other family members who have to work or worrying about your job or spouse's job.  We're here ...so come any time to vent . we're here for everyone.

This time is a first for everyone and scary for all.








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Belle - I was overjoyed to see your post this morning ... glad you are ok.  You really had the adventure, hopefully one that I don't ever get to experience.  So nice to see you back !!!


I gained 1# ... I have found ice cream ... it is my friend.  We have been walking about 1 1/2 miles per day ... but the dog is a slow walking and we stop to "smell the roses" a lot.  I've had the opportunity to spend some time with DH so it ha been nice ... only talking to my kids over the computer ... I miss hugging people!


Belle, next week we will all hold you to posting a poem ... so glad you posted!!!    Hugs, Jan 

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Belle, so glad you are ok. We were all so worried about you. What an ordeal. 

Glad you're back and healthy.


I'll add to the gain list. I gained 1 lb. Tough without the gym to go to but doing what I can with exercise at home. Hopefully I can at least maintain going forward.


Stay safe and healthy to everyone,



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Hi all!


Belle ~ so glad you're back & posted. I was really concerned having heard 2 people from the Grand have passed away! Thanks for the detailed explanation. What an experience you had!!


Well for some reason, I don't know why, but I'm down 1.2 lbs even though chocolate & chips were involved.


Take care & stay safe people. I went to Town for groceries yesterday & it's like a ghost town.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Welcome back Belle! Glad to hear you are okay! What an adventure you had!! Wow, thanks for sharing your story.


Jan and Diana - sorry to hear about your gains. 


Jo - Congrats on your loss!


Somehow, I'm also down again for the second week - this time .6. No clue how as I've literally been eating everything in sight and baking...with the whole clan at home, and bored, they keep requesting treats like Cinnamon Buns and fresh bread. I wasn't even going to weigh myself this morning, dreading the worst but got a pleasant surprise. I even had to weigh three times to make sure the scale wasn't messed up. 


And for the first time in about 11 years, I have no vacation/cruise to look forward to. My upcoming cruise on April 25th was cancelled by RCI this week. 😞


Stay safe everyone!! 

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3 hours ago, Jan_In_Maine said:

Belle - I was overjoyed to see your post this morning ... glad you are ok.  You really had the adventure, hopefully one that I don't ever get to experience.  So nice to see you back !!!


I gained 1# ... I have found ice cream ... it is my friend.  We have been walking about 1 1/2 miles per day ... but the dog is a slow walking and we stop to "smell the roses" a lot.  I've had the opportunity to spend some time with DH so it ha been nice ... only talking to my kids over the computer ... I miss hugging people!


Belle, next week we will all hold you to posting a poem ... so glad you posted!!!    Hugs, Jan 


Jan, your part about ice cream made me 😄 Us huggers are definitely struggling right now 😞 


Belle, thank you so much for checking in ❤️ It is a blessing to know you are ok.


I only had a slight loss this week at .4# but I'll take it - especially after the driving over the weekend and less than stellar nutrition.  DH is working from home so I'm eating a little better during the week since I'm fixing my salad with his closer to lunch time when before I would make it for him to take in the morning and not get around to making my own later.


A friend got me doing Beach Body videos and that's helping feel like I'm keeping in shape.  Weather should be good today so I'll try to get some raking done too.

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Belle, what a relief to hear from you.   We were all so worried.   Sounds like you had quite an ordeal, but you have a great attitude about it.


I stayed the same.  Some stress eating.  My DH still goes out to work.  Even though NY has a shelter in place order, he works for a company that supports the government, so they are considered essential.  His company put everyone on a schedule so they bring in half the company on alternate days.  The other days he can work from home.  Things are pretty bad here in NY right now.  We are just praying that this virus passes us by.  My son is a detective for the NYPD, so I am scared for him all the time.


Everyone stay well.


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Thank you for the welcome backs.  Glad to be home just wish I was coming back to

a normal life like when I left in Feb.  Our world is turning upside down.  Will it be normal again?

(well as normal as it was )


Sorry to say I have a gain, 2 1/2 lbs.  Didn't gain on cruise but sure I did at Travis and at home

these last few days.  Haven't been good..can you say Ice Cream?  Plus stress and some depression?


So nice to see your names in here and no one is sick but dealing with the virus and staying home.

So sorry we have to worry about our children, spouses and family members at this trying/unknown times.


Jan...Yes it was an adventure you don't want. Staying at home is bad enough. Sorry you gained, 

I see Ice Cream got you too. WE just have to maintain during this time.


Diana...Sorry you gained too. This life for awhile is going to be tough. But knowing you, know you'll



Jo...Don't question it, take the loss.  I was lucky  I stayed healthy with being on the 2 cruises. Sorry

for the families who lost someone.


Robin... You to just take the loss. I know not having a cruise to look forward is sad.


pacruiser...An other loss.  Sounds like having DH home and exercising is doing you good.


Rose...Sorry NYC is having such a bad time and you have to worry for DH and your son everyday.

Sending prayers your way.


Cruises42...Thank you


I'm sending prayers for all of you to stay well, stay in your house if you can.  Wish I could make it

that we could stop having to worry about members of our families that have to go to work and

deal with people. My daughter is on my mind all the time, my son too but he's able to stay at his home.

I am happy I was able to take the test at Travis because I was on the ship.  So hard for people to

get the test. To me this won't end till everyone can have the test and get the ones who are positive

and don't know it and passing it around. They need to stay home for the two weeks.


With all this going on, hope your enjoying time at home with family that you have living with you.

Hope there's some joy and happiness. (what helps is only listen to news maybe twice a day, not all day)

Tell myself this gives me time to clean the house, clean out drawers, ect.:classic_tongue:

  Have I started? NO..Will I? Who knows!  :classic_laugh:


Ok wishing everyone has a good weekend and week and we either stay the same. lose but no gains.

next Thursday.  Missed you all, glad I'm back with you. 



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Belle, a friend posted recently about house cleaning: always figured they didn't because they didn't have the time - turns out that wasn't the reason 😉 


I'm finding even being at home most days (still go out for groceries) that time goes really fast.  I am getting lots of yard clean up done on good weather days, but the house hasn't had too much progress yet.  Hoping to tackle our office area this weekend.

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Yes Pa had an excuse..wasn't home to clean.  Not what stops me is me! But did some laundry today.

Going thru the mail, daughter did pay bills while I was gone.


Still in a "little funk"..with being gone so long and coming home not being able to see "kids" and hug.


Got on scale and it said I lost the weight I gained but don;t think it's right. Haven't been eating right, think

it's because not drinking enough.


How are you all doing? Raining here which doesn't help the mood.


Ones that that have a spouse at home does this time at home bring you closer or is it causing tensions

between you.


Know some of you live alone like me. Do you think it makes it harder not having

someone with you?  Or easier because only have to deal with yourself?


I hope everyone is staying home and are in Good Health.


Please EVERYONE come in and write and let us know how your doing.

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Belle, I too am going through a blah time ... I miss my kids ... its not the same when there is no face to face and I miss hugging them.  I've had moments of really feeling sorry for my self and I cry (then I pick myself up again and get on with my day).  


I'm not sure if it is better or not when DH is home.  He was home for 3 days and it seemed that he sat in front of the tv and watched shows.  (I sat in front of the computer).  Then he had to go to work for about 3-4 days (he used to be a builder and now takes care of some of the apartments/commercial buildings) .. people always have emergencies - no heat, no power etc.  Not sure if it is easier when he is around or if it is easier when he is gone.  Love him dearly ... but we are finding that we have to have a new normal ... for the last few days we have been playing cribbage and talking ... then going for a walk with the dog in the afternoon ... That is wonderful!!!   Jan

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Hi Jan.  Glad your enjoying time with your husband but yet have some time off from

each other, think that is the best for a loving couple at a hard time like this. (really anytime)


It's hard being alone and only talking on the phone. I'm not going out at all even with being

tested negative, I still can get it but we're also to stay in place for 3 weeks in our town. think might

go longer.  Don't need to food shop, my daughter doing it for me since she  manages a market.

Worried about her all the time. They have a little more safety things in place now which helps a little.


End of week suppose to be warmer might go for a walk or sit in back yard,, love to take a short ride with windows

down but should stay off the roads. Like to see how my town is doing since I was gone so long.

What's open what's not, things like that.  I hope that no business's will have to close for good.


How are you all doing?  Check in here please.  Need to know how your doing.  I think you all can.

I couldn't most of the time expect on some of the cruise and I was busy having fun and after that no access.

Come in even if you just want to vent.

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I'm doing ok here, yesterday was a little rough with rainy, gloomy weather.


I've been trying to stay active and doing yard work on days that weather cooperates.  We spent too much time watching tv over the weekend which I think contributes to the depression cycle.  I did get some reorganizing done yesterday including rearranging the living room.  The curtains were really dusty 😳so I got them washed and there is so much more light now with just the shears that I think I will leave the curtains off.


DS started online high school classes today and is doing well staying focused.  I have "homework" today too - sending postcards to my 2 year old group from church.


I don't really notice much of a difference for DH and I, maybe a little closer.  The bigger adjustment for me is having the adult child home from college and trying to balance treating her like an adult while still being a parent.


Hope everyone else is well and checks in too.


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Checking in...….


Things are going ok for us. I think what's hard for us most is not having the gym to go to. Hubby has a permanent limp so walking a lot is not high on his list. He really likes using the weights machines.


We could go for a short walk but our neighborhood is not conducive to that. We have no sidewalks so you are walking in the street. And cars use our development as a shortcut from one busy road to the other. Cars barreling through regularly. It's too dangerous.


Also, not being able to sit in a restaurant to eat. We have to drive at least 10 minutes to a decent restaurant for takeout and well, by the time you home the food is cold. Microwave it and it's overcooked. 


We are both retired so around each other 24/7 anyway. No difference there. 


That's how our life is going.


Everyone stay healthy.







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pa and Diana glad you are both doing pretty well during this trying time.


pa...Nice you got some work done I haven't even started yet but did some laundry.

Glad your DS is doing with online school  In know it's hard to treat our "kids" as adults

because they always will be our "babies"!


Diana..Sorry husband and you can't go to the gym and do what you like.  I have sidewalks but

haven't been walking. Our weather hasn't been the best.  Haven't done take-out yet.


All others..Hope your doing well..come in.  Hope no one is sick.

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Good Morning.  Rise and Shine........A question for you?

Being at home 24/7 are you getting up at your regular time or sleeping late or

maybe getting up earlier than normal?


I'm mostly sleeping later (don't have to get up and take care of anyone) plus I stay

up late.  If I do wake up early I stay in bed awhile watching TV.  At this time have no schedule.

But it's fine because it's just me.


Do you that have a spouse\kids at home still stick to the same schedule as before? Let the kids

sleep later?  Fix breakfast for your husband when you didn't before?  Or do you tell the adults in the

family..your on your own? 


Everyone stay safe..stay at home! (if you can, know work and buying food is important for you) 

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I'm splurging and have the alarm set for 6 instead of 5:45 🤣


DH works from home now, so we still need to get up, but without the commute we can be a little more relaxed.  I'm letting the kids sleep until 7:30, but trying to have them keep a bit of a schedule.  I've always fixed breakfast for DH and I and let the kids do theirs, except on Sunday I will do a bigger breakfast for all of us.


Weather didn't cooperate yesterday, but looks a little better today to get outside.  I did get through a lot of papers though - and even started a puzzle as a reward 🙂 


Is anyone trying a new hobby/skill or returning to something they haven't done in a while?

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I'm always up early, 6am usually. Hubby sleeps in. I take that time to do something healthy for myself like ride my exercise bike. I have a tablet that I stream shows on so it makes the time pass or I play brain games. 


Today/yesterday the weather was decent out so I weeded the front and backyards between the two days. That's always a good workout. 


Did I mention 2 weeks ago I planted our Spring/Summer garden? It gave my spirits a boost. I planted lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, melons, squash. Some are growing already. Nice to see that. 


I think it's good to maintain some kind of schedule. 


Pacruise, hmmm, hobbies. Nope. I am trying to organize some things that I had been putting off. 


Have good day and stay healthy.









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Good to see you two wish more would come each day and talk.


It's good you both still have a schedule. I had one more or less but being alone

wasn't as important.  Would like to get back to it but I think being on the ship

at at Travis it really put me off my schedule here.  Getting up there at 7 am

everyday (not happening here) what was worse was getting up that early and

then staying in the room all day and having nothing to do all day.


Rose want to hear from you, your living in NY and your family has to go out.

Hope your all well.


Really want to hear from all of you...it's dangerous out there. Want to know your alright.

I know we're all smart in here and doing what we should.  Even doing things right.. illness

still can happen especially when others are being stupid and putting their lives and ours

in danger.


Take care :classic_love:



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Belle ... when you were gone it was difficult as none of us knew what was actually going on with you ... we haven't met in person, but (and I'm talking for others) you are a friend and we care.  My kids tell me that I am a mama bear and I want to make sure that everyone is ok ....


Diana what type of squash did you plant.  I wait until the last full moon in May before I plant .... It is early this year, so I will be planting around the middle of the month.  I'm hoping to do container gardening .... small tomatoes, cucumbers, and perhaps some summer squash.  


I have washed all the cabinets in the kitchen and really plan on spring cleaning the room ......but, seem to be doing more thinking than doing.  


Take care everyone.  Jan


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Hi Jan,


Usually we plant zucchini. It is so versatile. Once summer is here I love it on the grill. Roasted is also good and in stir fry too. It grows like weeds here. 


We don't plant cucumber anymore. I love them but it is too hot where we live and they get too bitter. 





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Hi, all.  We are doing well.  NY state is getting hammered, but we have been trying to stay at home as much as we can.   My daughter and son-in-law are teachers so they are home and my older daughter is a government employee, but non-essential so she is home too.  My DH was told to work from home full time for now.  The one who is out there all the time is my son, he is a NYPD detective so obviously considered an essential worker.  We have many cops who are ill so it is very scary for me.  


My schedule is way off.  I sleep until I wake up.  No alarm for me these days.  The days seem very long sometimes, but I am trying to get some projects done.  I love to read and do puzzles, so I have that to do when I am bored.


Belle, I hope that your daughter is doing well.  I know that she still has to go out to work.


Stay well, everyone.


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Jan..Guess I'm a Mamma Bear in here. I want you ALL to come in everyday so can see

your all alright. Crazy world out there.  We're missing many people that use to come in..

want to know that their alright too.  Come back everyone.


Diana and Jan nice you still plant gardens.  We use too. You both will have fresh veggies.


Rose glad that most of your family gets to stay home. Will pray your son stays safe. Thank him

for his service to NY at this time.


Was strange my daughter dropped by a few food items for me and we had to talk from one end of the garage

to the other.  She doesn't want to come in and touch things just in case.  Next time the front porch. I have

a long one.  Couldn't hug which we always do.


Again everyone take care:classic_love:

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Praying for all of you and your families.


Diana, I've also used zucchini in sweet as well as savory.  My mom had a zucchini cake recipe that I finally found a few years ago ❤️ and also a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I'll try to post them in this thread or tomorrow's.  


Rose, has your son found that crime has decreased during this time or is that still the same 😞 ?  I would hope he has at least some relief from a less busy case load if everyone is staying home.


Belle, not being able to hug (you come across as a hugger like me) has been difficult.  It seems like such a small thing, but we really do crave physical touch.  I saw someone post in another thread that handshaking will be a thing of the past even once this is done - I hope not.


My weekly Bible study small group is going to try Zoom today (we've just been doing the large group video the past few weeks).  I've never used it before and hoping it goes well.  Miss seeing those ladies too.  It's an interesting group: we are all ladies, but different stages in life and even different church backgrounds.  My understanding is groups all across the world are studying the same thing at the same time.  If anyone is interested in joining, the group is Bible Study Fellowship (mybsf.org).  We are studying Acts and some of the letters through early May, then will start Genesis in September.


I know we are likely all different faiths here too (including no faith) but wanted to let you know of the option 🙂 

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