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  1. I LOVE self-service checkouts and found the app for dining very useful.
  2. Generally I agree with much of the sentiment and banter but I do feel that our compulsory voting has helped us not go down the road to ruin like some of the crazy decisions made in other countries in the past decade. I'm thinking of the Brexit debacle and the election of a dubious character in the US of A.
  3. My NAB Platinum Visa Debit card has free travel insurance. It costs $10 a month and you have to spend at least $500 on trips through their card. Unfortunately medical cover cuts out at 76 and you can't cover pre-existing conditions.
  4. Remember when airlines, I think Tiger was the main one, would sell you your ticket for a flight but you then had to buy a seat separately. Of course they couldn't actually make you buy a seat because the plane couldn't have taken off if you were not sitting. Strange days.
  5. Yes, it is nearing the end of a 17 day cruise from Perth to Sydney via Darwin etc. Worryingly, that level 2 was designated on Friday and it doesn't dock until tomorrow so it's likely to get worse.
  6. Reminds me of the old joke about first prize being one day in Noumea and second prize being two days. I rarely go ashore there.
  7. Go to "Personal Information & Documents" then scroll down past "required Information" to "Suggested" Click on "Arrivals" and you should be able to see your choices.
  8. The bottom line is that Australian consumer law (not sure about NZ) says that the price advertised is the price you pay. Bits like GST, gratuities, sales tax etc can't be added later.
  9. My app previously would never let me get to the screen to choose boarding time, everything else was fine, green all the way. I deleted and re-installed it and it now works fine.
  10. I'd delete the app and re-install it. Most of the info will still be there.
  11. yeh and then they wouldn't honour their Ansett staff's redundancy entitlements when they went under.
  12. They actually have an extra "l" so Austravelller. I did notice it when they first posted.
  13. If you barely tickle your nose, I feel that the C for Control line won't show up and the test is invalid.
  14. From memory, I believe the asterisk might refer to a generic warning about the dangers of eating undercooked seafood, perhaps even meats.
  15. My guess would be that to enter the waters of the National Park they had to have had a cleaning within a certain time frame and that this had been overlooked.
  16. No it came out of my account almost instantaneously. (and I had some OBC)
  17. Most cruise lines seem quite happy to have a photo of a self-administered test. Mine wasn't even looked at when i checked in.
  18. I booked with the app recently and had the money deducted, $A28, almost straight away, so it is a bargain. If they charge the higher price and you don't like it, you can cancel and get your money back.
  19. While it may not be technically correct, in essence it is. the ACCC advises that businesses must " Businesses must display a total price that includes taxes, duties and all unavoidable or pre-selected extra fees." The price you pay is the complete and final price. Anything else is optional. Yes this did start back when GST was introduced, to stop the practice of adding "extras" such as GST, taxes, fees. From what I can read of the law, it is unequivocal, the final total at the bottom of the invoice is what you have to pay. All the rest is voluntary. I have had "gratuities" (God I hate that word) put onto my bill and had them removed at the desk with no issue on princess in Japan and NCL in Europe. Gratuities as they are now structured are simply a way of the cruise line paying their staff by covert means. (I also have issues with the number of cruises I see advertised in the U.S. where gratuities are included in the fare as an incentive.. they're going to pay the staff the gratuities themselves? really?) To me the whole issue is smoke and mirrors.
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