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  1. You have great skills. The rocker looks beautiful. What is great about what you do is that you can do clothing. Find a great sale at the store and you can buy the larger size and just fit it.
  2. That was very nice of you to send Princess a E-mail about who you had contact with.
  3. You can also get info here: https://www.discovernewport.org/about-newport/visitor-center/
  4. Sorry to hear that you got so sick. I hope that you keep on getting better and enjoy your next cruise. Did your friend take a covid test after getting home, or on ship?
  5. Nice job. The blouse looks wonderful. I give you a lot of credit because I find that fixing a garment to fix. is harder than sewing from scratch. At least it is harder for me to do.
  6. Very sorry to hear about not have the very basics of a working toilet. And to think that you had to spend your hard earned money for this.
  7. The only draw back for me with that cabin would be, metal rail can't see ocean while sitting. Would it be windy when the ship is on the way? Long walk to most dining areas. How much ship motion would you feel.
  8. Good.. I missed the date. A lot will change by then. And if you want too , you have time to change your cabin.
  9. I see that you state that you are a little nervous. I understand that. Everyone has a different comfort level. After I read post #8 made me more nervous. Post # 8 says 300 on board were using quarantine cabins. There had to be more unreported cases onboard and people who got sick after coming home.. I kept thinking 300 people had to have contact with so many others. Every cruise will be different with the number of people having covid. I am not telling you what to do. But are you going to be able to enjoy your cruise being a little nervous about the quarantine cabins and covid on board? I wish you the best cruise ever. Let us know how it went.
  10. For me, I love the pre-paid tips. Then I can give extra in cash at the end of the cruise to those who did extra for me..
  11. Closed app. Reopened it and it now show 4 doses of the vaccine. So happy!!
  12. I GOT it (I think) I did the plus pass again. It then told me to save into my wallet. But it also said my phone could not support the save. I click it any how. It seems to be saved. I will now close the app and see what happens.
  13. I had a notice to get the Plus pass. I all ready had the other pass. I follow the instructions, put in name, DOB and date of last shot (not booster). Then a page came up showing when when I had the boosters. All the info about my two boosters came up. Then I closed the app, reopened it and the boosters don't show now.
  14. I can only find my first two shots. I entered the two booster yesterday. They showed up then. Closed the app, reopened it and now I don't see the boosters. Any way to find them again?
  15. Help!! I had it in the PLUS pass. But now I can't not retrieve it. It just show my first two shots.
  16. This helped. I went to the Excelsior Pass site on my phone and was able now to get my Excelsior Pass Plus. Now it shows my boosters.
  17. Mine too. But at Joann's with a 40 or 50% off coupon, some might be OK in price. I most times stay below $10 a yard for fabric.
  18. Hi, I do do carry-on. But I use two of them. I could not make it with just one. I do this because I want to unpack as soon as I can and I don't have to worry about lost suit cases. I use to give it to the porter curb side at the pier. But once it almost got taken. The porter stopped it in time. I gave him my luggage and a tip. But I was waiting to see him put it on the pallet. He turned to put one of the case on the pallet, and when his back was turned, a bus driver grabbed my other case and was just about to load in the luggage compartment of the bus. The bus was picking up PAX to take them home. Both me and the porter yelled. The porter got my case then and put it on the pallet. Between that and seeing luggage land in the water, I now carry on my things. These things don't haven too often. But I want to be safe with my suitcases. My trick for packing is I pack non bulky clothing. But I do pack a hoodie and shawls for the AC. I do warm weather cruises most of the time. I also sew lots of my clothing, therefore I choose fabric that fold nice and flat and does not wrinkle. I also do this (2 carry- on) because they are easier for me to lift.
  19. Yes , Joann's has it. %4 different kinds. https://www.joann.com/fabric/apparel-fabric/luxe-fabric/liberty-fabrics/?lazyLoad=true&start=0&sz=30
  20. Beautiful fabric. But too high price for me. https://www.libertylondon.com/us/department/fabric/
  21. I am happy to hear you are sewing. I need to get back into it again. Just too busy now. But I miss it so.
  22. https://www.visit-ketchikan.com/Things-To-Do/Shopping/Fine-Jewelry
  23. WOW, I agree, the service desk should have stepped up. It should have been at least for some of the clothes it should have been same day service.
  24. Happy to hear that you might take a road trip. I still wear a mas while out in stores. What I do is to look at our area positivity rate. Right now our rate is 14.4%. Therefore I wear a mask. We have not been going out at all to eat. My DH has a sister (in her early 90's) who has a large family in and out of her house. With the rate so high here, we did not visit her . Some members of the family , well did not like that we would not go. But with so many people in and out of her house with no masks. I did not feel safe. Yesterday we got the awful phone call, she is in the hospital with covid. Some one brought it into her home. (she does not got out). What I am saying is just be a careful as you feel good about doing. Every one has different levels of how they feel safe. If you can, check the positivity rate in your are and where you might drive too.
  25. WAs that in Fort Lauderdale? I was at the pier and I saw the top maybe 10 suite case slide off the pallet into the water? It would have been a Caribbean cruise.
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