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  1. For me one dinner is enough. At the buffet I only take what I can eat. If I want more, then I will go back. I was taught at a very early age not to waste food.
  2. I changed our way of packing about 10 years ago. Here is the reason. We got to the pier with our luggage. I walked our luggage over to the porter. He just turned to put a piece of some one else luggage onto the pallet, and a bus driver grab one of my cases and was about to put it in the hold of a departing bus. The cruise porter did yell, and got it back. I heard the yell and turned around and saw the cruise porter get it back. after that we would do two rolling carry- on each, with extra space left in each one for things that we would buy. Some times we would use three cases between the two of us. I also use packing cubes and folders. I always had plenty of clothing to wear. These were warm weather cruises.
  3. I don't know for sure about HAL cruise ships. But I do keep track of the positivity rate of my area, which is above 6%. You have to decided what is best for you. How comfortable you would be on a ship. Would you be able to enjoy yourself, of worry about covid. If covid is on land it is at sea too. For us we have decided it is not our time to cruise right now.
  4. Amber Cove: Sand Dollar Antigua: Pineapple Aruba: Dolphin Bahamas: Conch shell Barbados: Sandals Belize: Binoculars Bermuda: Long Tail Bird Cabo: Tropical Fish Costa Maya: Beach Chair https://www.distores.com/charm-offer
  5. I did love the old TV show. And I enjoyed listing to the Love boat horn.
  6. I like buying local hand made crafts and jewelry. Nothing that cost much.
  7. I am enjoying all of your blog. I love the pictures. About 5 years back we had a coastal cruise book. But, we had to cancel two days before we were to fly out. I hope some day to do it.
  8. Dear Lovethesea, I am so very sorry to hear that you loss your husband.
  9. I understand what you are saying about longer cruises and quarantine. But the other part of my concern is getting covid on a shorter cruise and coming home with it. I do hope that the crew and all on board stay healthy.
  10. Are you still going to take the cruise? Can you get your money back? Is it worth the risk to go? We have not started cruising again because of covid. I just don't feel like taking the chance of getting sick on a ship. While I don't know the positivity rate on board a cruise ship I know what is in my country (my county 7.5%). Right now cruising is too risky for me. The scary thing about pre-existing conditions is that a lot of time people don't know that they have one until something happens to then. I found that out!
  11. That is a very nice pattern I like the side panel. I did not know about the pattern company Jalie. I was able to Google it. Nice patterns
  12. Happy to hear that you won. It is a great shirt. What type of clothing are you going to make for the Galapagos cruise?
  13. I love the surprise. But I would make sure that she has the clothing that she would want to wear on this special day.
  14. I did not know that about Petrillos. We left there a few years back. With Napoli, their food looks just like the pictures. It is family owned and they are from Italy. Eating there I felt like I was in NYC again. I hope that it is still good. That is the one place that we miss from Florida.
  15. Thanks, I hope that you enjoy your cruise. If you have not tried Napoli restaurant in the Walmart plaza, it was great when we lived there. Better than Petrillo's on A1A https://www.ordernapolipizzapastamenu.com/?utm_source=gbp
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