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  1. I have been in that cabin on both Regal and Royal. I can't fully recall the view, but it was good, or I would not have rebooked the same cabin. It is also quiet.
  2. I think your travel agent should have know that the dining is going to be different for you and your mother. This should have been told to you before you booked. For me, I would get out of club class (save the money) and get a balcony or a reg mini and eat with your mom.
  3. For me. I leave the auto tip on. At the end of the cruise I will give a cash gift to those who gave me great service. Except if I order a drink (a diet coke) at a bar, I will give a tip, for good service because I might not see that waiter again, or room service. I don't tip before I am given great service. Because for me, I want the waiters to treat me that way I should be treated, not because I give out money. I want them to respect me, the way I respect them, not because they received money from me. I don't want to be treated better because I give out money .I don't want favors because of money. I am paying for the cruise and expect the great service that comes with the cruise fare. I will thank (extra tip) those who have gone beyond and given me great service. I hope that I explained myself correctly and I don't mean to put any one down who has a different way of tipping.
  4. Try you tube, they have a lot of ways to do it.
  5. What I do you a necklace (thin chain), I open the necklace and put one end of the chain all the way through a straw, then is clasp it to the other end. this way the chains don't get tangled up .
  6. I believe the answer is no. To eat together in the club class dining room (if it is still called that) your mother would have to upgrade her cabin.
  7. All the food looks wonderful. Thank you for posting the pics.
  8. I read your post #48. Have a nice day. Bye
  9. I see that you received an E-mail asking for your bank account details for the money to be paid into. I did not read that is was paid into your bank account.. I only saw that post that you made.
  10. Are you sure that this is the way that Princess is doing it now? I don't think that I would give out my bank info.
  11. I never said that I don't want service. I said "Just a question: Where on the ship (other than my cabin) can a person sit without a waiter asking you if you want a drink? Every where on board that I have been to, sooner or later I am asked"
  12. Just a question: Where on the ship (other than my cabin) can a person sit without a waiter asking you if you want a drink? Every where on board that I have been to, sooner or later I am asked.
  13. Have you thought of getting two balcony cabins next to each other. I believe that the divider inbetween them can be taken down to have one large balcony
  14. Thank you for taking the time to post about your cruise. I am enjoying your posts.
  15. You can make them all. Use a pattern that you know how it will fit and something easy. You can add details to the dress, to dress them up or down by the amount that you use.
  16. What a beautiful bag. It is sew much nicer to have a bag that you made. And it is one of a kind. No one else will be carrying the same bag!
  17. I love to sew but have not gotten behind my machine in about 10 months, other then to do clothing repairs. Life has been busy now and I am trying to clear time to sew. "Sew," I hope it all come back. When I get a chance I do watch some sewing videos .
  18. I do the same thing. Before we would switch out most of the liquor for soda and a beer or two. Now DH just like the diet coke, as I do. So diet coke it is.
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