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  1. I would think that a hull cleaning would be on some sort of a regular schedule, not done mid cruise. Do they have divers on board?
  2. I would think that a hull cleaning would be on some sort of a regular schedule, not done mid cruise.
  3. Could the age limit have anything to do with the on board medical faculty and so many sea days? Being at sea so so many days, mabe medical is not equipped to hand a baby that young.
  4. Ni heels for me ever. None on land or sea. I wear flats all the time.
  5. It sound like it would be prefect for Hawaii. Making it out of a YSl sheet was a great idea. It will wash and wear well and feel great on.
  6. We almost had a problem. I say "almost" because it was corrected. We got to the port, I gave the porter our luggage plus tip. I started to walk away and I turned around to see if he put it on the rack. A departing bus driver had my bag and was putting it into the cargo hold of the departing bus. I yell , the cruise porter yelled and grab the bag. After that we use carry-ons only.
  7. I looks like the Passport card is good for the Caribbean, Panama is in Central America. Maybe Panama is not considered a Caribbean Nation, being in Central America. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/need-passport/card.html
  8. I am very sorry to hear of all the issues that you are having. A cruise is to be a relaxing vacation, not one full of problems. Or if a problem happens, that it gets fix in proper time. Spending money for a cabin with this trouble would be very upsetting. I hoe that it works out.
  9. It came out really nice. I like both the fabrics that you used.
  10. Brocade, pinwale corduroy, crepe, lightweight Demin & gabardine, lightweight twill & lightweight wool types.
  11. I just brought this pattern. https://simplicity.com/simplicity/s8955 I want to make it using fleece. but is not one of the fabrics that they recommend. what do you think? The jacket is unlined. It is not a heavy fleece.
  12. I am enjoying your pictures very much. The food looks wonderful. I love the bread!
  13. No, I always booked through a TA. But I have not book a cruise with Princess since 2019. We were booking three to five cruises a year with them.
  14. Do what is right for you and your health. We had a HAL cruise booked for 3/4/2020 to 3/17/2020, when covid was first starting. We chose to not go. We had decided not to go even if our ins. would not give us our money back. We did get our money back, we had cancel for any reason ins. At the time we made our decision I did not think our ins would give the money back. But they did. That cruise was the last cruise that that ship made. Then cruising stopped. We were so glad that we did not go. We still have not gone back to cruising. We miss it a little, But with our health (preexisting conditions and age) we feel safer on land with our own DRS. I don't want to be on a ship now, for us taking a cruise now would not be like before covid. Everyone has to decide for themselves. Are you going to be able to enjoy your cruise? Are you going to be able to enjoy all the on board actives like before? Will you have any fear attached to the cruise? Think it out and do what is best for you. I wish you the best. Geo
  15. I have no idea. I thinking that the amount of PAX on each cruise and or cruise line might follow the mask suggestions/rule differently.
  16. Just a guess, could it be that the PAX are not wearing masks?
  17. My post was #23. I did not book. I just was looking at Princess's wed site. I was logged in. The call came the next day. I did not book a cruise. I know I did not say that I did not book a cruise in post #23. But I said it in post #1.
  18. What I was surprised by was that Princess called me and told me that they would give me a better deal/rate and with more OBC than what was shown on their web site. I was wondering is any one else was offered a better deal from Princess after they were contacted by a Princess agent. I know that I am being tracked when using the internet.
  19. They all keep track. But I was surprised that Princess called me. It was a nice touch for them to reach out to me.
  20. I did not mind the phone call. I agree with you. This was the first time it happened to me.
  21. Princess is keeping track of when I log into their web site. I logged in yesterday to view a cruise that some friends of mine are going on. ( I am not cruising now, my choice). Today I got a phone call from Princess. The agent (called me by name) and told me that I had visited the web site, and that she would offer me a better rate and more OBC if I booked. I did not listen to the offer because I have no plans of traveling now. Has this happened to any one else?
  22. I am very sorry that both of you had covid. I hope that both of you are feeling better now.
  23. I am very sorry to hear that you got Covid. I hope that you feel better soon. Some flowers for you.🌺🌻🌼🌷
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