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  1. To return to the original question we went on a cruise in the second half of April 2019. We stopped at several Portuguese and Spanish ports and had lovely warm sunny weather. An added benefit was that it was not so crowded as later in the summer.
  2. Lovely photos of Santorini - thank you everyone. We’ve not been there, but it’s on the wish list now!
  3. Both Aurora and Arcadia have full prom decks and we always walk several times around them on sea days - one of the many pleasures of the cruise and goes someway to offset all that lovely food! 🤣 You can also see the sea when walking inside along some of the corridors of course, but we would rather be outdoors whatever the weather.
  4. Once P&O no longer have Aurora or Arcadia we won’t sail with them again. We always book at least a balcony cabin and in all likelihood will try Saga with the idea of only cruising once a year to offset the higher cost. The larger ‘resort’ ships do not appeal to us.
  5. Thank you Damian. They were taken when we stayed at a hotel on the Grand Canal for a few nights which we have done 3 times as well as at least 5 visits on cruises. I love Venice at night as it is much quieter and there is something magical about seeing so many of the buildings lit up.
  6. Absolutely love Venice - one of our favourite ports whatever the weather!
  7. Here’s a picture of the famous clock in Messina. We’ve been several times and been to Taormina and also on an excursion called something like ‘in the Godfather’s footsteps’. Sounds a bit cheesey, but was actually very good as you see some pretty villages and lovely scenery many of which were used as locations in the film.
  8. DH had the letter and booked online for our local large hub. He is 70 and was able to book both jabs with the first one this Sunday. I am 66 and got a text from the hub on Monday with a link to book, but it only showed appointments available for the next couple of days so I wondered if they were trying to fill in gaps as we live within a couple of miles of the hub? On Thursday I received a phone call from the hub and was able to book my first appointment for Sunday too so we can go together. They weren’t able to book my 2nd at the time, but said I should be able to book whilst there on Sunday.
  9. Lovely photos. We went to Guernsey for our honeymoon 45 years ago and then again about 15 years ago so brings back lots of memories. We’ve never been there on a cruise - well not yet anyway!
  10. OH bought some too and since then I’ve been cutting his hair. They’ve now more than paid for themselves and he reckons he won’t go back to the barbers. Mine is a different matter entirely as it is very thick and I have it coloured as I have been going grey since my thirties. It’s now starting to get too long and my roots need doing, but at least as I’m blond it doesn’t show too much. Definitely looking forward to hairdressers reopening though!
  11. The ship - we will currently only sail on Aurora or Arcadia The dates - to fit in with other plans The itinerary
  12. Pleased to hear all went well Graham. Hope you will soon be fully recovered.
  13. We’re the same! Juvenile I know 🤣
  14. Hope all goes well with your op on Wednesday Graham.
  15. I agree. We used to have Sky many years ago, but we are not great football fans and decided it really was a waste of money. We have managed very happily with Freeview and a Humax box until the last year. The need to buy so much more online meant that (unfortunately) Amazon Prime made sense and we have enjoyed watching quite a few films and other programmes through that.
  16. We’ve enjoyed watching the Rick Stein programmes recently and on two occasions I’ve attended courses at his cookery school. I’ve been visiting Cornwall all my life and it’s certainly changed over the years, but my family have owned property there for 50 years and I still love the area especially out of the main tourist season!
  17. Lovely picture of St Michael’s Mount - we’ve visited several times. Makes me really miss Cornwall and wondering whether we’ll get there in April. We usually spend 8 or 9 weeks of the year in North Cornwall. Last year we only managed to spend September there, but it wasn’t enough!
  18. Today DH has been able to book his jab for 14th Feb at the local mass vaccination centre. He was also able to book his 2nd jab - he is just 70.
  19. Thanks Avril. We always used to get emails until a few months ago. We’ve checked our P&O preferences several times and they show us opting in for emails, but we still don’t get them. The “wonderful” IT system strikes again maybe? 🤣🤣
  20. Wishing you a very Happy anniversary Avril and Frank 🥂🥳
  21. I’m feeling left out! We haven’t had any emails from P&O for ages. Our cruise on Aurora last October was of course cancelled, but we have one booked this October on Arcadia.
  22. Happy birthday Jean. Hope you have a lovely day 🥂🎂
  23. Mine’s moved from late March to early February so I’m very pleased.
  24. Thank you Graham. It’s had more care in the last year from DH than usual. We’re usually away much more!
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