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  1. Flight access would make the next expansion either Baltimore or the West Coast. And I see west coast as a lot more likely because Alaska is only going to be getting harder to access as a new line in the future so MSC wants to get access ASAP.
  2. Juneau is remote and everything has to arrive via ship or plane. Hoonah is a very small town that is in the process of transitioning from commercial fishing to tourism. Last year I was able to get a discounted tour with Alaska Whale Tours for a small 22 person boat for $120. And even was able to get a glimpse of Mendenhall Glacier when returning to the dock (Which is on the other side of Juneau from where the cruise ships dock)
  3. People like Velveta. I find the cheese concoction ruins the burger.
  4. 2 Musica class ships isn’t really that different than 1 world class ship.
  5. At least it has cleared up enough for those of us on the Eurodam to actually see the land around us. Couldn’t see much when we were in Tracy Arm.
  6. Sadly I know from my days having to work in Toronto and Ottawa that Canada does get warmer than everyone expects. Fortunately looking like it is going to be nice and cool in Alaska next week.
  7. And in general they have been trying to lower the hotel status matches. I was happy when last year I was able to match Hilton Diamond to MSC.
  8. They probably used the tender for ease of transferring the patient. NPS is ladder down to the boat and from a post I saw today from a ranger in a Princess group, it was a rough transfer.
  9. No, it is just like the MSC status match page, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  10. And then once you are finally able to purchase your first gift card, you have to have fun with customer service so they can approve the release.
  11. I’m 38 and joined for the gift card deal. 10% off is 10% off, especially with the other deals.
  12. I’m 38 and joined for the gift card deal. 10% off is 10% off, especially since I was able to get 5 years for $45
  13. Hopefully this works, because I’d love $100 OBC on my Eurodam cruise in just over a month.
  14. It sucks, but after my experience on the Discovery in April, might not be the worst idea. It was an hour and a half for the pizza to arrive, 45 minutes after my drink arrived. If ships at full are having issues getting room service pizza in 30 minutes, then they have to do something to depress demand.
  15. They get it right, when the form actually lets you submit.
  16. The movie also allows for more people on a cruise to experience the peek behind the scenes. When you hear tour groups of 12, that can easily be just 2 families.
  17. It is actually great for the line. People will just let their deposit expire rather than go through the cancellation process.
  18. As someone that was looking to book a likely impacted MSC ship, I’m now seriously considering another itinerary on a slightly older ship to get out of the blast radius of any emergency dry dock work as I can see the lines doing it this January/February during the “low” season. While MSC is refusing the Explora ship, they are also hit hard by having 5 ships newer than 2020
  19. Seems like a perfect point to how MSC has different points awarded based on experience which aligns fairly well with how CCL could easily divide its lines Now with an integrated program CCL could start having some real fun with promotions and even borrow from Hyatt where they could offer some sort of special Brand Explorer award/status to encourage trying different brands (And encouraging those cruising Carnival to move up to other brands).
  20. This feels like HAL launching a MSC World class ship
  21. Miami is a great port to spend time exploring during the layover of a back to back, and the city of Miami offers plenty of free transit around, including a trolly that runs from the port down to Coral Gables.
  22. MSC happily indulges the American love of Bacon
  23. MSC considers repricing your one change for Fantastica experience. However the wonderful thing about inconsistent customer service is that hanging up and calling again is a valid method since you are likely to eventually get somebody that will at least try.
  24. I’d say more likely the for profit water park island would be a new one. MSC is starting to have enough ships in the area that all sailings can’t go to Ocean Cay so they are at the point where they would be looking to do another island like Carnival/HAL/Princess and Disney have done.
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