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  1. We will be on that cruise too, our first Oceania (although we have been on 4 "R" ships in the past. Just booked another Oceania, "Canadian Connoisseur" Montreal to Boston October 16-27, 2025. Mostly Canadian ports. Tired of the Caribbean and also long flights over the ponds.
  2. I guess I meant to say "OS" Oceania Select Excursion. What does that mean (since some excursions don't have that added).
  3. I saw this listed on some excursions, but don't really know what it means. Newbie here, can you please explain.
  4. Being O newbies, I guess we will be learning a lot on this first cruise. 🙄
  5. Sorry about the repeat at the beginning of this. Anyway, the first invoice I received for this cruise said: "Schedule Change-Notification sent 6/8/23 Due to a berthing conflict, please note the call to Juneau has been replace with Wrangell." They must use that phrase a lot.
  6. Have you tried taking it out of your cart or cancelling the tour--both from your account? I wasn't sure from your first post.
  7. cluso

    Ponant Bonus

    Thank you for your inputs, I am trying to get my ducks in line for a first time Ponant cruise. So, there is Ponant Bonus, First time cruise, Status match (Celebrity Elite+) and personal referral from someone that has sailed Ponant. Do you know which of these you can combine? Is booking directly with Ponant a good deal?
  8. cluso

    Ponant Bonus

    Thank you, This would be our first Ponant cruise and we are Elite + on Celebrity. Looking to upgrade our experience and downsize the cruise size. Also, once booked are you able to take advantage of any sales?
  9. cluso

    Ponant Bonus

    Advertising emails and the Ponant website list "Ponant Bonus" (a percentage off) for certain cruises. So, are those percentages already taken off when you see "Starting at...." OR are they taken off when you actually book? Thank you
  10. Check out Times Square Suites. That's where we stayed numerous times and will do it again in September 2024. Great location. Decent prices.
  11. How fun! Fort-de-France, Martinique 14 Jan 2024, First day Of Carnival!
  12. Awesome! Hoping to finally meet you two on board. We are doing the 12-day cruise, spending some time in Vancouver first. We enjoy that city. Kim
  13. Hi Jim, We booked the 2024 Sep Vancouver to LA cruise on Regatta. It will be our first Oceania cruise but our 5th time on an R class. Got an A2-Conciege Veranda (aft). You get a few perks there. Celebrity Elite+ doesn't mean much to us with all the changes nowadays. Just got off our last booked Celebrity cruise a week ago. We looked at each other and commented that it might be our last Celebrity cruise. We want to downsize the crowds and upgrade the experience. Our first Celebrity cruise was in 1985 on Chandris Amerikanis before it turned into Celebrity. Kim
  14. I figured that would be the answer. Oh well, this is our last Celebrity cruise in the foreseeable future (never say never). Three more cruises lined up for this year. One is Oceania's Vancouver to Alaska and down the West Coast to LA in September. BTW, Oceania is having a sale and yesterday I got our cruise fare reduced by $1200. Next year, we are taking Jim's lead and want to book Ponant on the Great Lakes. They have 10-day cruises on the Great Lakes now. 😁
  15. We have already reserved specialty dining nights for our upcoming cruise. Since these were prepaid, how does the 15% discount work? Do they bring a new bill and give you OBC? Thank you!
  16. It's a done deed. Thank you! 😁
  17. OK, being an Oceania newbie and a disenchanted Celebrity E+ cruiser, I have a question. We booked (pre-SM) a cruise for this September and with the NY Sale it is $600 cheaper per person and will include SM. Reading their Terms, I am not sure if I can just change it. Do I have to cancel and rebook? Thank you PS, I booked directly with O, not a travel agent.
  18. I reserved a couple nights at Murano and used OBC (prior to cruise). Maybe a stupid question, but will the 15% Elite+ be refunded in some form? I am not holding my breath...🙄
  19. We sailed on the Silly from Southampton in October, 2023. Even though the higher limits were shown on the Terms and on the App when sailing from the UK, Celebrity would not honor the $12 and $20 limits. A lot of people complained.
  20. I did it on the Celebrity site online, but it was also in my app.
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