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  1. The view we had from 6668 was identical to the one above from Orla56. For the price we received on this during President's week it could not be beat. Quiet and a great location.
  2. I assume you are on Anthem. The following is a link to a video of your stateroom on You Tube.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe1_e7QzgPA We were in 6668, an identical obstructed balcony stateroom, in February. You will find that if you are standing at the rail you can see over the lifeboat and the view out to sea is not bad at all. However, if you are sitting on the balcony not so much. You are looking at the lifeboat. We booked late and being President's week it was all we could get. If you like to sit on the balcony, you may not be happy. Other than that the stateroom was great. Very spacious and lots of storage room. Also you are on deck 6 near the elevators very convenient for getting around. You will not experience noise from deck 5 as you are above Chops Grill.
  3. What a great review 😊. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family !!! As a native New Yorker who has lived here my entire life (60+ Years), I must say that you were able to see almost all the sites there are to see. Your pictures from the top of the Empire State Building and Times Square at night were just breathtaking!!! There is nothing like the “Great White Way” at night. I promise you most of us New Yorkers are not like the ones you experienced in the shops or especially the TSA(Security) agent you encountered at Newark Airport (EWR). FWIW, the TSA agents are, for the most part, like that at the majority of the airports the US. Your choice of the word “dour” was perfect. My family sailed on the maiden voyage of the Triumph 20 years ago. At the time it was the largest cruise ship in the world. It was beautiful then and it appears to be even more-so now. I clicked on your review because I am considering the Sunrise for a retirement/65th birthday cruise with my family in 2020. After reading this I may do so. If I do I will look for your son if he is still performing on the ship. Finally, thank you again for the wonderful review and I hope you have the opportunity to return here in the future to see more of NY up close and personal, especially the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
  4. I am an insurance agent, The fact of the matter is the insurance was purchased as protection for a trip. The trip was cancelled by the company that "sold" the insurance. While NCL is not an insurance company they are a sub-vendor. Unless there is wording in the policy that states that the premium is not refunded in the event a cruise is cancelled and the fare is refunded in full by NCL, the premium should be refunded. However, if the insurance also provided protection for Hotel Accommodations and Airfare ect..., the policyholder has a right to claim and as such the premium should not be refunded.
  5. The Dawn was docked at the container pier as there were 6 ships at Pt Canaveral today. The Sun was at Pier 10 which is NCL’s normal pier. According to the PTZ web camera service they stated it was the 1st time they have seen 6 ships at Pt Canaveral in 1 day.
  6. When we sailed on the Anthem in February we had anytime dining. We were a group of 6. When we went to the dining room the 1st night we asked if we could get the same table at 5:15-5:30. We were immediately accommodated and were given a great table in the back of Silk. The waiter and assistant, as well as the head waiter for our section were amazing. We also noticed everyone in our section were at the same table every night and we were told that section was saved for those who had anytime but wanted traditional. As an aside the service all around on our cruise was fantastic even though it was President’s Week with a full ship and 1700 children on board. 1st time on RCL and won’t be the last.
  7. We were there on February 20th. Very unlikely pier will be ready by May. The pier is about 3/4 finished. Looks like a great deal of work to be done. Doubtful on many new features too.
  8. I am on Anthem of the Seas right now with Voom, iPhone and Verizon WiFi calling. Works flawlessly. We have been texting and making phone calls as if we were home.
  9. Pictures of dent from pier. Unless there is underwater damage. Nothing to write home about LOL
  10. On RCCL’s Anthem of the Seas which I am on right now, they have placed dummy cards in the slots of every stateroom. They must have gotten tired of dealing with the questions. LOL.
  11. I am currently In Nassau on the Anthem of the Seas. The Epic is docked next to us. I watched the Epic sail in using tugs. FWIW the Enchantment of the Seas also used tugs. The Anthem and Norwegian Sky did not. I took a look at the dent. It is nothing worse than a small push in dent you would have on your car. I will take a picture and try to post later. Finally regarding the Escape, they will not be able to dock until the 1st ship leaves, most likely Mariner of the Seas.
  12. My extended family sails on the Anthem of the Seas on Friday. The current sale ends at midnight. I was originally at $48+ tax on a 50% sale from November. It is now $46+ tax at 30% off ??? which I switched to. In addition I had no problem calling in, through TA, to get the Deluxe Beverage Package for me and Refreshment Package for my wife. My daughter and Son-In-Law did the same thing.
  13. Hi Tim...our extended family will also be with you on the 2/15 Anthem of the Seas cruise. Back in 2012 we sailed on the Norwegian Jewel on basically the same intinerary the second week of January. When we left NY it was 70 degrees and there was an impromptu sail away party on deck as if it were summer. We had beautiful weather and smooth sailing the entire cruise. However we received a rude awakening at about 2PM the last day of the cruise as the temperature suddenly dipped into the teens LOL. That evening when we turned on the TV we were stunned to see the news of the Costa Concordia as it was happening. BBC World carried the story nonstop. Enjoy your cruise. You will have a great time !!!
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