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  1. Watch now live, a good shot of the Zaandam on the Ft. Lauderdale webcam.
  2. Certain states declared a state of emergency on March 10, followed by the president's national emergency on the 13th, so the writing was on the wall that the Zaandam was never going to make the full 14 day cruise so they should have turned around to BA or maybe back to Fll, time was of the essence to get the passengers back to safety.
  3. Yes, the cruise started March7, when the announcement came on the 10th the captain should have turned around back to Buenos Aires and have everyone flown home, that would have saved lives..
  4. Things will be different, that's for sure..
  5. Excuse me!! I heard that from the hotel director while I was on board last week!!
  6. Yes, but it's true, the Volendam will be one of them
  7. I don't think that this is the correct response.
  8. This discussion is about the Zaandam, not the Maersk container ships...
  9. There are now 127 sick people on board, The closest U.S port is San Diego, that's where they should go..
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