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  1. Because I am a masochist...☺️
  2. As you can see the beer list is trimmed also, no more Stella (most popular) and Grolsch(tradition), just came off the Amsterdam, they had no Hoegaarden, Molson, ran out of Dos Equis, ran low on Bud and Heineken, at one time there was only Corona left, great selection. The same with the wine list which is going to be changed again, needs too...
  3. And I'll be coming on, just off the Amsterdam, no more Stella and no more Grolsch...
  4. If they know what to fix in Freeport and get right to it, she should be ready to sail on the 21st
  5. They won't let you into the dining room..
  6. It means that you would move from your inside room on the lowest deck to an inside room on the deck above you, called an 'up'grade..πŸ˜‰
  7. And sambal trassi and sambal pepesan..
  8. Been to Samasebo, next the Rijksmuseum, delicious..
  9. No, the group of 3 islands is called Iles du Salut, The island were Hal drops you is called Ile Royale, Ile du Diable is devil''s island and on the right side is Ile du Saint Joseph.
  10. Team needs Oelek, no money..
  11. Love it ,can have it twice a week: Nasi Rames, Bami Goreng, Kroepoek, Sate Ajam, Beef Sumatra, Soto Ajam, Beef rendang, Babi Kecap etc. it can consist of 21 courses, after that you need to go to sleep for awhile...
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