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  1. There's always lemonade on the Rotterdam.
  2. Correct, the fake coffee shop is no bar like the Amsterdam has..
  3. They put a sticker with a number on your shirts and pants, so if you feel itchy in the back of your pants, you forgot to take sticker off..
  4. We had a free shuttle, 15 minutes, on the Volendam, to downtown, from there it's a 15 minute walk to the beautiful train station, worthwhile to walk around.
  5. They should ban all ships over 2000 pax out of European, S. American and Asian ports, let them go to their private islands and spent 7 days there, pax won't notice the difference, the just play with their phones..
  6. And if the larger ships don't make any money, what then?
  7. They have had major personnel changes and cuts in Seattle, I wonder why?..
  8. If you're in an inside cabin on the Noordam, you need to clean your own room, new cost saving measures by Orlando.
  9. People in their 20's and 30's don't use Hal, they use Yahoo lines like NCL, RCCL and Carnival, that's why we don't need a Carnival II. We shook hands with Orlando on the Prinsendam 2 years ago, nice person, but that doesn't make him competent..
  10. No, they know they are on the wrong track, they can't fill the 2 new ones that won't fit in the Panama canal, so they are trying everything, lower the prizes, bringing one of them to Alaska, because it can't make any money in the Caribbean, sending them up and down to Mexico, until they run out of ideas, maybe then they realize that we don't need a carnival II.
  11. That garbage from NCL is moving to Hal
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