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  1. The ones not mentioned: Nieuw Statendam, Koningsdam, Volendam, Amsterdam, Zuiderdam and Noordam are being sold at half the cost...
  2. One person like that can bring the whole ship down..
  3. If I see someone touch food with their hands, I'll be in their face...
  4. Dogs do not belong on any cruise ship, especially for so called 'comfort' reasons, the only exception is for seeing eye dogs, of course...
  5. Good luck with the rotten dogs, never should have been on a wc..
  6. Belgen only eat Vlaamse Frieten met mayonaise..
  7. Yes, no one knows ahead, I've been there when it was flat and I have been there when you could hardly see Cape Hoorn, sometimes the captain flip flops the days between Ushuaia and Cape Hoorn depending on the weather..
  8. He might not do another WC, after this..
  9. 4:00pm for the crew, 4:30pm for the pax, subject to change of course.
  10. Go to John and Diane's lucky number 7, now on page 2..
  11. You'll find more details at John and Diane's blog
  12. Wow, not a good ending of a world cruise...
  13. I don't understand, you gave yourself the answer, it was a great city, sorry, no more..
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