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  1. Well saying that you just roll your own isn't very helpful to most Regent cruisers, since it's supposed to be an all-inclusive line with good choices for those who do want to take them. I admit I'd rather do my own as well, but don't generally, not when they're included. And of course, we don't know yet, but in some areas, going off on your own may not be a choice, at least not this year or perhaps next.
  2. You can go to rscc.com, to the deck plans and see exactly what the case is for all suites. This page: https://www.rssc.com/ships/explorer?ship=MAR&deck=10 shows that 1080 has a tub, and 1081 has a shower
  3. We don't book our excursions until July for next summer's cruise, but looking at the prices posted for the "Choice", the prices seem very, very high. In one locale, the only free excursions are 3-hour bus trips. I remember when we did Alaska in 2012, we did mostly free ones, with a few paid, smaller excursions, but we only paid only a few hundred dollars total. Granted, it's going to be ten years on, and in the emerging post-covid period, I guess it's not surprising that prices would be sky-high. But in Alesund, I see the 8-hour Trollstigen bus trip is $195, with the small-group version be
  4. Such a sensible discussion, I like you guys, despite only being on Seabourn once so far! I hope that changes in the future, although at the moment we have nothing booked. Let's hope that Neverlookback is right, and that RetiredandTravel is not. That is, that the whole ship would not be quarantined for one or two cases. As for cleaning the ship, I believe in some scientific circles, some new guidelines will be forthcoming soon that obviates some of this, recognizing that this virus is almost entirely airborne, and not transmitted easy by touching things.
  5. Let's hope that's the case. I can't see why not.
  6. I've bought vanilla on Moorea at the Agricultural station, on the Taha'a Motu, and in the Marché in Papeete. I infuse the beans in alcohol, rum or whiskey, and the extract lasts forever.
  7. That depends on whether you like the water or not, partly. I have loved the stingray/shark excursion on Bora Bora several times, not sure what they call it now. Also done the catamaran sail/snorkel on Moorea which was great too. On Moorea you MUST make it up to the Belvedere for the view--most of the land excursions go there. Never have done an excursion on Taha'a, always just go to the motu.
  8. Well it's a start, but I agree about indoor dining--gotta be included. I'm not wearing a mask between bites of food. And yes, if ports are embarking and/or disembarking in the U.S., I believe the CDC rules. Right?
  9. The last time we booked a hotel through a TA was about 34 years ago. That's when you used to make your airline bookings by going to your brick and mortar travel agent, sitting down at a desk and working out the details. Since we were going to be arriving in Edinburgh by train with a 6-year old, we decided to let her book a hotel there, before we went off touring by car. When we told the cab driver the address, he kind of looked at us funny. Then took us for a long drive, way out unto the Firth, to a lovely stately old mansion in the midst of a golf course (not our idea of a good
  10. I would argue that's exactly what they're doing.
  11. I agree. We've only had one once, for a couple of weeks, but loved it. The square footage is not too much bigger than a standards suite, but the shape is quite different and the layout wonderful.
  12. I'd love to do another cruise down east as well. Have done the St. Lawrence up to Newfoundland, but not down around Nova Scotia. Haven't been there on land since I was a teenager. Never thought we would enjoy a "leaf peeper" cruise of our own country, but in fact we loved it.
  13. Interesting, did not know this. I do know that Americans can actually enter Canada (normally), without a passport. But they can't get back into the States without one. So this closed loop thing is obviously quite different.
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