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  1. Agreed, although we already have QR codes here in Canada. But not sure how they marry with European or Scandinavian systems. Fingers cross the winter goes well.
  2. I'm with on this one, Norway plus St. Petersburg. We're booked for next July, but have to pay in February, sigh. (Edited to add: I must say, Norway's rules are very complicated, even baroque. It seems at times that I'm reading that if you're fully vaccinated, and can have the information accepted by a specific app, you can be admitted. But don't quote me on that. And we still have 9 months to go.)
  3. There are cruises that do both, but as you say, they are longer. Ours is 18 days, July 2022, and goes as far north as Ålesund, then over to a few Baltic stops on the way to St. Petersburg and then back to Stockholm. It is, however, a luxury line, Regent, with prices to match--all balconies, no insides. Don't think I'd want an inside cabin in Norway anyways.
  4. We are on Regent Splendor in July 2022. It's a Baltic cruise, but also a Norwegian fjords cruise. I will not be too disappointed if St. Petersburg get dropped, that's not my worry, ship happens. My worry is that Norway is still closed to North Americans, and half the itinerary is in Norway. Our final payment date is early February, so this is a real concern. Luckily our flights are booked through the cruise line, so we don't have money at stake there, but worry about paying a huge amount of money for this luxury cruise and then finding the itinerary either cancelled or substantially changed.
  5. As others have indicated, the Pool Grill is your best option, kind of set up for the early exercise crowd. But even that doesn't really open until 6:30 I believe.
  6. I'm not a very serious photographer, but I definitely enjoy taking pictures. I took the round-trip itinerary around Newfoundland in 2018. Loved it, and I thought there were wonderful opportunities for photography, in all the ports. As for leaf-peeping, that's a crap shoot. Living in the midst of leaf-peeping territory, it's always very hard to judge when the timing is right. In the case of our cruise, I saw a really nice foliage display in Trois Rivieres and some in Quebec City, but that was about it. The north shore further down the river, and the Magdelan Islands are not colourful in that way, but very beautiful nonetheless. St. John's, Nfld is particularly photogenic, btw.
  7. In my experience on the ships in general, the breakfast times for all those venues are staggered--they don't all open at 6 a.m. Compass Rose and La Veranda probably 7 or 7:30 depending on the port schedule, pool and Coffee Connection are the early ones.
  8. Thanks, I'm not sure. Those policies are usurously expensive, even if available. The rules are different here in Canada. I know I can get pre-existing coverage up to final payment for this trip, not sure about "any reason", and I'll have to inquire about covid restriction coverage. Since the U.S. is opening up to Norwegians, I have hopes that this will be reciprocated, although I don't believe Norwegians are banned from Canada right now, so not sure that will help Canadians.
  9. Do you think you'll be allowed to leave NZ by that time?
  10. Yes, as I said. It's the 72 hours that's the issue, when you have a pre-cruise stay. So it sounds like you'd want to: test before you leave home; then test again 72 hours prior to boarding; then of course Regent would test you again on board. Of course. I was referring to the language issue.
  11. Wow, good point. I wonder what the U.S. and Canada do about this problem, i.e., tests that returning travellers must take abroad?
  12. Yes of course they do, for insurance and liability purposes. But don't they want you tested 72 hours before you board as well? What if someone takes a week-long pre-cruise, for instance?
  13. Except for countries where they don't have that requirement. Like Denmark right now. I assumed it was 72 hours before you boarded. Pre-cruises definitely stretch that model, especially if they are several days long.
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