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  1. The whole water thing on Hurtigruten is ridiculous. When I was seriously contemplating doing one in 2018, I was following the discussions about the water thing. Did you get a carafe of free water on your dining table or not? Certainly this cruise is not what we all call "luxury". More like "expedition". I believe they're still very nice--you just can't help like Norwegians and how they conduct their lives. I'm hopeful for the future of this itinerary, but would settle for Seabourn Montreal-Montreal around Nfld again, which is what we did instead of Norway.
  2. Can't imagine not wearing a mask now, at least at times when indoors. Walking around the ship, approaching the dining rooms and lounges, walking on and off the ship, etc. Although plexiglass face masks are on the rise now, and I'm sure technology will continue to improve in this regard. And I think that room stewards will have to wear masks all the time, not just when they're around other people (to prevent spreading fomites around your linen and room.) Wish I had stock in plexiglass, and thank goodness for 3-D printers. Thank you, that was my point. There have to be a lot of design specialists at work on these problems as we speak.
  3. They did have a buffet I believe, although the main dining room is not. Now all food is served to you. This is not a luxury trip, for sure. Think of it as an expedition trip. And yes, not a good place to be a heavy drinker! I remember when I was flying to Norway to visit, years ago, and asked what I could bring. The overwhelming answer was, "whiskey"!
  4. It's because you could take a test and be clear one day, and take another and be positive the next. And there's no way of knowing that; someone could quite easily, unwittingly, bring the virus onboard. In general I agree, you are in a tight spot! As for refunds, I presume that this is the charter company, not Ponant. But still, it sounds like you can't go to Moorea? What a bummer.
  5. No, I'm speculating based on some articles about the real risks that are obvious here, and the fact that they have this committee of scientists considering the problem. I used the word "dry dock" advisedly. A normal one, like the one scheduled right now for next spring, would be completely planned, provisioned and carried out smoothly in a very short time. If there is refitting coming sooner, it will probably be a logistical mess--lots of experimenting I would imagine. It may be that they would use the time they had to try out some things.
  6. I believe with successive Hurtigruten trips they will allow excursions off the ship, but disallow any casual passengers getting on and off (which is usual.) The excursions will be tightly controlled. And yes, the capacity limits sound great. I've got my sights on the Norwegian fjords, perhaps for next year, probably not on Regent.
  7. There's a misconception here. The idea of a bubble or "household" group is not that they somehow become immune to each other. This is wrong. The idea is that a closed family group can be virus-free because they are isolated from others, and practice physical distancing, hygiene and mask-wearing while outside that group. Hurtigruten from what I've read, does not require masks onboard, although it's recommended I think. But the other requirements are quite strict from what I've read. And of course, the cruises they're (mostly) starting with are all along the coast of Norway, so close to medical facilities, and within a single country (and limited for now I believe, to Norwegians.) Looking at an interesting graph right now about mask acceptance in Europe: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1114375/wearing-a-face-mask-outside-in-european-countries/
  8. If Mariner is really going to try to relaunch with the WC in January, obviously there will have to be some serious refitting going on somewhere. Could that be at Long Beach? I'm thinking that they could be getting a start on things like, plexiglass barriers, removing or altering buffet areas, reducing seating in the restaurants and lounges, things like that. Presumably if this panel of experts comes up with bigger changes that get approved, then there would possibly be changes to the room ventilation systems, re-architecting of the pool deck area, let alone the show lounge. Let alone staff housing changes, and changes below decks generally. They've got 5 months to get this particular ship ready for this WC. Having regretfully cancelled, there are many hanging on to their bookings. The question is, will it sail?
  9. To me, at the moment, I live in relative luxury, nice view, air conditioning (although the dishwasher just broke.) But the real luxury is being able to go to the cottage, our summer home, on the river outside of Ottawa. I've spoken about it before, but I'm jonesing for it right now. It is far from luxurious there, as accommodations go, but it is far above camping, and I have endless access to the great outdoors, the trees and wildlife, my bicycle. Our porch is like a large cruise ship balcony, with a view of the river, flowing by. Utterly quiet except for the odd waterskier. And swimming in the river, which will be fairly warm by now after our horrendous heat wave. Only downsides are limited internet and no TV reception, so we're experimenting with casting to the TV from our phones. Hope to be up there again next week, with David.
  10. I'm at loss why our governments aren't finding a way for airlines to keep those middle seats empty. I'm guessing it's the powerful lobby that exists for this industry. It's happening here in Canada too.
  11. You should probably ask your TA or Regent themselves if you really want these answer. And get everything in writing.
  12. So sad, the end of an era for us. Kept going back and back, thinking each time it was surely our last.
  13. An interesting and somewhat chilling description of what might happen if the ships can't sail any time soon: https://panatimes.com/the-world-s-cruise-ships-can-t-sail-now-what-to-do-with-them?fbclid=IwAR10oYbtH_Ktfv9ptC4TQ8DmlOsuyNHJQrMnyCb9zDiavy8bIzuvexKNd9Q I can't help but think about poor Splendor--brand new in all its glory, rusting and moldering away.
  14. Right, which is relevant to Tahiti how exactly? But if it is in fact the same as Hawaii, then that just makes it so much more difficult. At least if you're flying to Hawaii you can get a direct flight from many parts of North America. But the wording above seems to indicate 72 hours before "departure".
  15. Thanks, that's great! I've always wanted to do a Hurtigruten trip, almost did one a couple of years ago. Maybe next year will be the time.
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