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  1. I found myself logged out on my phone yesterday as well. And yes, I've been logged out between forums as well.
  2. As far a CC is concerned, for me it's been for some time, "last one out turn off the lights". Until something "happens", there's nothing to say.
  3. I understand. But up until about five years ago we always booked with American companies--CSA, Travelguard, ...something obviously changed in the industry about that time.
  4. There is usually a phased penalty schedule--in our case when we were booked on the 2021 WC, I sought a policy as soon as possible after deposit, one that included PEC, and one that could be purchased in stages, as the penalty periods kicked in. My TA will recommend companies and provide you with quotes, then after that, it's up to you to follow through. That seems fair since they're not in the insurance business. And as Canadians, they won't do a thing, since there aren't any American companies that will assume this risk (and I am at a loss as to why, but it is what it is.)
  5. I doubt it, unless this could be done inadvertently. I've cleared the CC cookies again. Weirdly, when I log in again, my browser still knows my password. But I'll tell you how it goes.
  6. Sorry, should have been clearer. I have done that, multiple times. But I will do it again. Thank you.
  7. Thanks will do that. It happened again, just as I was typing this reply.
  8. Yes, I'm sure CC does that. I have cleared my cache, and it does not help. It's happening multiple times a day, sometimes while I am typing a post, which is very annoying. So I'm at my wit's end.
  9. I also agree with picking out two or three things and sticking to them. That might mean taking a "Rome on Your Own"-type excursion, where they drop you off and pick you up. You could spend the whole day doing the Palatine Hill, Forum and Colosseum, for instance. Or the whole day at the Vatican. Or do the "touristy" stuff like the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Think about your interests--art, history, antiquities, shopping, grandeur, ...
  10. Hi, yes, there are "Ports of Call" forums here. E.g., "Italy Ports", https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/464-italy-ports/ Have you looked at the RSSC website to see what excursions are generally made available for a day in Rome? Is it just a day stop, or does the cruise start or end there? That makes a big difference.
  11. How about a cruise around New Zealand? Would you do that? I'd do a cruise in Canada right now.
  12. My point was only about interest on a credit card balance. Since interest on our cash money is currently negligible, except for the opportunity cost of having it invested, it's not a big deal. And don't know what the horrible Paul Gauguin situation has to do with this--if Regent did that, we'd all probably be outraged, as PG customers are.
  13. Yes, well, sorta. Hopefully if someone puts a cruise final payment on their credit card, they have the cash to pay it off before they take the cruise. Yes? I'm sure most of us fall in that category--we're not going to be incurring long-term credit card debt for a cruise.
  14. Wow, for a small country like New Zealand I guess this is doable, and makes a certain amount of sense--here we just quarantine in our homes and they robocall us every day. Does that include meals? Anyways, as some people here perhaps remember, I've only done one Azamara cruise, but hoped to do more. We have NO cruises booked, and don't intend to gamble on bookings until there's either a reliable treatment, vaccine, or somehow the world has adjusted to this threat in a way that means we can do a cruise safely and still have fun. I am not giving my money to any cruise line right now, and I'm glad we don't have FCC money at stake--we lost about C$1500 when we cancelled our Regent World Cruise in April, and were just glad to get the rest of our deposit back, thank you very much!
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