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  1. Perhaps I wasn't clear. What I meant was that excursion times would be available online or via the PDF when excursion booking opens, or immediately prior.
  2. Just to clarify, by "booking time", I think the other poster meant at excursion booking time, not cruise booking. So as you approach the window, you should get this info, one way or another, either from your TA, online or by phoning Regent.
  3. Good tip, of course we'll need the same! Especially with luggage forwarding and flying home from Barcelona.
  4. Frankly I'd love it if the switched out Santorini for some other island on our trip. Not sure if Naxos or Paros has the infrastructure, and not many other choices, since we'll be coming from Kusadasi, on our way over to Italy, and having already visited Lesbos, Rhodes and Patmos, but perhaps they could stretch to Iraklion.
  5. Well ours leaves at 5 p.m. so doesn't leave much time for that. I have heard that many bus tours drop you off in Fira to take the funicular down to your ship. Since I know there are stairs involved, this wouldn't do for us. Do any bus tours actually take you back to your tender directly?
  6. I looked at April 2021, and it looks like Norwegian Dawn will be in port with us in Santorini. Of course, in my experience, this is early, and other ships can be added. Alas, I doubt we'll do much in Santorini anyways, too physically challenging for those of us who don't like stairs. Even the funicular involves a whole lot of climbing I believe.
  7. Thanks for this great review. Just a couple of minor points: If you like it hot, July is perhaps not the best month--this is, after all, the Tahitian winter. I'm not sure which is the hottest month, since I've only been there in October, December, April, May and June, but in my limited experience it's definitely hotter in "our" winter (i.e., northern hemisphere.) Glad you discovered La Palette at the stern of the ship--wonderful place to entertainment and simple gazing at the scenery. I don't think the 'bubble' is as strong as you made it out to be. We've mostly done PG excursions in the past, and they are operated by the same people who do the private ones. Yes, sometimes they are better value, but not more authentic. Even on the islands staying in hotels, you're not getting really "authentic"--the closest we've had is in a smaller hotel on Moorea. I agree Alex isn't the greatest singer, oh well.
  8. I am, Jan. 2021, about 4 months, Miami to Barcelona. Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Yes, we're excited, but patient, and a bit wary--final payment still a year away and much can happen between now and then. Fingers crossed.
  9. I love the Scandinavian aesthetic, and it wasn't IKEA that started it. Danish Modern was a (worthy) trend in the 60's or even earlier.
  10. As I said when I read that article on FB, I'll believe it when I see it. When these cities actually start limiting port and/or airport infrastructure, as well as metering cruise ships, then something will change. It would also behoove countries to develop secondary port tourism and port facilities.
  11. Sounds lovely, although it'll be late April. Last time was end of October.
  12. Ooh, a yacht charter sounds great! And I guess you could find one that would take 6 or 8 people to make this fairly cost effective. Great tip!
  13. Thanks, that's useful. I'm thinking they might still come in handy on the cruise ship as storage for things like underwear and socks, especially since I believe some of our closet space is open shelving not drawers. I can't imagine that they add much weight or bulk. Most look very lightweight. Oh, and Heidi, we have never ended up with matching luggage because I just won't spend the money to replace all just so they can be the same. Can't imagine doing that. It turns out that our two 22" rollaboards are Travelpro, and good ones with lots of features, just not spinners--they must be 10 years old, but our one big 25" is also Travelpro, a more stripped-down product without all the features that I would have liked (the devil's in the details when you shop online). Our little carryons are Air Canada, left over from our last big bags that 'had the biscuit' quite quickly after being thrown around on airplanes a few times.
  14. It was the 2017 Reunion Cruise, in October. Sorry I took so long to answer, didn't notice the question.
  15. The roads are windy. So if you get motion sick at all, take your meds. But then again I was in a bus, not a private car, and we were coming by road from Sorrento, which is quite a long trip. I'm also interested in hearing suggestions, since we have a stop there in 2021.
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