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  1. We were able to tender into Rarotonga, but just barely. The swells were huge, and in retrospect the captain perhaps should have cancelled, as he had to for Aitutak the next day. The staff manhandled us on and off of the tenders very carefully and successfully, but hate to think about someone partially disabled or in a wheelchair. I guess all-in-all, FP is not a particularly wheelchair-friendly destination. Sad, but inevitable I guess.
  2. Thanks for the pics of Singapore--love it there, despite that eternal hot and steamy weather!
  3. Sigh, the dress code again, really? Just to reiterate, we choose Regent over the other luxury or premium lines mainly because of the bottom line, and that varies greatly from cruise to cruise and ship to ship. We are booked on the 2021 WC because the rate is fantastic and we love the ship (Mariner). But right now we're seeing very competitive rates on Seabourn, for instance, which we would not hesitate to cruise again. Of course, any such comparison would have to include consideration of the cost of Business Air, and excursions. For instance, Seabourn folks don't seem to share private excursions through the roll-calls like the Oceania folks do, so with some exceptions, we'd be stuck doing expensive ship's tours, of the same calibre as Regent's free ones. (We love private excursions, but in most parts of the world, can't really justify the cost.) And BTW, the dress code on Seabourn is more-or-less identical to Regent.
  4. I think that a typical day in Bora Bora will be just that, as far as the Ia Orana daily activities list goes. So don't think it has to be from a 7-day trip. Was there something specific that you wondered about, or were you just curious?
  5. Okay, so good for these awesome passengers, how great that they stepped up! But what would have been the case if they weren't there? Would there have been chaos and panic, hypothermia...?
  6. Business flights tend to be good, in my experience, although if you pay the deviation fee (which we usually do anyways to fly in early), you can pick and choose to some extent. The excursions are quite varied, and very good, if you don't mind groups of 20-30--the modest-cost ones are generally smaller groups. One advantage of Oceania, I find, is that the roll-calls tend to be very active, and people book their own small group tours to share with fellow pax. I love private excursions, with no more than 6-8 people, but hard to do on Regent since you've already paid, so to speak. You might want to check out Seabourn as well. I find their prices very competitive at times--no excursions included, and no air, although you can add it I believe. Hardly fair to Oceania. I agree absolutely about the 'je ne sais quoi' factor, and Oceania did not have this for us (although Seabourn did.) We have arranged our lives to have separate bathrooms in two of our homes, but not on cruise ships--if we'd done that, we would have taken three or four cruises instead of 18.
  7. You may be underestimating the costs of biz air and excursions. Plus the standard verandah cabin on O is significantly smaller than R.
  8. Of course it helps that you live in California! But we absolutely agree about FP. The Vahine resort looks great, btw.
  9. I was about to point that out (the second ferry line) after your first post! Lol. No worries. I seem to think we took an earlier one, but I can't remember for sure, guess it depends on which day of the week it is. It really is a five minute walk from the ferry. As for the muster drill, I would imagine they do have a second one, quite well-attended, since some guests arrive on a late-night flight just before sailaway. If you happen to arrive early, there is a second floor lounge at the ferry terminal that sells drinks and snacks, not a bad place to sit if you have to.
  10. As a Canadian I'm free to visit Cuba anytime I want, but I'm ashamed to say I haven't, mainly because my DH is a dual. Many of my friends go there every year and love it. Some day we'll just go, not from the States, but from Canada or Mexico.
  11. I'm not sure that's a fair assessment. I admit I haven't done either Casablanca or Agadir, but when we had a stop in Tangiers about five years ago we had a delightful private tour, for just six or eight of us. This was Oceania, so we didn't have to deal with a large group like Regent. These experiences in Morocco probably do underline some serious issues with the destination, but also underline the issue with included excursions--you're unlikely to go private when you have already paid for group tours in your fare.
  12. Including foreign visitors to your lovely country? I'm very surprised by that, since it's not like that in Canada.
  13. For the first time I've found out something about Seabourn that I don't particularly like. If I book another Seabourn cruise, I will be aware of this issue.
  14. If you're comparing it to a cruise in a modest cabin on, say, Royal Caribbean, then it's obviously more expensive. You need to do what's comfortable for you, but beware. We took our first cruise on the Paul Gauguin in the South Pacific, which was managed at the time by Radisson (now Regent.) Definitely a small-ship, luxury experience. It was to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But we were hooked, both on Tahiti and on luxury cruising, so we took fewer vacations, saved up, and managed a bunch more cruises. Many people take their first cruise on a mass-market line and hate the whole idea of cruising. And I can't explain to them why it's different on a small ship, with the staff at your beck and call. So if you want to go that way, take the cheap alternative and see how you feel afterwards. If you're willing to take the luxury gamble, choose a 7-day Caribbean trip and judge for yourself. But beware, you might get hooked.
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