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  1. Funny, on our cruise last fall we had booked a cabin close to our friends, first Seabourn, so we didn't know that cabin assignments could be flexible (and our TA didn't think to tell us.) So our cabins were changed without our knowing, and we didn't find out until we checked in. They were great cabins, btw, across the hall from each other, but it was a bit disconcerting.
  2. Thanks. We did a similar tour a couple of years back, of Mdina, and the tour guide was great, too bad yours was rushed. It also was not with Regent, btw. We had a bad experience at a stop in Santa Marta as well, although it was not in the city, but in a national park. I suspect that in these cases, the guide is trying to "cover" the route and the sights they've contracted to show us. And no doubt they would get in trouble with their bosses if they routinely didn't. So this is a disconnect of some kind. I know in Santa Marta, we had to practically force our (very nice) guide to truncate our tour, but before he'd do that, he had to check with his bosses and probably with Regent. In that location I believe it's mostly a matter of lack of tourist infrastructure and lack of experience.
  3. I hope you gave good feedback about the excursion to the Destinations people. Bad review for the guide, and bad review for the organization of the tour overall. Where was this? Some stops just don't seem well organized, perhaps because the tourist infrastructure is lacking? No excuse, it's happened to us, and we "live and learn". We are also very dependent on accurate ratings for these tours, so all we can hope is that feedback from pax will make this system work better.
  4. Wow, that must have been really scary. We must have been on the same cruise (Mariner, January 2017)? We also spent time in Lima, and then went on to Ecuador. But I was really worried for a while in Lima because of the very hot, humid weather and had to seek out a pharmacy for my husband at one point. I was less worried once we got to Ecuador since it has an excellent medical system and we were with friends who knew "the ropes". But still, not something you want to contemplate--glad you got home safe. Hope you have recovered fully, or as fully as you can from a spinal fusion. Too bad.
  5. Sorry for the awful fact of getting kicked off the ship! But thanks for taking us along, especially since many of these ports are on our WC somewhat over a year from now.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. On my desktop I use Paintshop Pro, but I find increasingly I just take a pic on my phone and upload it to Facebook or similar. But my point was I don't want to edit these often, so I have to switch apps and make it an extra step.
  7. I would think about doing a window cabin on the PG, if you want to save some money. Although I would not consider a cabin without a balcony on any other cruise, it makes little difference on the PG. The cabin is the same size, and frankly, the outdoor spaces on the ship are so lovely, that you'll spend little time on the balcony. Yes, it's a lovely luxury, but a pricey one that we have lived without--only once on our six trips did we have a balcony, and I frankly hardly ever used it.
  8. No, it won't. But even we retired IT professionals (moi) find it tough to keep up. Used to be that you could just simply turn off images in your browser, or at least videos. With all the popup ad clutter on most web pages (especially mobile ones), that's tough. We've discussed this before, but my android phone still doesn't respect shutting off video autoplay. In any case, I'll have to turn off cloud syncing (except for email). As for photos, what's the best resolution to post? Looking at my camera app, I don't see an easy way of sharing a photo using a lower res--I'll have to investigate this in a year's time--normally I don't bother since the default is fine when my bandwidth is high. I see that my Photoshop Express app has this option, but it means going in and editing any pic I want to upload. Is it still true that you have to log out of the Regent servers whenever you're not using them? Or can I just turn wifi off and turn it back on when I want to surf? I always found that a pain.
  9. Thanks Peggy, great to be reassured. To those people who say, "oh, just pre-pay everything", I say, I'm too paranoid to do that completely for four months, ha ha.
  10. Sigh, this seems like a never ending battle. On our WC a year or so from now, all I want is to be able to log into my banks and credit card companies maybe once a week, or less, to check my balances and pay any bills. I've experienced slow internet lots of times on Regent in the past, but it's never been consistently slow enough to prevent me from doing the above, or from making a post on Facebook, say, or sending email. I'm guessing that all the photos being uploaded these days is the real problem, and the fact that most web pages are full of popup ads with videos.
  11. Hope you do get a good sail-in to Rio--it certainly is a spectacular port. Love that place, too bad bad things are happening there.
  12. Doesn't the PG still sail around midnight? If so, you have some wiggle room. I myself, however, would never arrive on the day of embarkation, too much risk. Can squeeze another day in? Or more? I actually prefer a pre-cruise stay, but any three days on Moorea is glorious!
  13. Small, intimate ships, no loud announcements, sales pitches, lines. Large standard cabins. Wonderful service, great dining (open seating.) And terrific fellow passengers.
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