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  1. I don't think Princess has had enough time to begin to assess damage. June's a long way off but it may be a couple of months till they know for sure. Generator seems to have started fire it's been reported and other buildings related to water treatment, power etc were destroyed/damaged so I imagine it will be a while. I would keep watching the Cruise Critic news and Princess website for the latest updates. Fortunately this occurred at night when no passengers and crew were there but unfortunately it took over 30 minutes for help..
  2. Lobster Boat Lulu used to be a good option.
  3. We usually stay at the Chateau de Pierre but have also stayed at -- or have friends who have stayed at -- Auberge Place de Armes, Auberge St Louis, Hotel le Priori. I always stay in Upper Town, just like it there, lots of small restaurants, beautiful view of seaway etc. But we always spend some time in Lower Town antiquing, sightseeing and for at least one meal. It's a delightful city!
  4. I have used Bodden Tours many times. If you ask them before booking I'm sure they will be happy to give you some options for the beach time and activities
  5. The Hilton is about 30 minutes from airport with traffic... always stay in the old city Upper Town which is about same distance. There are some wonderful small hotels within the walled city and of course the Frontenac
  6. Since the OP has spoken with Carnival and made her decision based on their input I am closing this topic
  7. There are are numerous lovely small hotels in the old walled city. We always stay there anyway.
  8. Which cruiseport!? You can find reviews of hotels en route on Trip Advisor
  9. Friends did this. They stayed at a hotel in the Inner Harbor for the night, did some sightseeing and then got a cab to the ship. There are several posts in here naming hotels with shuttles to cruise port
  10. There is no way I'd book a flight before 1:00 pm even with luggage taken off. We have cruised Grandeur several times and returned on the weekend -- that's no certainty there won't be back ups on the loops etc with road work, accident, weather (traffic crawls in heavy rain). You "Should" be okay in theory but I'd take the later flight from BWI, read a good book while I waited and not stress over it.
  11. Quick Shuttle goes right from Seattle airport to Vancouver. At least from here way less expensive than flying to Vancouver, shuttle drops you off right at port
  12. We have done the Grandeur twice from Baltimore because it's an easy drive. If Summit also goes to at least Halifax and Bar Harbor too I would pick it. Fortress at Louisbourg near Sydney was partly closed for season in late September when we were there but if you are going in summer that looked like great place to explore
  13. West Street Cafe in Bar Harbor is good, Gilbert's in Portland has excellent chowder. In Boston we had the best lobster Mac and cheese in Fanuiel Hall. At least a whole lobster tail of meat in each portion
  14. Steamers right by the dock is great place for seafood lunch
  15. Not sure what your ports are but in Portland, Bad Harbor, Boston and Halifax you can have a great day ashore picking up tours by locals when you get there or using the Hop On-Hop Off bus in Boston and Halifax. We have been to Bar Harbor twice and last time booked a your into Acadia Park with Woody's Taxi. Wonderful afternoon, totally customized, got out for all great views for photos. Also lots of excellent places for lobster, chowder etc for lunch on this itinerary
  16. Via Rail Canada has service from Toronto to Montreal. Just Google it and you can put in departure and arrival stations, dates etc
  17. Better to pre-arrange if you definitely want to go with them; some days they are already booked so no availability on arrival
  18. For just one day I would use USD everywhere, no need to change to local currency
  19. The private companies will indeed be happy to help you plan, just be aware that road conditions can be crowded with big ships in port, lots of folks going to choose the same things you are (sloths especially) so I'd narrow it down to 2-3 things. Late April is still pretty much high season as well so more tourists staying on the island than mid winter or mid summer.
  20. Hello and thank you for coming to Cruise Critic! Love learning about smaller ship cruises and those that give you a real in depth experience. My question (for now) is, is it possible to disembark in one town and stay a few days and then catch another vessel on the ones that also are "working" ships or do you need to stay on board for the entire cruise once you embark at the homeport?
  21. I've been on that cruise in September when it was in the high 70s (a little unusual). Halifax is a metropolitan area with lots of options In town; many choose to take an excursion to Peggy's Cove. Bar Harbor in August will still have "summer people", very picturesque lively little town. None of these are really "beach" places but unique and lovely in their own right.
  22. If you will read down on this topic there are several tour companies reviewed that can take a group of your size. We usually go with Victor Bodden but there are others that CC'ers have posted extensively about
  23. Host Carolyn


    Yes, the one at Pineapple Villas is the one I am referring to. Have not stayed there but my son did before closing on his house in Roatan and they also go there to watch NFL games if the bars on East End aren't getting them...
  24. Host Carolyn


    Clarion Suites shows a lot of sports in their bar, not sure re soccer. I know some NFL games have been on. Might check with them.
  25. Host Carolyn


    We have used Victor Bodden twice in Roatan and been very happy with our day! Customized to what we wanted to do, easy to book and always prompt. Did zip lining at his property first time and then snorkeling --- fun day!
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