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  1. I don't dislike Celebrity art all but prefer Carnival ....and even Princess...because there is more activity later in the evening. Don't like port intensive cruises so can't compare for that type itinerary. Have sailed on Summit and like that size ship. Be interested to get your input when you return.
  2. Roads in Malta are bumpy. Valletta is a stunning old city to explore on your own or perhaps a visit to Mdina, the silent city? Please don't risk a pregnancy complication on a tour not suitable for pregnant women!
  3. There is already a long thread about this which will affect all Carnival Corp lines apparently
  4. That Is exactly how my friend's sugar straws looked. Drink up to avoid droopy sticky straw! There has to be a better solution. They were only using these for frozen drinks
  5. If you have a tour with Victor --- or any of the reputable tour guys -- no worries. Like anywhere there is crime on the island but overall it is one of the better island destinations in terms of safety. My son lives there and while they don't do out a lot at night on the east end where they live that is fairly remote the tourist areas are fine. Enjoy the island...it's beautiful, people are very friendly
  6. Boy, this was buried!!! Putting it here might help others too. Good thread when you find it!
  7. Depending on when you are cruising it gets dark at 5:00pm or so in winter. Things in Mahogany Bay will be open till ships leave
  8. There were a lot of unhappy cruisers the sailing after the Joyner group last year posting here. At least you know what to possibly expect in terms of delayed embarkation etc. Roll call may pick up after holidays
  9. Hopefully someone who has taken the Carnival excursion you asked about will respond. In the meantime, check out the Curacao port of call board! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/50-curacao/
  10. You're right about not much information on ports of call board. Hopefully some cruisers have done a beach day with a driver or have other options you can consider. Try looking here as well https://www.cruisecritic.com/ports/newport.cfm?ID=15
  11. Thanks! Will check link when I get to my tablet. Is working on phone😕
  12. Very good post from Carnival cruiser on why travel insurance is so important!! Unfortunately can't have the post in both places so hope on over to Carnival boats and take a look. Horrible experience for this family that would have been compounded without travel insuranceo
  13. The $100,000 already spent is not unusual as the medivac itself can be that much depending on length of flight etc. and to suggest a malpractice attorney is needed is premature. A bleeding ulcer can be life threatening in best of conditions. How awful for the family
  14. There likely will be some things they will be putting the finishing touches on. One cruise right after drydock our fav bartender at the aft pool was still attaching seats to his barstools at sailing.. Since a bunch of us knew him from other cruises the guys pitched in and got it done in no time. If your husband is already reluctant about this cruise, and because you don't know how "inconvenient" some last minute things might be, consider rebooking another TA? I wouldn't change because I would be expecting such things but sounds like he's not very gung ho anyway?
  15. Lots of good suggestions here. Carnival has more calls at Cozumel than the other cruise lines so you will get a ton of input here but I would also go by the Cozumel board just to see if they missed anything!! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/131-cozumel/
  16. Have you confirmed space available??? Carnivals meeting folks are your best bet this close to sail date.
  17. Pride had port call in Freeport last week, friends were onboard
  18. I would get on the phone NOW and call Carnival and ask them specifically and get the name of the person who says your concealed carry i.d. would be accepted. Not that the posts here aren't accurate BUT this is going to determine whether or not you board the ship tomorrow. Get the answer straight from Carnival today, please!!!! You don't want to watch everyone sail off without you......
  19. Are you specifically looking to cruise on Carnival or considering other cruise line ships? Carnival sails from Baltimore and New York but not from Bayonne. If you want to consider all 3 ports of departure I can move this to a forum where you will also get more information on Bayonne.
  20. Topic is late night food cuts???? Not cruising vs. All inclusive resorts and free vs. not free spa services. thank you!!!
  21. First time there? Get a driver for the day. Roads are narrow and in some places , "interesting" to navigate. With time spent dealing with rental and time allowed to be back to ship in time not worth it. Is your ship tendering? Even less a good option with many ships in ,port adding to traffic. My son loves on east end and they don't even go into Coven Hole on molto ship days
  22. My vegetarian friends do this and have basically ordered at Guys on the Sunshine, just order without the patty!
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