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  1. It's not just you, I also think Dasani taste terrible. Taste more like dirty water, or the charcoal filter. 😞
  2. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/14037410_CEL_Suites_FAQs.pdf This may help answer some of your questions. Signature suites, Royal, PH, and Reflection suites have jacuzzis on the balconies. All have access to MC and Luminae.
  3. Here are the ships with there terminal assignments:
  4. This has kind of been going on for years. On our 15 NT TA on the Silhouette, my DH and I had one of the PH suites, and his mother had a concierge class balcony down the hall from us. When the Concierge found out that we haven’t been coming into Michael’s Club the first few nights, she arranged for her to come and go as she pleased, same with Luminae we paid $400.00 (less than 27.00 a day, that was a steal of a deal) and she could dine with or without us B,L, & D. So I’m sure they have all been making reasonable adjustments for upper suites all along. To me Family is one thing but friends on a daily basis I’m not so sure I agree with. Hopefully this isn’t Celebrity’s version of RCCL and the “Key program”.
  5. We DVR most things so we can skip the ridiculous amount of commercials. Now a days they turn a 30 min show into an hour, and 50% of it is commercials. We saw the new commercial once, and it is Alice in wonderland trippin! It’s Not marketing to our demographic, I’m not sure what the demographic is targeting?
  6. Went on an 11 night cruise Dec 2017 at the start of the cruise (1st wk in Dec) it was like this example of the central stair case. Then it looked like this by the end of the cruise. Each day more and more decorations showed up. Elves were busy as we slept. Decorations were everywhere! Beautiful. This ship was the Eclipse.
  7. I now take these straws in my purse. https://www.amazon.com/RESTRAW-Collapsible-Reusable-keychain-Stainless/dp/B07TSKVX5N/ref=sr_1_25?crid=3UK3434NG8OF4&keywords=reusable+colapsable+straws&qid=1570060976&sprefix=Reusable+calapsable+straws%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-25 I Hate paper straws, and dislike the way it sticks to my lips. A must have for non alcoholic drinks! Personal preference, but with alcohol I don’t use a straw.
  8. I thought with the move up offer you only get the room with no added benefits, but you do keep any benefits you currently have with your booking?
  9. I see nothing wrong with what you did. It was very unique and thoughtful!
  10. Just curious, On the Reflection can the App also unlock your room door?
  11. Does anyone know if it can also be used as our room key on the Reflection? Also can I use it to make reservation in specialty restaurants? I know RCCL we could check our account, order room service, make reservations, used it to board the ship and get a drink at the bar, but it did not unlock our stateroom door, but we used it on an older ship (Vision).
  12. Mine too has been locked since Sunday when trying to access it from my IPad, I get the same message, but was able to get in using my PC and Firefox. iPad is still coming up with the same message. I just went into settings > safari> Clear history and website data, then tried signing back in and all is good. Clearing everything did work on my iPad! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. We really aren't early diners but since the Maiter D made such a big deal about us coming early we did. It was between 5:30 and 6:00 each night, he just was not very friendly except to those he knew or wanted to get to know. Our waiter was wonderful and very personal and so was the sommelier and the rest of the staff. We are very much looking forward to our next cruise on the Reflection, and we always have a wonderful time no matter what!
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