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  1. Check Celebrity all suites usually come with All 4 perks: drink package to use anywhere on the ship, paid Grats, 300.00 OBC, and internet. Plus all suites (even Sky suites = to JR suite on RC) have access to the suite lounge, and their own dinning room for Breakfast lunch and dinner. Also if you are Diamond on RC you’ll start out as Elite on Celebrity and have several benefits.
  2. And possibly in a crowed elevator! Not out in the sun for sure, or in a bar or restaurant.
  3. The crew will be very happy to get whatever dollars or euros You wish to give. Lots of people don’t tip beyond the 18% already included. Sailing back from Europe we tipped in dollars since it would make it easier on them not having to exchange it.
  4. Our Jan 2021 cruise on the Liberty dropped from $72.00 to $57.00, and now to $43.00, canceled online and rebooked, hope it drops again before Jan!🥂
  5. Just canceled our drink packages online that I just booked a few days ago at $57.00 pp/pd to now $43.00pp/pd. Also book Voom S&S for 11.48. Here’s Hoping it drops again between now and Jan! 🥂
  6. My DH is right along with you and we live in FL. He wears long sleeved shirt, long pants and a big floppy hat to cut the grass, along with gloves. He has been cut on and burned too many times to count, and no longer takes chances.
  7. LOL, that is why I always bring pillows from home in a vacuum bag, and leave them behind after the cruise, they can toss them out with the trash.
  8. Thanks! I checked earlier today and ours was at 72.00 pp/Pd and just checked again and it’s down to 57.00 pp/Pd Thinking about locking it in and if there is a drop cancel and rebook.
  9. Thanks for the warning, and glad you caught it!
  10. I’m still not seeing any Specialty Dinning In our planner for Jan 2020, just my time dinning reservations. The DLX drink Pk did drop to $72.00 PP/PD today for our cruise, but that is still to ridiculously high.
  11. @Laurba99 our pricing for our Jan cruise just showed up in our planner. Deluxe Pk showing 79.00 PP/PD. I bit steep, hoping it comes down some before I buy it. Hope your pricing is better than ours!
  12. Ours is showing 79.00 PP/PD for the deluxe package, luckily our cruise isn’t until Jan, so we have time to wait and see if it comes down. 😳
  13. Good question, we have a cruise planned for Jan 2021, and we can’t book anything from the planner yet in the way of dinning or drink packages.
  14. It's not just you, I also think Dasani taste terrible. Taste more like dirty water, or the charcoal filter. 😞
  15. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/14037410_CEL_Suites_FAQs.pdf This may help answer some of your questions. Signature suites, Royal, PH, and Reflection suites have jacuzzis on the balconies. All have access to MC and Luminae.
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