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  1. As Milhouse stated it is walkable, and we walked down the day before and scouted it out, but since we had large pieces of luggage, we arranged for a ride to drop us off at the baggage check in.
  2. Thanks, I waited and repriced it last week and saved $3,485.00 including gratuities, we lost our $800.00 OBC, but well worth it!
  3. We choose the airport Fairmont the night before we fly home, especially since our flight is at 7:00 AM
  4. You can select US dollars instead of Canadian $ on the website.
  5. Sorry, I guess everything has doubled if not tripled since COVID. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  6. We have also stayed at the Pinnacle Marriott approximately a block and a half away. We had a great room high floor overlooking the harbor. Might be worth checking it out.
  7. I also have a question. I booked our cruise and flights with Celebrity, my cruise price went down by $1663.00 even with losing some perks, can you reprice the cruise without repricing the airfare?
  8. We sailed on the Equinox last Oct 2022, and none of the three small things we requested to the SSC were done (1) extra ice bucket filled with ice, for the special bottle of champagne we brought OB, 2) a body pillow for my DH, 3) and to have the chocolate dipped strawberries, that we ordered and paid for ahead of time, in the room for sail way). Alway had great SSC experiences in the past except for that time on that ship.
  9. Several years ago while staying in a PH suite (15 night Mediterranean/TA cruise, Silhouette), my MIL was in a Concierge cabin, and Luminae allowed her to go there to eat every day with or without us, but we paid a fee (supposed to be so much per meal, but they gave us a great deal for the entire cruise). The Concierge also let her join us in Michael’s Club ea night, and the Captains table one night. I think it depends on the suite and the ship, but it can’t hurt to ask when you get onboard. Good luck to you!
  10. Call Celebrity 1-888-751-7804. If you just booked, some times it takes a few days to for the all included drink package, tips, WiFi, and OBC to show up on your invoice. The number above you can also request an invoice to be emailed to you. Enjoy your trip and Sky Suite!
  11. If you have an iPad, just download a few movies or shows to watch off line, even if the internet is bad you can still watch them without WiFi.
  12. We were on the Equinox for a 10 night Halloween cruise, in the SO Caribbean, and it was horrible. We had surf and stream that came with our suite it was the worst we’ve ever experienced.
  13. Agree, it wasn’t the best experience on the Equinox either this last October. We paid a little over $8000. for a CS/10 NT. cruise then, and now it is running around $18,500. for our Dec 2023 Beyond cruise. It’s Insane! The old Solstice ship for Alaska 2024 is crazy expensive also. How long will people continue to be loyal to Celebrity and continue to pay these prices with all the downgrades?
  14. That is what I basically said. If the box is expired check online, The dates on most kits have been extended, but I haven’t seen any up to a year out.
  15. You can also check online the website for the brand of test that you have, ours expired the end of Sept, but on the website it stated the FDA extended the expiration date three months beyond that date.
  16. Port Everglades app, or the port website schedule.
  17. Sept 17th berth 19, Oct 1 - 8 it appears to be 25
  18. Usually terminal #25 https://www.porteverglades.net/cruise/cruise-terminals/terminal-25/ Right now the app only goes as far as Sept 8th.
  19. 🤔 One 10 night cruise in a sky suite will take care of that, and the OP will make Elite.
  20. I agree, these are wonderful cabins, spectacular wake views. Never had an issue with wind nor soot. One thing to consider is the location to the elevators is a long walk, if you have any issues walking. Also don’t get deck 6 because the balcony is very small, I have read lots of complaints on here about it.
  21. I had a similar situation. We booked a suite all inclusive, when they emailed my invoice it showed the premium drink package, WiFi, and they added 1600. OBC but no tips. I had to call and have them correct it. They couldn’t believe I was reporting double credit added and no tips (I’m sure they would have eventually seen the error), I just wanted no issues later on.
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