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  1. While there is a chance you could make it, that's a bit tight in my mind.
  2. Have you looked at your roll call? This board is for people needing technical help with the forums. Your fellow cruisers can be found under the roll call section.
  3. You should search for 3 people initially.
  4. Well, at least your dates shouldn't hit college parent's weekends or Head of the Charles. But still, head over to the East Coast Departures board.
  5. Its better than what they did to introduce the new boards that no one saw.
  6. This is discussed regularly on the East Coast Departures board. First thing we need to know is your dates. Boston has a lot of stuff going on in the fall.
  7. This is a 4-5 year old thread....
  8. Was Carnival participating last year? I thought that even though the port provided the service, Carnival still didn't participate.
  9. I didn't know Pepsi had "freestyle" machines. I thought only Coke had them.
  10. If you just have basic flip phones, shut them off and leave them in the safe. Unfortunately, there won't be a way to communicate with each other for no charge. With regards to 2 way radioes, please do a search on the whole board first. They don't work very well.
  11. My personal opinion: If you can change your cruise to another weekend, I would do so. Airfare and hotels in both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale will be through the roof and hard to get.
  12. You mistakingly posted to the forum for those who require help with the boards. You should post again to the section for Solstice roll calls. Just note that the roll call finder is currently not working, so please do look through the forum first before starting a new thread.
  13. If its a tour offered as part of the package, you are good to go.
  14. On my last couple of cruises, I have not had 1 photo taken by ships photographers.
  15. For the most part, YTD is always the midship dining room. Exceptions are I believe Vista and Horizon, where it is reversed due to the demand for YTD.
  16. You show up at the assigned time. Showing up more than 15 minutes later is considered rude.
  17. I thought everyone used those.... You mean there are other ones?
  18. Welcome to Cruise Critic. The place here to find your fellow cruisers is your roll call. That's where you should post this request.
  19. You would need to make arrangements to get the recliner yourself. But do contact special needs for information.
  20. You might want to ask this on the West Coast Departures board where this is talked about every so often.
  21. Well, the PVSA actually doesn't apply in this case. The POA is a US registered ship. However, NCL would still need to approve you boarding in Maui. It's their call.
  22. Hello. Welcome to Cruise Critic. The place to find your fellow cruisers (and the place that this forum requests that tour shares be made) is your roll call. You should post this query there.
  23. Did you book your own room or a guarantee? If it was a guarantee, they can put you anywhere.
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