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  1. I would suggest discussing this with your financial advisor.
  2. Assuming you are spending the night in Seattle, you'll be fine. If this is the same day, not a chance.
  3. This is a Canadian regulation. They might give permission for other bars to open.
  4. I would not recommend Uber from Boston to Salem. Will cost a fortune. When are you in Boston? October is a very busy time both for Boston and for Salem.
  5. But was it 2 years ago when this post was made?
  6. Why wouldn't you explore all the ports?
  7. Yes, RCCL will put holds on your card, and then true up at the end of the cruise. If you use a debit card, this money is held until the holds drop off. This is the #1 reason to NOT use a debit card for your cruise.
  8. It depends on the embarkation port. NY, Galveston, and Norfolk it doesn't start until the second day.
  9. You might wish to ask either on the West Coast Departures board, or the Canada/Northwest Ports board. Vancouver is on the west coast of Canada, not the east.
  10. You might wish to ask on the West Coast Departures board, where Vancouver is covered.
  11. You might ask on the West Coast Departures board, where Vancouver is covered as it is not in Alaska.
  12. There is a difference between Bar Harbor and Juneau. Bar Harbor has a good enough tourist season without the cruise ships. Juneau is more dependent on the cruise ships for business. In other words, Bar Harbor can afford to upset the cruise lines, Juneau can't.
  13. Google? The cruiseline does not give out this information.
  14. On the NCL board, someone who is boarding today (I think) mentioned that their Port Valet was cancelled. Claim is that NCL isn't participating this year. Rumor is that it's too early.
  15. NCL keeps pushing the season earlier and later. I can't believe the ports will be ready for cruise traffic this early.
  16. I think the referendum was in 2022, so any reservations past that are "void" if they don't meet the constraints. I believe the cruise industry was banking on the court tossing it out.
  17. Bar Harbor is only honoring reservations made prior to the referendum date. At least until the courts tell them otherwise.
  18. Bar Harbor is only an 4-5 hour drive from Boston.
  19. You will not find a hotel in Boston with a cruise/park package, especially for 20 days.
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