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  1. I don't understand how the drill would be during the party. Everything on the ship comes to a complete stop during muster. The party would not be scheduled until after muster. While I'm sure they try not to leave port until muster is over, if the port and pilot says go, they go.
  2. After Concordia, the rules were amended that muster must happen prior to sailing.
  3. Have you heard of the Concordia? That's why muster is before the ship leaves.
  4. 1025cruise

    Bermuda Twizy

    You should post to the Bermuda ports of call board.
  5. I don't believe Carnival is planning any ships for China.
  6. For people that can't stand, they should ask to go to the "disabled" muster location inside. I have a bad back and cannot stand for that long and always go to the disabled station, after checking in at my regular muster station. When I cruised on the Valor, I was sent directly to Churchills when the attendant noticed I was in pain.
  7. Your problem won't be embarking at the port. Your problem will be getting into Canada to get to the port. DWI is considered a felony in Canada, therefore you risk not being allowed in.
  8. Transatlantics tend to attract an older crowd. I don't think it will make much of a difference.
  9. If the excursion is planned through Carnival, just follow the signs.
  10. TBH, I resented paying for the shuttle. The city should be picking up the cost if they want cruisers to spend money in town....
  11. The Summit cruisers were told not to show up until the afternoon. I understand that they are unloading the Anthem, getting it out of the dock, docking Summit for disembark/embarkation. Not sure if they are hoping to embark Anthem before it leaves.
  12. The question is whether or not all of the Summit cruisers heed the warning to not show up early.
  13. Your local stores at home. You might find Pendora and RoyBan sunglasses in port.
  14. The answer is it depends on where the ship is being stocked, what's in the stores, etc. Its water. What does it matter?
  15. In that case, you will need to get flowers at a port. Flowers purchased onboard will not be allowed to leave the ship due to agriculture laws.
  16. I would think that Somerset would be happy to call you a taxi.
  17. I would assume so. A few years ago we were at the AJ dock, our options were a cruise excursion or the shuttle. They really did not like allowing anyone to just walk it.
  18. I believe Texas is the only state that does this. And note, the liquor is still duty free, you are paying a tax for importing it into Texas (even if you are going directly to the airport to fly out).
  19. Well, for the chip bowl, I would have mentioned it to someone to remove the bowl. For the other stuff, I'm not sure I would have done anything. Maybe mention it to someone so they could clean the spouts. While I will use provided cups to fill my jug, I drink from the lid that comes off anyways.
  20. You could also look up a pharmacy in port. I once went to a pharmacy in Grand Cayman for something for my wife.
  21. Priority boarding will be for everyone involved in the wedding (I think). However the guests do need to be registered. Can't really answer your other questions.
  22. You can't just do what you want to do. Throwing anything overboard is a definite no-no. What you might wish to do is talk to the guest services people and see if they can help.
  23. The Cruise Critic app is not currently supported. Tapatalk should be working.
  24. The people that might be interested can be found on your roll call, where requests for tour shares are supposed to be posted.
  25. I would assume that the internet will still be available on board. I would also assume that if the sat phone is illegal in Cuba, if you are seen using it there is the risk of being arrested.
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