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  1. I don't think there are many non stop flights out LGB to the east coast I think LGB is more of a regional airport
  2. Need recommendation for LIMO service out of LAX
  3. booked 4 excursions for our Jan 2025 cruise in March
  4. Years ago there was a big round board behind the couch on our concierge veranda cabin on R ships and when We ordered breakfast they placed the board over the table. Not any more on our Riviera and Vista cruises
  5. We are doing LA to PPT on Naitica this January just curious why people decided to leave the cruise in Hawaii. Why where they unhappy with the cruise.
  6. You can no. longer elect anything since the new SM has been in effect We booked our 2025 cruise while on board the Vista this winter and received a $200.00 reduction each for booking on board The price of our cruise went up $400.00 PP good thing we booked on board . So we saved $600.00 pp
  7. The Hyatt SHUTTLE is it easy to catch from LAX international terminal? Anyone with experience using it?
  8. On Vista this past February always requested Perrier instead of water and they always opened a fresh bottle in front of us at all venues breakfast lunch dinner
  9. I guess I'm a little OLD fashioned on our 13 cruises on Oceania I always wear a sport jacket in the specialty restaurants. But that's just my choice.
  10. According to Delta they just finished the 2 billion dollar sky walk between international terminal with moving platform just wondering if anyone has had experience using it. I was thinking of the 2pm flight to JFK I've noticed your boarding Natica after We disembark the 26th
  11. Can We Use a luggage cart on the DELTA SKYWAY from TOM BRADY INT TO DETA TERM 3
  12. Can we use luggage carts between Tom Brady Int. and Delta Terminal 3 on the SKYWAY at LAX.
  13. Can We Use luggage carts from Tom Brady Int. To Delta Termal 3 on the SKYWAY.
  14. Best fish and chips I have ever eaten when I read sea bass I was amazed .The 2nd night I had the rib steak fantastic We went to Ember expected not much but was pleasantly surprised . Still miss Jacques
  15. That ussaly happens when you book 2 separate cruises instead of B2B. On B2B we where able to book all our 8 reservations at one time.before the next segment was available for the 18 day cruise But you get 2 cruise credits instead of 1 by booking separate cruises.
  16. We found the water on Vista not great so I would have them pour Perrier at all the venues we ate at. Also at the pool the bar had small bottles of Perrier also had room steward supply us with them
  17. So you would dine in a Toscana style restaurant in less then 30 minutes pay any where between $150.00 and $200.00 and say you had a fine dinning experience. Too each his own.
  18. We finished our appetizers the Busboy took and cleared them and the waiter delivered our meal as the appetizers where removed.
  19. I think that's partly your fault On Vista in February in the GDR we spread our dinner out for about an hour or more always told the waiter to spread out the meal. one evening in Toscana our main dish came as soon as they removed our appetizers told them to take it back and ordered different main course
  20. Just to let you know ask someone behind the middle counter in the terrace cafe to pour from the fresh squeezed oj that's in the fridge under the counter
  21. Back in the old days before the turn of the century we where docked in Shanghai on the Royal Viking Sky. Train broke down with ships tour on the train. Ship due to depart at 5 pm but it waited 6 hrs and departed at 11 pm. The independent passengers where lucky the ships tour was on the train
  22. Before the turn of the century we where on the Royal Viking Sky docked In Shanghai. There was a ships tour by train and train broke down with about 30 passengers. We waited 6 hrs for there return. Left the port at 11 pm instead of 5 pm. As Arthur Former always said the ship will always wait for ships tours to return.
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