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  1. Are there any shelves or drawers in the renovated bathroom
  2. is there still a round stool in front of the dresser or did they put a chair with a back like on the O ships
  3. Thanks for that we planned on Parkers and L'Opera sounds like something we would enjoy
  4. We have Hyatt points and staying at the Hyatt Recency So.Pine. Any good restaurants within a short walk?
  5. You can bring liquor and wine on board. The liquor can only be consumed in your cabin unopened wine can be used in dinning venues for a $25.00 corcege fee.
  6. Very informative thank you we are booking ATN to LAX premium economy and buying the lounge package. Then booking Delta to JFK. because the economy class is 2 3 2.
  7. In 2017 I had the Purser on our Oceania cruise call the Intercontinental 5 days before we docked and he made the reservation for us.When we got to the hotel at 9:30 am the receptionist told us we had to wait till 1 pm to get our room So I smiled and handed him a crisp us currency and our room was ready at 10 am
  8. We know the Premium Economy does not allow access to the air conditioned lounge. But is it worth the extra cash flying from ppt to lax.Any comment will be appreciated
  9. We first walked into Ember we where escorted to a 2 table in the middle but noticed 2 table along the window on the left side as you walk in . So we sat there and had a Great steak the best I've had on O Second time we went waited about 15 minutes for one of those tables and had the Fish and chips made from Chilean Sea bass.Thats like taking a Rolls Royce and making it a Amazon delivery van.
  10. Did Oceania ever offer a post cruise tour or hotel package in Papeete?
  11. or just keep 2 or 3 in you card holder.just in case there are none on the table
  12. Did our first Papeete 7 day cruise on The Windstong Great cruise. We did Sydney to Auckland on Naitica few years later Papeete to Sydney also Naitica and then in 2014 Los Angeles to Papeete on Naitica We. just booked for January 8 2025. Los Angeles to Papeete on Naitica love Oceania LOL
  13. Thats what i did took 2 days to get and it's not illuminated so u wake up at night have to turn a light on to. read it. Not like the old red faux leather clocks we had for 20 years and u never had to ask for one it was always there
  14. Just a heads up THERE ARE NO CLOCKS ON VISTA.So bring a reliable battery clock for your many time changes
  15. On Vista 18 days cabin 9098 heard a small amount of noise next cabin tv But big pet peeve there are no clocks any where on the ship. No clock in staterooms that we always had since saiing O past 15 years. We ask guest service and got one 2 days later No clock at pool no clock at reception no clock in elevators on the screens.
  16. We boarded Naitica on March 11 2014 cruising from Beijing to Hong Kong with 4 stops in Japan. We got to our cabin turned on the TV to breaking news EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN. O did a great job to re do ports had a great cruise.Never did make it back to Japan
  17. besides the tv noise from the cabin adjoining yours take air plugs for the load music piped into the pool area.
  18. My own thoughts of having a bathtub is a bad idea given the possible risk of getting in and out while a ship is at sea
  19. They also took bathtubs out in Riviera refit nice big showers in A and B category we loved the bathroom refit lots of drawers
  20. that's correct but lunch is around 1:30 in terrace and then back to our storeroom
  21. We always give up our lounge chairs when we go for lunch at 1:30 . How long do u think it takes to eat scrambled eggs or pancakes or crusant at waves in the morning not 45 minutes
  22. it seems the 7 day cruises are 6 pm as opposed to longer cruises at 6:30m for specialty restaurant
  23. no Jacques on Vista but Ember was a big surprise we had wonderful dinners still miss Jacques LOL
  24. We are on Vista b2b the Jan31 to February 11 no table service in waves. Now table service February 11 to 18th. Also time changed for specialty restaurant 6pm to 9pm
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