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  1. Maybe when you give cabin # a picture and your name comes up Just saying don't really know
  2. I was told u have to upload a photo. Wondering if I can upload from my passports
  3. Do I have to go on computer like I do for restaurant reservations to get an early board time?
  4. When I received my documents I never went to my account page. It never occurred to me. I've seen it on the page just ignored it. LOL
  5. Last year we disembarked at around 8:45 got our luggage got cab around 9 am at airport around 9:30
  6. Our last cruises 2022 2023 never went on line to check in.Just showed up around 10:30 am in Miami terminal and sat and waited for cabin category called. Never new there was an on line check in .
  7. Just slip them a little something and they will always remember .LOL
  8. The host or hostess in the GDR will always ask for cabin number. Your name comes up and they confirm.
  9. just ask the room steward to remove the bolsters and leave only your sleeping pillows also instruct them to untuck your sheets at night so you don't have to pull sheets out a and strain your back
  10. We sailed the Silver Wind back on 2005 Cape Town to the Maurichs. We boarded the ship around 11 am and they gave us a wine list chose our wine had lunch and by dinner time new our names and wine preferences. Back then it was assigned seating 7:30 table with the same 2 couples best time we had.Ate in restaurant 1 time no charge LOL. Sailing since the late 70's all our cruises where assigned seating exept the Windstar cruises. In 2008 did Oceania and this year will be our 13th cruise. with them.
  11. We always ask the room steward to bring a new hair dryer that's never been used in the box and ussaly they bring it to us while we are unpacking.
  12. Last January 20 day cruise on Riviera. First sea day come down at 7:15 am take 2 lounges middle row.By 7:30 plenty of lounges. An elderly man dressed in O bathrobe places items on lounge next me in middle row then places items on front row lounges in sun in front of the lounges in the shade and leaves. About an hour later him and his wife come to lounges and keep switching from sun to shade on the 4 lounges. Next day same routine. Third day I see him coming to lounges I immediately place items on the 4 lounges. He comes by see there taken and looks for other lounge around pool. I see him leave pool and immidatly remove items from the 4 lounges
  13. We have been on O cruise 12 times since 2013. We arrive at the GDR around 7:00pm ask for a table for 2 at a window. Always a 15 to 30 minutes wait so we go to the lounge order our bottle of wine sit and enjoy our wine and when a table is ready they come and get us.
  14. I have been doing that on every ship we sailed on since before the turn of the century
  15. Years ago on Naitica there was a pool matron who timed when someone went to lunch allowing half hour. We where aware of this and still had our stuff removed we where 10 minutes to late.On all our cruises on O we eat in waves so we can see our lounge LOL We now are fast Chewers.
  16. On the Riviera last January very disappointed books where old and worn.
  17. Pre no lids I would go to the Terrace cafe around 7 am where they have a coffee station get 2 coffee bring back to our cabin. Now no lids I have a pot of coffee delivered to our stateroom by 7:00 am.
  18. Ember Embers Shmembers who Remembers Still not Jacques
  19. We have cruised on the O style ships since 2014 and always looked forward to dinners at Jacques .Very disappointing for our upcoming cruise on Vista
  20. Is Oceania still giving the beach bag in concierge on Vista
  21. Especially the passengers who ride the elevators with hot coffee no lid
  22. Booked day room back in 2017 on Seirna. Had to call hotel direct made reservation. Then 5 days before had the Purser call hotel to confirm after we left Hawaii. Got off ship at around 9 am took taxi TO IHG checked in at 9:30 Had to wait till 10 to go to room. It was great
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