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  1. You are saying ur insurance carrier will pay you for missed ports even if you are not out of pocket any money or physical mishaps?
  2. How's this. Nautica March 2011 Beijing to Hong Kong with 4 port stops in Japan. Earthquake and tsunami we where on board March 11. All Japan ports cancelled. Never been to Japan booked this cruise for that reason but that's life.Had a great time.Food and amenities fantastic on the ship. Did 4 other ports in the region.
  3. At that time I just applied for the card a year before and earned enough points to book.
  4. When we stayed at that Park Hyatt in 2012 they sent a limo to pick us up at airport and then took us to the ship 4 days later.
  5. My wife has her LEO prepared to order at Waves. And other omelets
  6. We stayed at The Park Hyatt Sydney before our cruise on Nautica. One of the finest hotels in the world and great location. Get a credit card associated with the hotel and stay for points.
  7. Always look for the porter bringing the luggage to the staterooms when our category is called and hand him a few bucks never have to wait more then a little while ,all brought together.
  8. Also selling pre owned Channel bags at very high prices
  9. Where you on the Antarctic cruise that started in Chile?
  10. We docked at Terminal B March 2 from our 20 day cruise on Riviera. We disembarked at 8:45 for our 3 pm flight home. We got our luggage flagged a porter no lines went past immigration porter took us out to taxi area got taxi was at delta's terminal at 9:40.could have made the 12 noon flight
  11. We where on the 20 day February cruise. Ate in Toscana 3 evenings always the Lobster Fra Diovolo been consistent for the last 13 years
  12. That's right but when I saw it gone I asked for another one and it was there when we got back from dinner.
  13. I hang mine on the hooks put outside the bathroom on the Riveara .After the first 10 days I gave it to the room stewards and got a clean one for the next 10 days
  14. Why dont you give them to your room steward instead of shoving them away?
  15. They also ran out of Santana Margarita Savione Blanc after getting 2 bottles the first week on board.
  16. THERE was a poster on the first half of our cruise who posted got off at 7:30 and made his 10 am flight to Arizona
  17. The key factor to me was we flagged a porter and went directly out through customs and into a cab.No lines
  18. We disembarked at our assigned time 8:45 am got luggage cleared customs in taxi and at MIA at 9:20
  19. Just got our disembarking info end of cruise MARCH 2 TERMINAL B. Ending or 20 day Riviera cruise
  20. Had them today for lunch in Terrace. Fish and chips on the Riviera
  21. Tonight's menu is exactly the same,except it's monk fish not halibut
  22. Lunchtime was a Prvt. Function in Jaques looked to me like TA FDR Function
  23. My wife had the same problem for this 20 day cruise and 10 days in Florida before boarding. Her advice repeat repeat repeat
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