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  1. The wines offered on the SM will they be what's on the premium package or the cheaper package. Over our 14 cruises we never took a drink package alway ordered wine by the bottle at dinner
  2. We did Angkor Way before the turn of the century. Only hotel was the Hotel Dnakor fantastic. Did it off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Shor ex was the company think they are the tour company most cruise lines still use
  3. Over 12 cruises on O we have never used the drink package. We always order bottles of wine at dinner. With the SM do you think we can order individual bottled wine or they will only serve by the glass.
  4. I don't get it,people gamble all sums of money but to pay $2.00 for an ATM withdrawals they get nuts LOL
  5. Sorry bout that my bad Have cruise booked for 2025 so it showed cruise only back when I booked
  6. On the SM it states for the first time FREE SPECIALTY DINING does this mean if you choose cruise only you don't get that?
  7. We have 18 day carribean cruise this winter on Vista. Price went up $100 PP for SM A3 cabin.Cruise only fair went up $600 PP Our air credit was $600 PP.We chose the $1000.00 OLIFE credit which would cover our 18 night's of bottle wine.more or less. If we take more then 2 excursion would be a lot for us in the Carribean. I would think a more intensive port cruise might be better with SM.
  8. I agree with WOOFA. Been on over 15 cruises on O and I like a salad with dinner in the GDR some evening's. I ask for a simple hearts of lettuce tomato and onion chopped with Russian dressing.Always accommodated
  9. Since O eliminated the covers for the hot coffee containers bringing hot coffee back to your cabin is dangerous. I've seen passengers trying to manipulate those hot cups in the elevators
  10. Wine stewards where few and far between on our cruise this past winter on Riviera
  11. Is our favorite LOBSTER FRA DIAVOLA still on the menu
  12. Has the menu in Toscana changed at All? Is it still the same that's shown on Os web site? Since Giada is godmother do you think she might influence the menus
  13. On our Riviera cruise this winter,wore masks when leaving cabin into the elevator and hall ways. Once outdoors took them off never shared dining. Worked for us.
  14. We sailed from LA to Papeett on Serina 2017. Booked day rate at intercontinental . Took a few phone calls from US and one call from the concierge on the ship in the middle of the Pacific to confirm. Great hotel have stayed there 3 times since 1997.
  15. We are booked January 31 for 18 days. On Riviera this year was at the pool for our 2 lounges at 7.15 am..stayed there till wife came down to join me never left the lounge LOL
  16. If it's a week day have to figure one and half to two hours travel time
  17. We always give the person who delivered our breakfast from room service $2.00 or 3 dollars We have sailed Oceania 14 years in a row.
  18. I notice on your photos of the pool deck that there is only one row of lounges in the shade surround the pool. On the Riveara and Marina there are 3 rows. I can imagine big arguments over those lounges LOL
  19. I agree but those spaces are far from the view of the pool area
  20. The thing I noticed on the picture of the pool deck was that the overhang only allows one row of lounge chairs in the shade As the Riveara and Marina have three rows with 2 in the shade.
  21. About 10 yrs ago got cash with my CC at reception and they chait as a purchase. Last year on Riviera asked for cash reception told me to go to casino and use my atm card.
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