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  1. On Riviera now and my wife and I have noticed more men wearing jackets in the GDR. I wear a jacket only in the specialty restaurants.
  2. Last evening at THE GDR on the Riviera the couple next to us ordered all 5 courses. My wife and I usually order 3 . Does the wait staff get annoyed? How many courses do people usually order
  3. Have 7:30 reservation. What time should I arrive? Is there a bar in Toscana so I can go early and have a drink
  4. Just cost me $50.00 from Alamo drop off by taxi
  5. How many DRAWerS are there in the new bathroom cabinet and stateroom desk
  6. How many DRAWS are there in the new bathroom cabinet and stateroom desk
  7. Acrusa

    MUST I?

    Just received the muster video from Oceania. Does that mean there is no Muster on board?
  8. Acrusa


    Boarding Riviera this week, anyone know the price of a regular manicure and pedicure?
  9. Yes like lox eggs and onions in. The morning for breakfast
  10. LOL I doubt that is why it might be not as hot as they like Usually if food is delivered cold or luck warm is because it came out of kitchen that way.
  11. Year was 1997 Royal Caribbean Sun VICKING arrive Shanghai 8 am Ships tour leaves due back ship 4 pm ship to leave 5 pm. Long story short train breaks down buses sent to pick up tour passengers got back to ship 10 pm. 6 couples on prvt tours hitched ride back with tour group almost got Shanghai hide
  12. I can't imagine there not being room for lounges
  13. On the R ships by the life boats I had the pool guy setup 2 lounges when pool Deck was full
  14. Are there lounge chears on the promenade deck
  15. also to take those heavy bolsters and store than away LOL
  16. When we get on board request the room stewards to make sure covers are untucked
  17. We cruised this in 2004 on Holland America great cruise we made the Falkland had a beautiful day. Did not go as far a you did to the Antarctic. We booked the Feb 7 cruise but cancelled air travel too far.
  18. Sounds like the old days. Back in 2019 just went to GDR heard instructions then back to cabins
  19. Just finished on line check in. But video was not closed caption. Being deaf is a problem lol I guess the video is pretty much self explanatory.
  20. After the turn of the century 2005. We where on Silver Sea and they took our photos. At first night reception we where greeted by our name's . By next afternoon they new our wine preference
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