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  1. About 10 yrs ago got cash with my CC at reception and they chait as a purchase. Last year on Riviera asked for cash reception told me to go to casino and use my atm card.
  2. According to Oceania web site the PH boast a great walk in closet
  3. I've seen photos of walk in closet for PH is there one of the Veranda closet? A Veranda couple.
  4. Exactly like the bathroom on the Riveara but smaller because of the new position of the bedroom closet
  5. Anyone Have a picture of the closest on the Vista on the Vista A and B cabins?
  6. Yes there is. I suggestyou go to the reservation desk the day you want to dine. Ask for a 2 if not ask for a share. Once you make the reservation go see the matre d of the restaurant around 6 before they open and explain to him or her your special problem that 2 table is what you really need under your special surcumstan. Most Times you will be accommodated
  7. I would think it would be in Currents announcing the Seder dinner and asking people who want to attend to notify them.
  8. In the mid 80s we where sailing into Leningrad on a Saturday on the Royal cruise lines Royal Oddysey . A few of us asked to have Friday night services. The purrser asked us how many pray shawls we needed how many prayer books and how many skull caps. We said around 20 he then told us this ship was formally the S.S. Slalom so they had hundreds of these items in storage . The we realised all the painting on the ship where Shigal.
  9. This past February on Riviera I went to reservation desk made a shared reservation for that night at Toscana Went to Toscana at 6 pm spoke to matre and told him like to change for 2 alone no problem shook his hand great dinner at 7:30
  10. I agree just off Riviera ate 3 times in Toscana Aragosta Fra Diavola almost as good as Dom Pepise in Ozone Park Queens
  11. A few years ago on Nautica we where served Japines marinated steak. In Brooklyn this would be called a Roumanian Tenderloin tasted great
  12. Off topic for a minute. Looking at schmaitic on O site the A veranda staterooms looks like a walk in closet and. Shower not as long as in the Riveara make over.,No closet doors side of bed.
  13. IMHO flying in the same day is very risky especially flying into another country. Go the day before book hotel for the evening have dinner start your vacation relaxed for embarkation
  14. Yes they are have them in our A cat. Also
  15. Oceania has an overnight. That the best and only way to go. You leave the ship around 2 am drive to airport and fly to Bagan. The hotel they use was excellent. The tour must be on Oceania web site
  16. We did the overnight in Bagan on our 2018 cruise with Oceania. FABULOUS a 5 star experience. Unfortunately we docked 8 hrs to late to tour Yangon. Low tides could not dock on time
  17. If you're in a B or A category you wouldn't notice the carpet LOL
  18. Also on Feb 10 Riviera we went to GDR They did not check for your cabin #sat for a few minutes. In the beginning of 2020 on Riviera had to go to GDR make sure they had ur cabin #.A few people didn't check in had to wait till they showed up .Instructions took about a half hour.
  19. (1 agree 100% Never fly in same day
  20. As I said in my post # 7 on the Royal VICKING before the turn of the century mid. 90s waited 5 hours. The one u describe is unfortunate
  21. We are not talking about individual's but rather ship tours that are delayed getting back to the ship .
  22. I thought the cruise line did that only if you booked there air to arrive the same day of sailing and airline was delayed getting you there.
  23. Happened on our cruise many years ago in Shanghai. Train carrying a ships tour broke down. Ship waited 5 hours for there return theres an old saying " pay the $2.00 " have peace of mind.
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