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  1. I would email the Intercontinental hotel and ask about pickup at airport and leave your luggage till you board the ship. Oceania uses this hotel for pre and post so maybe they will accommodate you for a price.
  2. A steaming hot double espresso a sprinkle of sugar a drop of annaset a few biscotti after dinner at Toscana the best.
  3. I think it's also a safety issue. At our stage getting into and out of the bathtub in our home's could be hassadis and at sea even more so.
  4. Apologies not necessary, I never thought of 2 soaps either LOL
  5. I know you didn't mean to be disrespectful and it does seem odd,but I have no balance for the last 30 years and having a small shower helps to keep balanced against the walls while soaping up. When the ship hits rough seas every person walks like me LOL
  6. Does the bed face forward or aft.I mean when sailing do you look forward?
  7. What are they converting the stall shower into? Maybe a closet LOL
  8. I wish they would have taken out the bath and made a walk in closet.
  9. We book A4 or A3 staterooms. I always tip the 2 room stewards when we first meet them. We request that our stateroom be done by 10 or 11 am each day if possible and a few other minor details. During the cruise and after also tip.I find it is appreciated.
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