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  1. well it eliminated the long line standing to order youre meal. it's waiter service like in a restaurant.
  2. Years ago on O we we where instructed that they allowed 30 to 35 minutes for lunch or they removed your items from the lounge. On Vista this week in waves only table service no more ordering at the counter
  3. you are 100% wrong I take a lounge stay on it and just leave for 20 min. to have breakfast and lunch. If we have an excursion we never take a lounge but look for one if we get back after lunch.Chairhogs are those who take lounges and go off on excursions or play bingo or trivia and hog lounges
  4. On Vista now past 10 days and sailing 7 day segment now. Much younger crowed. No electronic scooters this time around. The new cabana set up I think was a mistake even though I take 2 lounges at 7:00 am and wait for the misses to arrive and then go to waves for breakfast Also no clocks at pool area and anywhere else in the ship public areas. .
  5. WOW that's a lot of mumbo jumbo to me. You sure travel with a lot of equipment when all I want is a simple clock LOL
  6. Speaking about no clock in state room they forgot to put a clock at the pool. LOL
  7. Sounds like the same couple I talk about on my post#101 but they spoke perfact english.
  8. In our cabin on deck 9 no noise from next. door. We watch the tv CC haven't heard any sounds If you cruise on Vista be sure to bring a clock LOL
  9. love the R ships the lounge is so friendly and comfortable while waiting for our table in the GDR
  10. I am afraid to ask what ship you're on and yes tip for room service is not expected but very much appreciated on delivery We always tip 2 to 3 dollars for breakfast room service.
  11. over our past13 Oceania cruises we learned to arrive at around 7:15 at the GDR ask for 2 table by the window always a 10 to 15 minutes wait we go to the lounge order our bottle of wine and they come and get us when table is ready .
  12. last year on Riviera we booked early for our cruise this year. A week before the cruise was over they had a special sale so had to go back to get the new savings
  13. I always come down around 7:15 take 2 lounges and wait for the wife to come and have breakfast around 9 in waves so some lounges really could be occupied. But I doubt it. LOL My post # 102 tells the story of a couple taking 4 lounges for them selves
  14. If I remember on the Riviera last year the remodeled bathroom had a night light under the sink when you opened the door
  15. I'll wear my Lone Ranger mask so they won't recognize me
  16. That's why we always take a table for 2 at dinner. No offence it's all good. By the way we see a lot of short sleeve polos in the GDR . Not so much in specialty restaurant.
  17. Do you mean a polo shirt you pull over your head with a collar with short sleeves? or a polo shirt you button down front with a collar?
  18. We did Papeete to Sydney on the Marina in 2014. Then in 2017 we did LA to Papeete on the Sierina 21 days. Hoping to book Jan 8 2025 LA to Papeete 18 days They are skipping a port in Hawaii. First time we did Tahitt was in 94 on the Windstar.
  19. When we get on board we go to reception to have an escort take us to our cabin because we have medications that must be refrigerated. Most times they tell us to go up alone.
  20. Now I understand u just talking corkage fee.. I don't think that will change JMO
  21. I hope not. We order bottles of wine at dinner. I really don't think they would Change that.
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