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  1. We do believe they advertise themselves as such.
  2. SecretFruity asks: "Curious as to why Windstar is not considered 'luxury'?" The first thing that comes to mind is that it is not all-inclusive.
  3. You might want to google "Hula Hula Hopper" for information about Maui's version of a HoHo trolley. Hula Hula Hopper is the classic hop-on hop-off bus that connects with Kahului and Lahaina Harbors, serving passengers on port days. Connecting them to some of Maui’s most beau
  4. Believe you may have meant the Montage resort. There is no Mirage resort here. Yes, agree the views are gorgeous.
  5. We are curious as to what you would like to see on the menus?
  6. Does Oceania still have its "Snowbirds in Residence" program?
  7. In thinking about it, we have heard that the buffet dinner on Oceania is rather ample. On the other hand, Regent's Pool Grill is very basic. We found it by no means sumptuous and, as far as we know, the menu does not change. It is a place to come to when you return from a day of touring for instance and a great idea if you need to drop in for something quick and simple to eat.
  8. By "no where else...", that means in addition to restaurants (other than the Pool Grill if indicated) that shorts are also not acceptable in any public rooms or lounges after 6 p.m.
  9. It all depends what you are looking for in driving Hana Highway, and you may get a lot of different opinions as you ask around. Draw up a list of what you want to see/do on Hana Highway and go only as far as your interest holds. Remember that your ship should be tendering off of Lahaina, so you will have to add about an hour's drive before you even get to the highway, and traffic can slow to 20 mph or so from then on. We are just trying to point out that if you happen to be looking for a short tour, this may not be it.
  10. Judging from the questions the writer asked, he/she may have done "some research", but not enough or they would have known more answers. If they are truly interested in Silversea, it would be wise to consult with a TA who works regularly with Silversea rather than relying on what one has read or heard.
  11. Just curious how would you know that? When was your last Silversea cruise?
  12. See if your hotel will accept your baggage.
  13. At least on Maui you should make reservations ahead of time whenever possible, as tours and activities are often booked if you wait until the last minute. We agree that doing it yourself and being prepared on what you want to do is a very good idea. It will also help you maximize your time here. Do note that Celebrity tenders off of Lahaina Harbor when you are arranging a starting point for your excursions (read: and does not dock in Kahului Harbor).
  14. We are also of the thought that a cooler temperature in the common areas is helpful if you are feeling a bit of seasickness.
  15. As to Maui. we do not believe NCL offers a luau excursion here. Since luaus are very popular in Hawaii, it would be wise to make your own reservations well in advance - and arrange your own transportation on Maui. You will not find groups of vendors hanging around at the harbor as, for instance, is seen in the Caribbean. Do note that there are Hawaiian luaus and Polynesian ones. Hawaiian is of the islands here and is softer. Polynesian is the islands of Polynesia and often ended with a fire dance. No matter what type you choose, it will be on the expensive side. Still, it is a unique and interesting experience you should try if possible.
  16. So you are saying little, noisy kids actually bother you too?
  17. We believe the "cooking demo" mentioned was just that - a demonstration held in the theater where the chefs are on stage and interested passengers watch from the seats in the theater. Nothing hands-on by the passengers in this case.
  18. You should preface your comments by saying you are speaking only for yourself here. We had a forward-facing Grand Suite on our most recent Regent Explorer cruise and found the balcony a great place to canal-watch and have lunch.
  19. You can buy a new transport chair for under $100.00. We have a 48-year-old daughter who has been physically disabled all her life, and we are well used to travel with several kinds of chairs over the years. As we mentioned before, take it with you for your entire journey. Your wife will have the comfort of knowing she won't have to compromise herself in an airport or on the ship or on a tour, as she will be able to sit down when need be - plus it folds up and doesn't need a lot of room for storing in a plane, car or cabin. Do consider this. It will prove more valuable than you think.
  20. Just buy a lightweight folding transport wheelchair (they are available everywhere from CVS drug stores to Amazon, etc.) Take it with you on your flights (have it tagged at the airports for gate delivery) and use it when you board the ship instead of waiting for someone to find a chair. Use it on tours, around the ship and so on. It really makes things more convenient when you have your own chair.
  21. Just curious here, but when you are in a suite on Regent (believe it is Penthouse and above), you get 10% off their wine list. On our most recent Regent Explorer cruise last year, that meant a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne was $62.20. It retails at $49.-$53. in our local stores. Can you explain why so little mark up?
  22. From Silversea's FAQs: Shipboard attire ranges from casual to formal. Casual wear is appropriate for daytime aboard ship or ashore and consists of standard sports outfits as worn at five-star resorts. Shoes should be flat or low heeled for deck activities. Evening attire falls into three categories: casual, informal and formal. On casual evenings, pants, blouses, skirts and casual dresses for ladies; open-neck shirts and slacks for gentlemen are appropriate. On informal evenings, ladies usually wear dresses or pantsuits; gentlemen wear jackets (tie optional). Appropriate formal evening wear for ladies is an evening gown or cocktail dress; gentlemen wear tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits. Tie is required. On formal nights, guests may dine in La Terrazza and choose to dress informal; dresses or pantsuits for ladies, jackets for gentlemen (tie optional). This option also applies to Seishin and Stars on board Silver Spirit. Dining at The Grill is optional casual all nights. Following dinner, all guests are free to take advantage of any or all public spaces, however, jacket is required. Sailings of 9 days or less typically feature 1 formal night, while longer voyages usually have 2-3 formal nights.
  23. As a general rule, we have found it wise not to stay directly above or below any public areas on a ship to cut down on the chance of noise. With a restaurant, consider not only the guest area, but also the kitchen. It can sometimes be busy all night long with advance food preparation, cleaning, restocking, etc. From what we read on an Edge website, the restaurant is open for brunch, lunch and dinner.
  24. Unless you really love and have to have sea days, you might consider NCL's Pride of America and its weekly cruises around Hawaii.
  25. By all means give Chartreuse a try. We dined there several times to give it a chance, but it never did excite us and we gave up. In our opinion only, we found the food to be rich as mentioned - but also blah. The sauces, albeit mostly heavy, carried no flavor. If you had given us the artichoke soup, for example, and not told us what it was we would have been at a loss to identify it. Others may disagree, which is fine, but you did ask for details...
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