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  1. too many 😞. Waiting until the Mardi Gras has all her kinks worked out or we get more clarity on the 50th anniversary, eitehr way it will be out of long beach then :)
  2. Does anyone know if the line intends to do anything special to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year? I would love to cruise during such a time :)
  3. As always the renderings look better than reality. 😂
  4. If they are thoughtful and disciplined they could replace Fantasy, R/S, and Sun class with a common hull designed with a modular approach. IE make the ship denser depending on where the line sits in the market.
  5. Your welcome and from Cruise Industry New's, a rep from Fincantieri stated the hull design can be scaled between 60 to 150 thousand tons so i presume some version of it could fit.
  6. Hi all, Though I would share this with you An artist friend of mine and I were talking about cruise ship characteristics and I was able to get him to draw up a design of ship based on the MSC Seaview and Virgin Voyages Scarlett Lady for Carnival. The details of this are that it is the Fincantieri Project Millie hull, but made for Carnival to act as the eventual replacement to the Fantasy and Spirit class ships in the mid to late 2020's. Still a modestly sized ship coming in with similar dimensions to the Destiny Sunshine but with Mardi Gras features and interior designs style. https://www.deviantart.com/handofmanos/art/Liner-Carnival-Revelry-787594106 Enjoy!
  7. On this note what is the value difference between HAL and Princess?
  8. why not do the midnight buffett one night of a cruise and make it a special new orleans event?
  9. The designers are European and Branson is British. That being said there is defnitly a niche market in the US that this appeals to.
  10. To be honest im pleasantly suprised with the prices so far. I was expecting Viking Ocean and up prices.
  11. What a great journy cannot wait to see more :)
  12. I wish there were more good quality photos of these great ships of this era
  13. Thank you all! Any early pictures of the Fantasy class? I love the lines of those early ships.
  14. Honestly, I thought the prices were going to be 50% more... that being said the itineraries are shorter.
  15. Carnival (and occasionally Holland) - Love the 4-5 day itineraries! Would like to take one of these before im 40 haha
  16. With all the hub-ub about the new Mardi Gras i did some research on the first one. very neat history. Does anyone have PDF's or pictures of the early carnival ships? I'm curious to how the old plans compare to the newest ships.
  17. I cannot wait until your review!
  18. Does any one have the technical specifications for the XL class? Power plant/ Propulsion method (pods or props), ships dimensions (length*Width* Height) et cetera?
  19. What a day! I have said it once an will say again this is the first mega ship that interests me :)
  20. This is the first mega ship i am actually excited about!
  21. I think the 1500-2100 is the new small mass market and frankly i think it is fine.
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