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  1. on this note. what smaller cabins have the sofa?
  2. sounds like the design was a upscaled version of the Sun Princess.
  3. i wonder if this will prompt more extensive rennovations?
  4. as a solo experiance was there a effort to get solo goers to interact?
  5. Hi do you have any recommendations on places to read about the technical design on the ship? Off topic the recent twitter photos are really making this ship look incredible,
  6. Is the Sun Princess a Project Millie Design?
  7. i really like the funnel design. is this a project mille class?
  8. is the cruise still on going? Would you do Ponant again? Recommend for a 40 year old?
  9. They are preparing for a ambitious fleet renewal for the costal express by 2030. Out of curiosity do you know why the 3rd Ronald Amundsen was canceled? victim of the pandemic?
  10. did you do any excursions or time in a port town? Also i presume the ship is a bit on the quiter side with most in bed early?
  11. are you able to bring food and drinks on board. i know there are limits with a standard cruise. but since this is a ferry system I figure it might be diffrent. Washington state ferry people are literally driving with costco runs
  12. Any trends about the ships guests demographics? im 39 and my cousins who i want to go with range from 35-44. My 70 year old parents and aunts/uncles are also intrested
  13. agreed. sounds like the ships will get repainted also.
  14. I am on the west coast of the US also so we should keep correspondence over this., I am very curious about your trip!!
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